My Big Brother is Seeking Death Again - Chapter 239 Manager return

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When winter, I turned around and raised my sister who was tired. I asked, "Where are the managers of this world?" Net broken can know that they are from outside the world, and set up the dragon and the phoenix to lead them to come here. He must know more than the system, and perhaps only he knows where the manager is going.

"Manager? Master..." The net broke, and suddenly the look changed. The face that swollen into a pig's head was white. After a while, he asked, "How do you know his existence... What are you looking for?" ?"

"Don't talk nonsense!" Winter kicked him again, hitting his head with a stick, and looked like a teenager. "Where is the man?"

His expression changed several times, and he only bite his teeth. "The deity does not know his position, but here is the source of the three thousand world, to find him, unless the eyes of the law are opened."

"That is to open quickly!" When the summer urged, Mo Yan said that only managers can save the flowers.

"The eye of the law is easy to open."

When the winter face was cold, crossing the stick in his hand, in front of his face, forced a fold, slammed into two paragraphs, one word and one sentence, "say again, you can't open?"

The threat is full of meaning, when Xia silently gave a praise to his bad old man, it is good to have the momentum, it is worthy of the surname. Cough... just the hand hidden behind the back, the effect is even better.

Sure enough, the face was white and a white color, perhaps it was scared by the mixed doubles, and he was unwilling to get up.

"Okay, I am going to..."

Said, he sealed his hands and whispered something, and suddenly his feet were bright. The law slowly rose, suspended above the head, getting bigger and bigger, the characters inside began to float, and less than half will be gathered into one eye.

The light of the array method is brighter, and the trend of illuminating the entire starry sky is faint. Both Xia and his brother have subconsciously caught their eyes and stepped back.

Seeing that the law suddenly became dark, suddenly became another formation, and still very familiar, this is - transmission array!

"Ha ha ha ha ... really like the deity to speak so well!" Breaking the net suddenly changed his face, waved his hand toward the array, and directly grabbed a figure from the inside.

"Back pool!"

Lying in the trough, he was deliberate, saying that the eyes of the law, actually just want to seize the back pool as a hostage.

"Let him go!"

"Let's let go?" Breaking the net and screaming, clutching the neck of the back pool, "You are a stranger, he is not!"

Rely, this little!

"Do you really think that I will help you find someone?" He snorted. "I have been waiting for so many years, just to slap his control, how can I help you, this three thousand world should belong to me." I don't know what he did, the blood in the back pool is faster.

"Stop!" Xia Xinjian hurts. "We can not find a manager, you let him go."

"Oh, it’s too late. I really thought that you can win me by your own world." The sudden and sinister smile, "If it is not the source of this three thousand world, it will suppress my soul, let me Becoming a guardian of the law, how can I be trapped here for hundreds of millions of years, can not move a step, but also let you humiliate."

He almost snarled like this, with full of resentment and unwillingness, at the same time he suddenly appeared thousands of thin lines under his feet, connected to the stars of the sky, as he said, he stood all the stars The source point of the connection. Is these stars - three thousand worlds!

No wonder... no wonder that since they came in, he has been in place. Although the techniques of this world are ineffective for them, they are useful to him. He has obviously disappeared, but he has not taken a step. It is not unwilling or impossible.

"The two ants in the outer world are also so humiliated!" He suddenly turned his head to look at the back pool that could not resist.

When the summer did not come from the bottom of my heart, "What do you want?!"

Breaking the net and sneering, suddenly stepped out of the source of the foot. "Although it is only the soul of the ants, but before the soul flies, it is enough for me to clean up the two of you who dare to commit me." The back pool falls above the source point.

When Xia Meng’s eyes widened, he wanted the back pool to replace him as the guardian of the Sanyuan world and leave here.

"Don't!" The back pool couldn't stop the power of the law.

It’s too late, the light of the source has swallowed him all.

"Death!" Breaking the volley and raising his hand, the two wooden sticks that fell on the ground suddenly floated up, and the broken mouth stabbed directly toward them. They are too big, everything in this world can't hurt them, but the outside world can.

The stick was very fast, and they were going to wear the two of them. If they didn't fix it, they couldn't hide.

"Back pool..."



There is something fiercely blasting out at the source, like a shock wave, sweeping through the entire starry sky, and the broken technique and the stick are invisible. The original dark sky, like a sudden turn on the light, instantly lit up, surrounded by a white snow, and then can not find a trace of a star, the ear faintly sounded, the air around it seems to instantly warm a lot .

"This...this is..." Just a slap in the face, the whole body trembled, staring at the direction of the source, his face was a huge panic, and suddenly his feet were soft. Go on, "Lord...Master!"

After the pool stood at the source point, the blood on his body disappeared without a trace, still wearing the white dress, but I don't know why it gives people a feeling of ethereal illusion, and a faint white light is emanating from him.

The same look, the same face, but the cold eyes seem to be missing something, the ice is a bit infiltrated.

"After...pool?" Xia subconsciously screamed, but he was as if he had nothing to look at, and he saw a burst of coolness.

No, this is not a back pool! Not the back pool she is familiar with.

he is……

"Manager!" Winter blurted out.


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