Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 1411 - 1411 The Phoenix Girl Showed Up 1

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1411 The Phoenix Girl Showed Up 1

Zhou Huailing and his team hurried at the highest speed and spent five days heading towards the capital, since Xinzhou was located at the border of the Saint Divine Land.

When they arrived in the capital, they headed directly into the court.

Zhou Huailing just could not wait to know what was going on in the capital. He wished to have the door to enchantment opened as soon as possible so that Gu Ruxue’s identity could be proven.

They went into the gate and headed towards Qianqing Palace.

The King was just in the middle of reading a book at Qianqing Palace.

Within a few days’ time, he had already gotten things arranged. He was waiting for the Crown Prince and the Crown Prince Consort to come for the ceremony to begin, so that the door to enchantment could be opened.

“Father!” Zhou Huailing and Gu Ruxue greeted him together.

“Get up.” The King did not have time or energy to think about manners. He asked them to get up immediately.

Zhou Huailing and Gu Ruxue sat down together.

“You already know that the door to enchantment has appeared, and we summoned you because of this. Only the Phoenix Girl can open the door to enchantment.” Having said this, the King looked at Gu Ruxue and said confidently, “Crown Prince Consort, you have traveled long so you can just stay in the court and bath, so that we can greet you at the imperial tombs tomorrow with everyone around.”


“Your parents have also been informed and shown to the court. The Gu Family are excellent for the Saint Divine Land, so when the door to enchantment is opened, I am going to award you.”


“And Crown Prince, take good care of the Phoenix Girl!” the King said, looking hopeful.

“Okay, father!” Zhou Huailing replied proudly as well.

The King nodded and told them to take a break. They were very tired after such a long and fast trip, but they could not be too tired for the next day.

Seeing Zhou Huailing’s retreating figure… the King was very satisfied. He liked the Crown Prince who always obeyed his rules and who always had discussions with him or the Honored Princess Jing before he did anything.

When he returned from the border, he came into the court directly.

That was something his Eighth Son would never have done. The Jiang Family’s descendants were always so arrogant!

Honored Princess Jing, the Crown Prince and the Yao Family were all wonderful people.

It was his fault for not treating Honored Princess Jing well or giving her the position of Queen. When the door to enchantment was opened, he was going to grant them excellent things, together with the Gu Family.

The King thought about this and nodded.

The following day…

The day suddenly got better, despite the snow outside, but the sun was rising close-by which made people feel wonderful.

Everyone was already waiting at the imperial tombs.

Including Zhou Huaijin and Gu Chaoyan, next to whom were Lord Yu and Lord Yan.

It was the biggest ceremonial event for the Saint Divine Land during the past few years, and Lord Yu, who had been far down in South was summoned back, whilst Lord Yan, who never left his mansion, was called out too.

Next to the lords were people from the Gu Family.

The Gu Family had now become a family that was more popular and better than any of the other noble families.

Mrs. Gu snorted as she saw Gu Chaoyan.

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