Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2947 Igniting Stars

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Chapter 2947 Igniting Stars

Entering the Divine Flame realm began with igniting the divine flame seed. Long Chen had read that this realm involved condensing a flame seed first, and it would decide which direction their growth would proceed in. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, light, dark, soul, blood, bone, essence, qi, there were all kinds of variants.

Upon reaching the peak of Mortal Transcendence and undergoing the tempering, a person would come to realize what aspect they were strongest in. They would choose that strongest element and condense the flame seed around it.

If a person had a powerful wood element lying dormant within them, they would condense a wood element flame seed. And once they entered the Divine Flame realm, all the other attributes within them would start to deviate toward wood element energy. That would make their power even stronger and purer.

A person commonly chose their strongest attribute when condensing their flame seed. For example, Mu Qingyun had her Sword Dao and chose to focus her divine flame seed on the mind, the spirit. In the future, it would be easier for her to become one with the Sword Dao.

As for Luo Bing and Luo Ning, as immortal cultivators, they would normally choose the path of the soul, but due to the Luo family’s bloodline inheritance, they would definitely choose to ignite an essence blood flame so that they could cultivate their family’s inherited magical arts with half the effort.

Condensing a divine flame was something that required consideration from all aspects. Hence, every person chose different paths for different reasons, such as their background, bloodline, inheritances, or simply personal reasons.

However, Long Chen cultivated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. All his growth was concentrated there. He had done some research as to whether or not he should choose the path of a body cultivator, but it wasn’t just his physical body that was strong. His physical body was just the holder of his astral power, and his strongest power came from his 108,000 stars.

As his astral power was limitless, wielding it required a powerful body, or the immense power would simply blow him up.

However, if he only focused on his body and neglected his 108,000 stars, it would be putting the cart before the horse. It might lead him down the wrong path.

Right now, Long Chen could only progress cautiously. He didn’t know what kind of path lay before him, but time waited for no one. He couldn’t spend a few years testing and researching.

Furthermore, even after a few years of research, he might not find anything. Thus, Long Chen decided to simply grit his teeth and advance without thinking about it. He would just go with the feeling.

With naked arms, Long Chen sat on a boulder. He formed hand seals, and his Blood Qi ignited. After that, the space around him twisted and turned. Without him needing to take further action, all the energy within his body ignited, forming a blazing fire around him.

As the flame raged, the boulder he was sitting on turned red hot. The surrounding grass was instantly incinerated.

“The divine flame ignites all the energy within a person’s body, drawing it out. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, light, dark, soul, blood, bone, essence, qi, and countless other kinds of energy manifest themselves. According to the academy’s records, it is extremely easy for a person to sense their strongest aspect at this time. As long as that aspect is ignited, then there are basically no mistakes. Why can’t I see anything though?”

Long Chen saw various runes burning in front of him. Within these flames, there were different runes representing different kinds of energy, and he could sense them clearly.

According to the academy’s records, whatever aspect a person was strongest in and had the greatest potential in would be larger and have a deeper color. It should be very easy to distinguish.

However, the runes around him were all the same color and size. Even though he felt that the power of his physical body should be the strongest, that rune was no different from the others.

“Is this to say that my power is evenly distributed? That’s impossible. I have no talent in metal, wood, water, and earth. My flame and lightning energy are controlled by Huo Long and Lei Long, so they don’t really count here either. Other than that, my strongest aspects are my physical body and my soul. But why don’t I see anything different about them here?

Long Chen was dumbfounded. Igniting the divine flame was like choosing one of many paths. If the wrong path was chosen, that would lead him to catastrophe.

Long Chen helplessly continued to ignite his power. The flames around him grew more intense and the air started to ignite. This flame was the flame of his life. He couldn’t unleash it for long before his very life was consumed.

However, he had to unleash this flame to its max power in order to uncover his potential. He couldn’t hold back at all.

As the flames exploded out of Long Chen, a ring of light spread further and further out of him, and a pillar of flames soared into the sky.

If others saw it, they would definitely die of fright. Most people summoned flames within a range of thirty meters, and even elite disciples were normally within three hundred meters.

Lastly, those who had passed three thousand meters were shocking existences. However, Long Chen’s flames had already spread a hundred miles. It was unbelievable.

“Fuck, how is it still the same?!”

As Long Chen unleashed all his power, the runes truly grew larger and their color intensified. But they all grew together. There was still no strongest aspect to be found.

Just as Long Chen’s anger flared and he didn’t know what to do, the 108,000 stars inside of him quivered. Before he could react, those raging flames were greedily consumed by his stars.

After that, his star diagram appeared, and his flames vanished, spreading throughout his 108,000 stars.

The flames had been split into 108,000 shares. They were as insignificant as a candle’s light falling into a sea when they fell into these stars.

“So the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s Divine Flame realm involves igniting the 108,000 stars!” Long Chen was delighted. He hadn’t expected that he wouldn’t have to make a choice. Just unleashing his power was enough.

Long Chen could sense that every star was like a starving dragon staring at his flame. On the other hand, his flame was like a single sparrow in the face of thousands of starving dragons.

Long Chen then focused on his stars. He could sense that they seemed to be waiting for something, as if they were waiting for more flames to ignite them.

However, with so many stars, even if he burned up his entire life energy, he wouldn’t possibly be able to ignite them all. What was he to do?

Just as he was rapidly thinking, his hair stood on end, and a sensation of death filled his heart. He then pulled his focus from his stars hastily.

At this moment, a sharp sword stabbed into Long Chen’s body and blood splashed. His body was almost pierced straight through.

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