Mystery: The Witch and the Calamity - Chapter 519 Respect is also important

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Although it was said that during the whole incident, Bernadette showed no sense of participation, but at least she did not need to have a head-on conflict with the angels of the Church of the Storms, which was a good thing.

As for Louise's deliberate gesture, after the initial surprise, Bernadette came back to her senses, and she could guess that this "witch" was probably deliberately pulling the topic away in order to hide her real purpose. .

However, since the matter has ended smoothly, there is no need for her to investigate further.

Until, hearing Louise's invitation to return to Bayam, Bernadette raised her eyebrows and said aloud:

"Before I leave, I have a question."

"Since you are so confident and it turns out that you can also succeed in your plan, why did you use the story of 'The God of Weather' to attract me to Bansi in advance? Could it be that your real purpose for bringing me here is just to make Am I the audience for this drama that you secretly lead?"

Hearing this, Louise's smile couldn't help but stop for a while. She did it on purpose. On the contrary, Bernadette's appearance in Bancy was an accident, which directly disrupted her follow-up plan, although the final result was still perfect.

As for the previous remarks, most of them were just to dispel Bernadette's concerns and suspicions. Naturally, not everything Louise said was the truth.

Now that retribution is coming, Bernadette is not someone to be fooled. She keenly caught this small loophole and questioned it.

Louise's mind quickly turned, she decided to keep the same and respond to all changes, smiled and said:

"In the future, you will see more 'dramas' like this, because the tide of the times is coming to everyone irresistibly. You and I have no choice but to face it."

Alas, after saying this, she sighed silently in her heart, and couldn't help but feel a little emotional:

"It's been a lot of times, and I've been able to even pretend to be a magic stick. Getting used to it is really a scary thing."

As for Louise's response, Bernadette was naturally dissatisfied. She thought about it and guessed:

"The appearance of Roselle brought about a steam revolution, so what will the appearance of you and The Fool bring to this world now?"

Roselle, Roselle, how did you develop a hobby like Bernadette who likes to get to the bottom of things? Louise felt a little helpless, she could only continue to carry out the almighty words, and calmly replied:

"When you are successfully promoted to Angel, all your questions can be answered from me."

Bernadette turned her head sideways and said with a half-smile:

"That is to say, before being promoted to angel, I must ensure your safety!"

Louise nodded very calmly, and justified herself by saying:

"I'm not a person who likes to cause trouble everywhere."

Bernadette silently rolled her eyes in her heart, not wanting to make any comments, and also did not ask any further questions, she simply said:

"Let's get out of here."

As soon as she finished speaking, she stretched out her right hand and placed it on Louise's shoulder. After the spiritual surge, the two immediately disappeared from the spot.

The colorful spiritual world suddenly appeared in front of us, and soon, the two figures appeared on the grass in the real world.

Looking around quickly, Louise found that this was the forest she met Bernadette last time. No wonder she was familiar with it. She first expressed her gratitude for the ride, and then asked with anticipation:

"Can I learn this method of traveling through the spiritual world?"

Bernadette glanced at her lightly and replied:

"I'm sorry, you are a 'witch'."

What happened to the "witch", is it discriminating against the "witch"? Louise refuted a symbolic retort in her heart, and then she accepted her fate, sighed helplessly, and then asked:

"There is a small question, can you sell me a spiritual material that is enough to make advanced spells?"

Bernadette frowned slightly and asked suspiciously:

"What do you use it for?"

Louise answered as a matter of course, but it was equivalent to nonsense. She said:

"Make a spell."

"The 'Hunter' pathway?" Bernadette asked.

Louise smiled and nodded: "Yes."

Could it be that she really got the Beyonder characteristics of "God of Weather" from the angels of "Church of Storms"? But if this is the case, how could the two angels leave directly?

Bernadette was a little puzzled. Suddenly, she thought of what Louise had said before, that another favored one of The Fool had just taken a Sequence Three from Bayam's "Sea King" The Extraordinary characteristics of her, coupled with what Louise did in Bansi... The continuous intersection with the Church of the Storm in a short period of time, could this be the tacit understanding between The Fool and the Lord of the Storm?

After a brief thought, her brows gradually stretched out and she said to Louise:

"You turn around."

Louise was stunned for a moment, but she turned her body obediently, and was a little puzzled at the same time.

But in the next second, her doubts were immediately replaced by deep fear and tremor, and this fear came from behind, Bernadette, she...

That feeling came and went quickly. Before Louise could think more, she heard a familiar voice behind her:

" Let's turn around."

Louise turned around again with a little heavy weight, and saw that Bernadette's palm had an extra "eye" inexplicably, and even the eyelashes were very realistic, but there was no breath of life.

She raised her head subconsciously, as if she wanted to look into Bernadette's eyes, the latter chuckled lightly and said:

"The way you look surprised now finally makes me feel that you are a mid-rank Beyonder."

Immediately afterwards, Bernadette pushed the "eye" in her hand towards Louise and said:

"Its compatibility is very strong. The ability of the finished spell will depend on the person who grants it power. If it is given to you, it will be the ticket price for you to invite me to watch Bancy's drama."

Louise naturally knew what this was, but she just didn't expect Bernadette to make such a sacrifice for herself... Well, although for a saint, it's not much damage at all, but Impressive enough.

After a moment of silence, Louise took the "eyes" that Bernadette handed over and nodded heavily:

"Thank you."

Bernadette was noncommittal, looking very free and easy, and said:

"If there is nothing else, let's just part with it."

Louise spoke immediately, as if a little embarrassed to say:

"I may test the 'Witch Sect' in the next few days, so... we agreed."

Bernadette rolled her eyes at her angrily and didn't bother to respond. With a "swoosh", the whole person disappeared directly in place.

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