Naruto Coming To Marvel - v2 Chapter 1 Odin's commission

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Latest website: After Odin sighed in his heart, he began to talk about the business.

"The main body is still in Haier Hades, and it will not be possible to return until the end of the vision of the Nine Realms reuniting."

"But I see Sol's appearance, and I am going to take Jane to the dark world to face *** Keith."

"I've already told him that ether particles are reality gems, but with his character, he won't listen."

"I hope you can help him when the time comes. As for the ether particles, they will be left to you for safekeeping in the end."

Hearing Odin's words, Charlotte was not surprised at all, because the main body is not there, and the energy projection in front of her can't go to the dark world to fight against Keith at all. She will definitely reject Sol's proposal and stay in Asgard to wait for the main body. return.

But Odin is still worried about his eldest son, please help Sol, but for the sake of ether particles, even if Odin doesn't open his mouth, he will help Sol.

And with Odin's words, it is justifiable for him to be in charge of the ether particles. After all, Boer hid this thing. Odin must have used it when he collected the infinite gems.

But Charlotte still asked her own question: "Is there really no way for the God King to take out the ether particles from Jane's body?"

After all, Odin once collected infinite gems, so there should be no way.

Odin shook his head: "After all, the ether particle is a divine object cast by the dark elves, and I don't have a complete grasp of it."

"And Jane's body is too weak, I can't take out the ether particles from the body without hurting her."

Hearing what Odin said, Charlotte nodded in approval: "I will accompany Sol."

Charlotte and Odin exchanged a few words, then turned and left.

After seeing Charlotte go, Frigg came out.

Odin, is Hela really going to be handed over to Charlotte? "

Odin nodded: "That's the only way, we don't have a better candidate, right?" Not long after Charlotte returned to his room, Sol came to find him.

"Charlotte, I have something to ask of you."

Charlotte asked, "What is it?"

Thor said: "*** Keith knows that the ether particles are here, and he can sense its energy. As the master of the ether particles, there must be a way to control them."

"I'm going to take Jane out of here and go to the dark world."

"I can make ***Kith believe in our plan and take out the ether particles from Simplified's body."

"And what we need to do is to destroy them in the dark world."

"As for the ether particles..."

Charlotte said, "Mine."

"I'll help you eliminate the dark elves together, and keep your girlfriend safe."

"But what you have to do is return the ether particles to me after the battle is over."

Hearing that Charlotte proposed ether particles, Thor didn't pay attention to this weapon, but said:

"Two infinity stones are very dangerous together, and will attract the prying eyes of the enemy."

Charlotte stretched out her right hand, and saw the Infinity Gauntlet appear on it, and it was inlaid with space gems.

Looking at Charlotte's right hand, Sol was surprised: "Father gave you the Infinity Gauntlet, this..."

"Also, you actually crushed the Cosmic Rubik's Cube..."

Then Thor changed his face a few times, and said, "Since the father has given you his Infinity Gauntlet, the Reality Gem will also belong to you."

"But you must be careful. There are many forces in the universe who are spying on the Infinity Stones."

Charlotte nodded, and then asked, "But how do you get to the Dark World?" "I don't have a marker there, and who are you going to arrange."

Thor then talked about his plan: "Loki knows how to leave Asgard, and I'm going to take him with him."

"I just need him to play a scene with me, since the cursed warrior met Loki in prison, it is easier to gain their trust

. "

"In addition, I am going to ask Sif, the three warriors of Asgard, and Heimdall to help me." Hearing Thor's thoughts, Charlotte nodded.

"In this case, you go to contact them, I will wait for the news of your departure."

Saul stepped forward and gave Charlotte a hug: "Thank you, my brother."

Seeing Saul leave and contact other Sol, Charlotte smiled, and the third Infinity Gem is about to start.

Soon Sol used his own plan to impress the three warriors of Asgard and Sif to help him, especially after learning that the Supreme Merlin Charlotte would also make a move, regarding this plan to defeat *** Keith, Even more full of confidence.

After convincing everyone, Sol came to the dungeon.

Loki looked at the man in front of him and said, "Sol."

"In a short time, you came to see it again."

"What are you doing?"


"laugh at me?"

Sol stared at his younger brother and said, "Loki, that's enough."

"Stop using illusions."

But Sol didn't believe that Loki could remain so indifferent after learning the news that Frigga almost fell.

At this point, Loki also dispelled the illusion, and the illusion of Loki in front of him and the prison around him changed instantly.

I saw Loki leaning against Qiangbie decadently, all the tables, chairs, benches and books in the prison were overturned to the ground, and there were marks on the wall when he smashed the wall when he was angry.

"Now you see me, brother."

Sol looked around and walked to a position close to Loki.

Loki looked at Thor and asked, "Is mother's injury serious?"

Seeing Loki's appearance, Sol felt a little guilty, but remembering that when he was young, Loki would scare him with snakes and stab him, so he resisted telling Loki the truth.

"I didn't come to report to you about your mother's injuries."

"I'm giving you a chance to get something better."

Sol looked at Loki and said, "Say."

"I know you want revenge just like me, and you want to kill those who hurt my mother." "You help me take out Asgard, and I will give you a chance."

"Let you take revenge, and then come back here. UU Reading"

Loki thought for a moment, then looked at Thor and said, "You must be desperate to come to me for help."

"Why do you think you can trust me?"

Thor shook his head, "I don't believe it."

"Mother trusts you, but you know, when we fought in the past, I had a glimmer of hope."

"I believe my brother is not completely gone."

"But if you are not willing to avenge your mother, then I will kill you, you are not worthy of mother's love."

Loki also hated himself and the guy who hurt his mother during this time, looked at Sol and said:

"When are you leaving?"


After Thor said a word, he opened Loki's cell.

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