My Big Brother is Seeking Death Again - Chapter 238 Killing him

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In front of her, she and her brother were sent back to the modern scene by the filth, and the back pool was rushing to the ground, and the sword fell off the opponent's hand.

" is it possible!" The shock of a broken face, "Would you be a person in this world, how could you possibly resist the law of heaven and earth?" His brow wrinkled, slamming his sleeves and directly shocking the back pool. Go out, "That would leave you more!"

The starry light that had been frozen in the air broke out and went straight down.

When I was shocked by the summer, I couldn’t manage that much, and I rushed out to hug the people on the ground.

"Back pool!"

"Summer and summer, how are you..." After the pool, I immediately wanted to open her. "Be careful."

It was too late, and the light hit her directly and fell into her body.


Nothing happened, the light hit her, and there was no feeling at all!


Huh? what's the situation? Has the net power been reduced?

"Summer and summer." After the pool was anxious to pull her to view.

I found out that she was really intact, and there was no hole in the clothes. It was obvious that the flowers were dying by the light before, why would she be fine?

"It’s just right!" Didn’t wait for her to understand, the sound of the net broke again.

The next moment, the white light was bright, and a light wall that went straight to the sky immediately surrounded the three. Her conditional reflexes called for the spirit sword to block, just to mobilize the spiritual power, but found that the body was empty and there was nothing. It is as if I have never practiced the technique.

what happened? When I just crossed, suddenly they were removed from their bodies, what are they doing in this world? What is the so-called redundant data of Mo Yan? !

Potholes, this is!



After the mouth of the pool, a blood spurted out, and the body that was crumbling was more unstable, and his face was pale as snow.

"Back pool!" Xia Xin pain, but even the simple healing method can not be used. I really want to go back and kill the surnamed ink.

He seems to have been subjected to a huge suppression, constantly vomiting blood.

"After the pool...after the pool!" Do not have anything.

"Hey, we came back to save you, don't hang up!" Winter is also anxious.

"Oh, it’s not a stranger." The net broke suddenly and snorted, and frowned at her and her brother. "Under such a world of pressure, it can still be safe."

What is the pressure of the world?

When I was in the summer, I didn’t feel it! The back pool is because of this, is this the case?

"But it, the ants are only in the district." His eyes are even more contemptuous, a look that does not put them in their eyes at all. "Hand over the ‘making,’ I will give you the soul to fly.”

After talking about his palms, the surrounding walls suddenly began to gather, thousands of light blades appeared, flying over them over the sky, Ling Li's hurricane was sore.

"Summer and summer..." After the pool was anxious, habitually wanted to keep her behind her, but she couldn’t move at all, just spit out more blood.

Seeing that the wind blade is going to hit them, when the summer condition reflexes the hand and waved forward, I saw that the light blade that was supposed to split the person directly dissipated at the moment when it touched her hand, and turned into Invisible, let alone pain, no trace on the hand.


what happened?

She couldn't believe it and reached out and waved a few more ways. She found that those light blades were really not lethal. When they touched her body, they disappeared automatically, just like playing with them.

The same is true when I look at my brother. Both of them seem to have the function of immune damage.

A face is arrogant.


"How is it possible!" It’s not just them who are surprised. It’s even more open eyes. The faces of the sentient beings are constantly changing. One is more surprised than one. “No one can block the law, this is the law of heaven and earth. !"

The law of heaven and earth? When I was in the summer, I suddenly realized why Murd had to delete their cultivation when she left. Why did she idiot? .

It turned out to be...

"What did you do? Why can you escape the sanctions of the law!"

"The law?" When the summer smiled coldly, "Your law, shut our ass?!"

She and her brother are all other planes, and the laws of this world cannot limit them. Because they are not a system with the world at all?

She suddenly remembered that when she first came to the world, the first magical encounter, his spells did not work for her completely, probably for this reason.

Only later, due to the reason of Dragon Ball, she had the roots to practice the spells. The so-called cultivation of the world is naturally under the law of the world. This is why Mo Yan wants to delete the reasons for their cultivation. .

As long as there is no such thing as the law of the world, then they are invincible!


At the end of the summer, the heart was loose, and a huge surprise came to my heart. I picked up the stick on the ground and looked at the net to the side.

"You...what do you want to do?" What seemed to be felt, there was a fluster in the skin.

"What?" When the summer snorted, a little hooligan smile appeared. "Brother!"

"Yes!" Winter also obviously thought of this, and also took the stick back on his body and stood beside her.

She waved her stick and said, "Give me... kill him!"

"Get it!"

The two men rushed out with their sticks, and they originally blocked their walls of light, breaking directly like invisible. They rushed all the way to the front of the net, and the alignment was a madness.

"Call you crazy, call you awkward, tell you to bully your father! You can't die!"

They were first mixed men and women, then turned into men's singles, women's singles, 360-degree angleless play. The sticks were folded, and the fists were put on the court. The quality and quantity of the fists went to the meat, and every face of his life was guaranteed to be a pig's head.

For a time, the entire starry sky was a scream of a variety of sounds.

", actually dare..."

"Ah! Let me go, I am heaven... Ah!"

"You... give me a wait... oh."

"Stop... Give me a hand!...ah!"

It wasn't until half an hour later that they stopped their hands and gasped and sat down next to each other. For the first time, she knew that she was so tired. The original net of the bullish bombardment has been smashed on the ground.

"'t kill me." It may be because the swelling is too big, and the face that has broken the face has not changed. At first, he still wants to use the technique to counterattack and find out what spells are invalid for them. , has given up. It’s just a hard-pressed way. “I’m one with ‘made” and it’s higher than the three thousand worlds. I’m not dead!”

"It doesn't matter!" When Dong Dong smiled, he did not pick up his provocation, and stepped on his body. "We didn't want to kill you, just want to find out that you can't take care of yourself."

"You..." I was so trembled that I couldn’t resist. "What do you want?"

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