Mystery: The Witch and the Calamity - Chapter 518 Sequence 5 is like this, what about the demigod?

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Regarding the grasp of the situation, Bernadette may be the most ignorant person.

All she knew was that Louise was hiding in the woods behind and doing a very dangerous thing, which would probably attract two angels from the Church of the Righteous God, and herself, unexpectedly decided to stand on Louise's side. !

What is this? Could it be that Roselle once said that it belongs to the freedom of pirates?

Bernadette suddenly found that she felt a little strange to herself. To be precise, she found that she was returning to her "nature".

This "nature" is impressively what he looked like when Roselle was still alive. He is definitely not the "Queen of Mysteries" today, a big man in the extraordinary world.

And the reason for this transformation naturally lies in Louise. The "witch" who claims to be from the same "hometown" as Roselle, although the sequence is not high, unexpectedly brought too much shock and shock. surprise.

Bernadette couldn't compare Louise to the young Beyonders she had cultivated. When she was with Louise, the positions of the two would inadvertently change. This change was unexpected, but logical.

I can't say whether this change is good or bad, but occasionally, she will feel a sense of joy in it.

During the interval when the thoughts continued to emerge in his mind, Bernadette was suddenly surprised to find that the dark clouds over Bansi suddenly dissipated towards the surroundings, and the sun enveloped the devastated island again.

What about the two angels of the "Church of Storms"? left? Is this the end of the matter?

So, what exactly is Louise's plan? Is the final result a success or a failure?

For a while, Bernadette found it difficult to accept this result. She even planned to use a "0" level sealed item to fight against the angels and help Louise to delay the time. Who would have guessed that it would end so strangely!

This is really, unbelievable!

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps came from behind, Bernadette turned her head, and saw Louise walking out of the woods unscathed... No, not unscathed, she seemed a little tired, and her spirituality seemed to be exhausted great.

Sure enough, Louise must have done something, but judging from the current results, she should not be able to obtain benefits from the two "natural disasters"?

Hehe, it is a fantasy for a Sequence Five "witch" to have an encounter with an angel, not to mention being able to get out of a confrontation with an angel!

Of course, this is just my own guess, maybe Louise didn't do anything!

A lot of ideas sprang up in my mind like mushrooms after rain, Bernadette showed his calm and asked plainly:

"Is it over?"

Louise didn't know anything about Bernadette's thoughts, and naturally she didn't know that the latter would be willing to fight against the angel for herself. She just showed a bright smile and said:

"It's over, the 'God of Weather' fell smoothly, and his Extraordinary characteristics were brought back to the sanctuary by the 'Church of Storms'. Everything was perfect and everyone was very happy."

Bernadette had reservations about this, she asked curiously:

"Then what did you get?"

Louise spread her hands, as if to indicate that the answer to this question was obvious. She said lightly:

"An angel, who fell because of me, what do you think I will gain?"

Bernadette was obviously stunned for a moment, but she quickly reacted. She frowned slightly, probably in disbelief, and said hesitantly:

"You planned all this just to digest the potion of the 'Witch of Pain'?"

Louise's smile grew brighter: "Of course."

Bernadette unabashedly took a deep breath, her chest heaving twice in a row, making it difficult to conceal her emotional fluctuations.

In order to digest the potion of Sequence Five, you dare to create the fall of an angel. If you are promoted to a demigod, are you going to destroy a country!

Bernadette suddenly had the urge to imprison Louise immediately for the sake of world peace.

Remaining silent and gradually calmed down, she tentatively said:

"So, you are about to prepare for promotion to a demigod?"

Louise shook her head and answered vaguely:

"It hasn't reached that stage yet, but I believe it will be soon."

Because of Adam's promise, Louise doesn't worry about how to be promoted to a demigod. She only needs to ensure that she has completely digested the potion of Sequence Five, and then she can successfully get the opportunity to be promoted to "Witch of Despair".

But the crux of the problem now is that there is still some remnants of the potion from the "Witch of Pain" in her body.

In fact, the fall of the "God of Weather" did not make Louise feel the tendency of the potion to be greatly digested.

The reason why she said this is just to give Bernadette a reasonable sounding reason to prevent the latter from getting to the bottom of it... Although Bernadette probably won't fully believe this reason, but at least there is a prevarication. enough.

In addition, the fact that the fall of an angel failed to digest the "Witch of Pain" gave Louise a deeper understanding of the "Witch" pathway.

The disaster brought by the "witch" should be the most direct symptom.

However, in the whole process of the fall of "God of Weather" Louise was not qualified to participate at all, she could only rely on the means of attracting the "Church of Storms" angel to achieve her goal.

Unfortunately, she is a "witch", not an "audience".

On the contrary, a few days ago, Louise unexpectedly succeeded in seducing the "God of Weather" to unleash her power, causing huge damage to the mountains on Bansi Island, and also bringing huge panic to the people of Bansi.

During this process, Louise experienced the experience of greatly digesting the potion in her body.

Even when the people on Bansi Island were forced to leave their homes, they were also helping Louise to gradually digest the "Witch of Pain" potion. The speed was not fast, but it was a subtle and continuous process.

Regarding the "God of Weather", the reason why Louise was able to get in touch with him was because of the "City of Calamities".

The "hunting" of "God of Weather" that can be done with the help of "City of Calamity" cannot give Louise any feedback on digesting the potion at all.

Alas, the "God of Weather" is not worth dying for!

However, Louise has already gotten the most out of it, so she doesn't care too much about digesting potions.

At least, with this experience, I will be more handy in acting in the future, and promotion to a demigod of Sequence Four is just around the corner!

That's why Louise said "Everyone is happy".

Contented, she looked up in Bansi's direction, smiled slightly, and then said to Bernadette:

"There's no need to stay here anymore, let's go back to Bayam."

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