My Sister is a Bit Ruthless - Chapter 664 why don't you go find the bad guys

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  Chapter 664 Why don't you go find the villain

  … "February 23, snow.

  At dusk, heavy snow fell.

  She walked through the wind and snow, hurriedly walked, and soon disappeared in the wind and snow, she was always so busy.

   But she was very successful. "

   "January 25, sunny

  The sky cleared up, but the wind was still strong.

  Today I went to an electrical appliance company to compete for a manager. There were ten competitors, and I was rejected.

  I will never forget the way the HR director looked at me.

  Tamadi, what happened to the broadcaster? Can those who study broadcasting not engage in economics? Labor and management do not believe in this evil. "

   "January 26 cloudy

  The wind is very strong, and the heart is very cold. Another unsuccessful application. "

   "Sunny January 27th

  I am hopeless. I don't feel like looking for work today. Just to see the scene where she sent him off.

   Throughout the morning, her reluctance to part was in her mind.

   But that look was not for me.

   I have nothing, what capital do I have to attract the attention of outstanding women? "

   "Sunny January 29

  Early in the morning, I saw a cleaner cleaning the street. A child handed a package of food to the cleaner. The cleaner thanked and thanked.

   I used to do the same thing, before my mother died.

   It was a good time.


  The minds of children are pure, but the world of adults is too complicated. "

   "March 5

  Finally got a job...

   Worked as a waiter in a small hotel, and met a rough guy who was drunk and mad at his child.

   I didn't like it, so I stepped forward to persuade me, but the animal actually picked up the wine bottle and hit me.

  I got out of the way, but the wine bottle hit the boss, and the boss got four stitches on his head...

   Then, I got fired..."


  Chongchong didn't expect that the confidential folder he opened was full of diaries, and when he was about to look down, he heard Tiantian shouting "Congchong, come here" in the bathroom.

"Yuanyuan, here I come!" Xia Chongchong thought that Yuanyuan was in danger, so she immediately jumped off the chair and rushed into the bathroom. She saw Leng Tiantian standing on the toilet seat with her sleeves rolled up, her two slender claws dripping. water.

  Yuanyuan and Golden Retriever are also around the toilet.

"Scared me, Tiantian, what are you doing? Isn't it enough that you repaired the toilet from Xiong's house to Leng's house?" Xia Chongchong let out a big breath after confirming that the two little girls were not in danger, and suddenly came back to his senses , "...Oh, you suspect that there is something wrong with the toilet?"

  Leng Yuanyuan didn't reply, her eyes were fixed on a certain point on the ceiling and she didn't move. Leng Tiantian and Xia Chongchong didn't know what she was thinking.

   "I can't rule out this possibility. The baby's cry just now was a bit special. Yuanyuan suspects that there is something hidden in the wall or underground."

   "Oh, you jumped on the toilet to find the mechanism?"


   "Have you looked in the water tank?"

   "I have looked for it, but there is nothing."

   "Have you searched all underwater?"

   "I have searched everything."

   "All buttons pressed?"

   "Well, nothing happened."

   "Tiantian, come down, I'll try it." Xia Chongchong suspected that Leng Tiantian was not meticulous enough and would miss important details.

   "Heh, you pampered little capitalist actually came to study the toilet?" Leng Tiantian's small eyes were filled with question marks and exclamation marks.

   "Come down, time is precious!" Xia Chongchong wished he could slap Xiao Tiantian off the toilet lid.

  Leng Yuanyuan suddenly said viciously: "Big villain, I must find you out to avenge my father!"

   This sound came quite abruptly, which startled Xia Chongchong and Leng Tiantian at the same time.

  They felt that something was wrong with Leng Yuanyuan's tone and expression.

  Xia Chongchong realized that Xiao Yuanyuan's face was blushing abnormally, so she hurried over and touched Yuanyuan's forehead with her paw, "Ah Yuanyuan, you have such a severe burn!"

  Leng Tiantian jumped off the toilet, and secretly tugged on the corner of Xia Chongchong's clothes with trembling hands: "What... what to do, yes... isn't Yuanyuan's brain burnt out?"

  Leng Tiantian's face turned pale with fright, and even her tone of voice changed.

  She was timid in the first place, but only because she stayed beside Leng Yuanyuan and Xia Chongchong, she had the courage to face this dangerous world.

  In a three-person team, Leng Yuanyuan is basically the king, and she relies on her to make decisions on many things. Even Chong Chong's brain is easy to use, but he is used to only follow Yuanyuan's lead.

   Now that she is in an unfamiliar and complicated environment, she needs Leng Yuanyuan's calmness and wit even more. If something happens to Yuanyuan, she simply dare not think about it.

"Don't worry, I will find a way. First, get some antipyretics for Yuanyuan." Xia Chongchong seemed very calm at this time, and he decided to put aside the matter of finding clues. Compared with clues, Yuanyuan's health Ten thousand times more important.

   "Why are you standing here so stupidly? Why don't you go find the villains?" Leng Yuanyuan spoke sharply to Xia Chongchong and Leng Tiantian again.

  Scared Leng Tiantian jumped behind Xia Chongchong with a whoosh.

  Xia Chongchong put on a sweet smile and coaxed Yuanyuan softly, "Don't worry, Yuanyuan, we are looking for villains."

   The chubby claw pointed to the ground, "Whether the villain is hiding below, use a sledgehammer to break it open and see!"

  The golden retriever also seemed to notice Yuanyuan's abnormality, and kept licking Xiaoyuanyuan's fleshy paws with his tongue.

   "Okay, I'll go find the sledgehammer, dear Yuanyuan, I will help you find the big villain and avenge Uncle Leng." Xia Chongchong continued to coax Yuanyuan with the most gentle tone in the world. When he looked back inadvertently, he found that Tiantian was secretly wiping his nose and tears.

  Xia Chongchong hurriedly signaled Tiantian to adjust her emotions with her hands.

  Hearing Xia Chongchong's gentle comfort, Xiao Yuanyuan's mood seemed to stabilize a bit, and she nodded obediently, and said in a calmer tone than before: "Well, then you go quickly."

   "Okay, okay, let's go find the big villain together." Xia Chongchong took Xiao Yuanyuan's little hand, and led her slowly out of the bathroom.

  (end of this chapter)

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