Naruto Coming To Marvel - v2 Chapter 813 dark world

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Chapter 813: Dark World

Sol drove the spaceship and quickly retreated towards the periphery.

Rocky said: Why don't you let me come, my driving skills are obviously better.

Saul said, "Among the three of us, you are the only one who can't fly. How good is your technique?"

Loki looked at Charlotte at the side, obviously he knew that the other flying one was referring to the one in front of him.

At this moment, Jane's body softened and fell directly to the ground.

Seeing this scene, Loki was surprised: Oh my god, is she dead?

Charlotte squatted down to check, and then said: Saul, Jane's time is running out, we have to hurry up.

However, Jane lay on the ground, waved her hand and said: I'm fine.

Obviously Sol knew better who he should listen to, and drove the spaceship away quickly.

However, various weapons along the way attacked the spaceship, and Asgard's spaceship was launched to pursue it.

Sol drove the spaceship and carried out destruction along the way, cutting off many buildings. Loki taunted behind him: Well done, you chopped off your grandpa's head.

Hearing this, Charlotte couldn't help laughing.

But just when he was evading, the spaceship accidentally cut off the head of the Boer statue.

What a great idea, let's steal the biggest and most conspicuous spaceship in the universe, get away with it, and fly it around town.

See what hits, let everyone see us.

So smart, Saul.

Apparently Loki was still expressing his dissatisfaction with Thor's operation, and Charlotte looked funny and didn't step forward to stop him.

At this time Thor opened the side door of the spaceship and pushed Loki down.


Saul then set up the automatic flight, turned around and picked up Jane, and said to Charlotte: We have changed the means of transportation.

The three of them then jumped off the spaceship together, and below, Fandral was driving Asgard's spaceship to seal them.

Looking at the embarrassed Loki, Fandral smiled and said: Hahaha.

After all that time in prison, you're still so graceful, Loki.

Loki stood up from the spaceship, looked at Sol and said: You lied to me, it's amazing. Saul looked at the front without turning his head and said: I am very happy that you are satisfied, keep your promise.

Take us to your secret passage.

Loki gripped the ship's joystick and began to change direction.

However, not long after they flew, a spaceship locked on to them and launched an attack on them.

Seeing this scene, Charlotte said: Do I need to take action?

Fandral shook his head and said: "Teach me, I need you to face *** Keith later." For Asgard!

After speaking, Fandral jumped directly onto the opponent's spaceship, and launched an attack on the three soldiers on it, and said while beating: Don't take it seriously, guys.

Soon the three of them were subdued by Fandral, and then waved in the direction of Sol. At this time, Loki drove the spaceship and rushed towards a hill on the sea.

Seeing such behavior, Thor shouted: Loki?

Loki said while speeding up: If it was that easy, anyone would be able to find this place. Sol turned his head and said: Are you crazy?


In the next second, Loki drove the spaceship and rushed into the cave in the middle of the mountain. After the spaceship was rubbed inside, it rushed directly into a wormhole and came to another world.

welcome to arrive.

On the mothership of the dark elves, Arglin said to *** Kiss: We must attack immediately.

*** Keith waved his hand and said: No, there is no need to go to Asa God Realm.

The ether is on its way home.

It was Sol and the others who came to the dark world, and they had been sensed by *** Keith.

Loki looks at lying on the boat

Jane, who was on the bed, said: If the energy is given to me, how many things can I do.

Charlotte said: Don't pay attention, this thing will be kept by me after it is taken out.

Saul also agreed: You will be swallowed.

Luo Ji said angrily: "She's fine, and you don't give such a treasure to your younger brother, but to an outsider."

Charlotte looked at Loki and said, "Why, do you think you have the right to **** something from me?"

Whether or not to do it afterwards, the two of us will practice.

Loki smiled awkwardly, he couldn't afford to provoke Charlotte in front of him.

Just when I just let it out, talking nonsense.

Loki then pointed at Thor: Get ready to say goodbye to her.

Sol shook his head and said: It won't be today.

Loki continued: Today, tomorrow, a hundred years, whatever.

It's just a snap of your fingers, and you'll never let go.

The only true love you hold dear will be taken away by time.

Saul said angrily: Are you satisfied with that?

I will never be satisfied.

Loki looked at Charlotte, who was watching the play, and asked: Does she have the qualifications of a wizard?

Charlotte shook her head: I'm sorry...

Saul declared: "I will never give up.

Loki held back his mouth and said: As expected of Odin's Thor retorted: I am not just Odin's son, do you think mother only loves you?

She taught you tricks, but she taught me trust.

Loki looked at Suo ErDao trust?

Is that what she said after she was hurt?

She trusted you, but you didn't protect her well?

Charlotte frowned slightly at this time, isn't Frigg all right?

What did Thor tell Loki?

Sol also frowned. He should be angry at this time, but his mother is really fine.

Then he clenched his fists and loosened them again.

She doesn't want us to fight.

Loki still refused to admit defeat and said: She is not surprised.

At this time, the scene Charlotte wants to see most is the scene where Loki goes back to pretend to be Odin and finds that his mother is still alive.

That kind of expression must be very interesting, and it won't be too frightening to hold on to the transformation technique when the time comes.

Sol looked at Loki and said seriously: I wish I could trust you. Trust my anger.

Seeing that both of them calmed down, Charlotte said, "I'll hide first, after all, I don't know when *** Keith will arrive."

If he finds me, it will be difficult to start the next action.

Sol nodded: I'll leave it to you later.

Charlotte imprinted a flying Thor mark on Jane Foster's shoulder, so that after *** Keith took out the ether particles in her body, she could be safely taken away from the battlefield as soon as possible.

After doing all this, Charlotte's figure dissipated into the air without leaving the slightest trace. Previous chapter table of contents bookmark back page

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