Naruto Coming To Marvel - Chapter 745 big plan

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While speaking, Nick Fury took out a special gold coin from his pocket and handed it to Hill.

"This is the treatment gold coin from the Continental Hotel in New York. You can arrange for someone to take Steve there directly for wax bath treatment later."

"In this way, Steve will be able to re-enter the battle tomorrow. Otonin's attack has caused too much damage to us."

"In the next period of time, our tasks will be very heavy, and we cannot let the outside world think that we have declined."

This special gold coin was one of the materials exchanged between SHIELD and Charlotte at the previous 084 trade conference. With this gold coin, you can immediately enjoy a wax bath treatment when you enter the Continental Hotel.

Hill nodded: "Leave it to me, the Security Council can't wait anymore, they are very angry."

Nick Fury turned and left, quickly pushed open the door of the conference room and walked in.

I saw several huge virtual screens erected in front of me, and on the screens were members of the five major countries of the Security Council.

At this time, a member of the council said: "Nick Fury, for the attack on SHIELD, you must take due responsibility."

Another female council member also said: "If you hadn't let the members of the Avengers leave before, our loss in this attack would not be so great."

At this time, the member of the Chinese council who had been rarely speaking on the screen sighed: "Chen is a bit pity."

Listening to the criticism from the members of the council, Nick Fury did not open his mouth to refute, but waited for the other party to speak for a while, and then said: "I don't think you came to me to criticize me."

"For this operation, we have already made plans." "As for the possible situation and Otonin's revenge, you must have read the application report for the application for foreign aid."

Hearing Nick Fury's words, members of the Security Council also stopped.

Nick Fury's attack on Yin Ninja was also approved by them. Seeing that one of the congressmen was about to speak, Nick Fury interrupted in advance: "We have gained nothing from this operation."

"At least we know that a ninja will die if killed."

"According to the video analysis of the battle scene, a large-scale explosive attack is an attack that cannot be avoided by ninja substitutes."

"Not to say that all ninjas cannot dodge, but most ninjas cannot dodge."

"This way we at least have the ability to say no to the ninjas. If they don't follow our rules, it's a big deal for everyone to finish the game together."

"Only if we have the ability and courage to say no can we make them abide by the rules here."

Nick Fury's speech made all the council members nod.

At least in this operation, they saw the death of the ninja. Let this group that has never died before finally have dead members.

Then Nick Fury changed the subject and continued to speak: "In the face of an increasingly crazy world, I applied for the establishment of the Insight Project."

Then Nick Fury talked about the Insight Project: Simply put, it means that crimes can be killed before they are committed. Through the detection of satellites and the collection and analysis of big data, this fake system can accurately predict the future of everyone, and at the same time, it can kill all locked targets in just a few minutes.

At the same time, because this is a plan to monitor the world, it can determine the location of the ninja as soon as it appears, monitor the superhumans more accurately, and absorb those superhumans who are out in the wild.

Hearing Nick Fury's plan, many congressmen nodded, but still asked: "How are you going to implement your plan."

"I am planning to build three aerospace carriers. It just so happens that the above-ground buildings of the headquarters were destroyed. In the name of rebuilding the headquarters, the aerospace carriers can be quickly built underground."

"Cooperating with the satellites we have, the implementation of the Starlink project can monitor all dangerous elements around the world without dead ends, and every space carrier will be equipped with chakra detectors, and will be equipped with the latest energy cannons and laser weapons."

"Unexpectedly, some super

Ordinary personnel will be executed if there is no time to escape. "


Listening to Nick Fury's narration, the Congressman nodded, expressing his approval of the plan.

"Nick Fury, you are still the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.." "This insight plan is very interesting. We need a written feasibility report."

"If there are no problems, we will approve the plan after seeing the report."

"Thank you for your support!"

Soon the meeting was over, and the members of the Security Council went offline, leaving Alexander Pierce on it.

Pierce smiled and said, "Nick Fury, if I hadn't tried my best to dissuade them, they would have taken away your position as director."

"But this insight plan has been improved by you, and I am more confident."

Nick Fury nodded: "Pierce, thank you for your help." "I have been on this journey, and you have helped me a lot, especially this plan, thank you."

But this time the plan, UU reading was not thought up by Nick Fury, but Pierce's document he received when he rushed to New York.

Insight plan-Pierce as the master planner and Nick Fury as the master planner, the two of them designed this big plan.

Pierce smiled, and said indifferently, "I'm still very optimistic about you until now."

"There are still matters to be dealt with on the council side, so I won't talk much about it."

After speaking, Pierce also closed his virtual image. Seeing that the screen in front of him went black, Nick Fury also walked out of the conference room.

the other side.

Coulson came to New York with the members of the team, but Ward took Kirabi to experience the underground rap, while Coulson came to the sand hidden puppet shop in Brooklyn.

Pushing open the door, Coulson was a little surprised when he saw an old lady sitting on the bar, but he still walked over.

"Hi, I'm Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. I need an intelligence doll."

Chiyo looked at Coulson with a smirk in front of him, coughed lightly and asked, "Young man, what do you choose to pay with?"

Coulson opened the suitcase and said, "How about the $500,000 share of secondary Adamantium?"

"Of course, if you choose cash, there is no problem." "But unfortunately, we no longer have energy blocks to trade with you."

Chiyo looked at the secondary Edman in the box, but his eyes were somewhat disgusted, but he still put it away.

With a wave of his hand, a puppet was taken down from above with a chakra thread, and then he took out an hourglass to visit in front of him.

"60 seconds to ask your question."


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