Northern Abyss Immortal Clan - Chapter 1433 public opinion war

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The Grand Ceremony of True Immortals is a rare event for tens of thousands of years, and almost all the influential forces in the Qianyuan Realm have sent people here.

And more than 70% of the monks who came to participate in the celebration spoke out against the Seven Lights True Immortal.

The remaining 30% of the cultivators' forces have always had a good relationship with the Seven Lights Sect.

Some of these forces have even completely become affiliated forces of the Seven Lights Sect.

Now the Seven Lights True Immortals have done wicked things, but the Seven Lights Sect is still their backing.

No matter how unhappy they were in their hearts, they didn't dare to say that the Seven Lights True Immortal was not.

Seeing that the atmosphere was mobilized, the Five Lightning Earth Immortals once again turned to the fire: "Besides Jue Tian Yuan, there are still the remnants of the Demon Race entrenched.

On the other side of Immortal Realm, there are also many demon invasions.

Once the demon clan outside Jue Tian Yuan gets in touch with the demon clan who invaded the fairy world, it may attract the true demon to invade the Qianyuan Realm.

Now that the Demon Race has not changed, it is the time when our monks in the Qianyuan Realm develop and grow.

The Seven Luminaries Old Ghost acted like this to block the way of other monks.

Before the next Mozu invasion, if we don't have enough true immortals, the entire Qianyuan Realm may fall.

The old ghost of Seven Lights, for his own selfishness, abandoned hundreds of millions of souls in the Qianyuan Realm. "

"Senior Brother Fortune is also a true immortal, and as the second master of Qianyuan Realm, he must also think about the future of Qianyuan Realm.

You can't ruin the future of Qianyuan Realm just because you can't bear to fight. "

Wang Daoyuan slandered: These old guys are all sanctimonious, but the means of this fire is really not weak.

In just a few words, the actions of the Seven Lights True Immortal were described as destroying the future of Qianyuan Realm.

If you continue to indulge the Seven Lights True Immortal, the Qianyuan Realm is likely to be defeated by the Demon Race.

If you think about it further, the behavior of the Seven Lights True Immortal is to help the Demon Race, which is simply human rape.

As long as the Immortals of Fortune Formation are willing to lead the monks in the Qianyuan Realm to crusade the True Immortals of the Seven Lights, that is to do justice for the sky.

The war has not yet begun, and the end of the day has been played.

Moreover, they did not discuss what to say in advance at all.

Improvisation can do this.

When it comes to playing with your heart, these seniors are real old foxes.

As soon as the Five Thunder Immortals said this, other monks began to agree.

"Senior Fortune, the swords and soldiers are small for a while, and the future of Qianyuan Realm is great. Please also ask Senior Fortune to lead us to eliminate harm in Qianyuan Realm."

"The old ghost of the Seven Lights will not die, and there will never be a peaceful day in the Qianyuan Realm. Please also ask the predecessors of good fortune to remove this great harm for the Qianyuan Realm."

"Whether the Qianyuan Realm can resist the next invasion of the Demon Race depends entirely on Senior Fortune."

The Immortal Creation Formation sighed: "You fellows are wholeheartedly thinking of the future of the Qianyuan Realm, and this old man admires them very much.

However, the Qianyuan world is still in crisis.

The demon clan in Jue Tian Yuan is ready to move, there are also troubles in the fragments of the fairy world, and the demon clan is eyeing.

Once a war breaks out in our human race, there is no guarantee that foreign enemies will take advantage of it.

The Seven Lights True Immortal hindered the latecomers from breaking through to the True Immortal Realm.

I think we still have to give him a chance.

As long as the Seven Lights True Immortal can proclaim himself a sect, and the Seven Lights Sect will no longer interfere in the affairs of the Qianyuan Realm, we should also give him a chance.

If he can really come to his senses and stop interfering in external affairs, we will not pursue him. "

These words seem to be selfless, but it is impossible for the Seven Lights True Immortal to agree.

Self-proclaimed Seven Lights Sect, and no longer intervene in the affairs of Qianyuan Realm, this is to exile the entire Seven Lights Sect from Qianyuan Realm.

Anyone who is a little ambitious can't agree to this condition.

Now that the ascension channel is gone, it is impossible to ascend to the fairyland at all.

In the Qianyuan world, there is really no way out.

Zilei Earth Immortal also came out to stimulate his emotions: "The foundation of the Fortune Sect for more than 200,000 years has been destroyed in the hands of the Seven Lights Old Ghost.

Seven Lights Old Ghost behaves like this, and you are willing to give him a way to survive.

This kind of mind is beyond my reach. "

Under the leadership of Zi Lei Earth Immortal, everyone also began to flatter.

"Senior Good Fortune is benevolent and righteous."

"Senior Fortune deserves to be the leader of the human race."

The atmosphere has been aroused, and the Immortal Fortune Formation once again showed a selfless side.

"It is also for the future of Qianyuan Realm and for the sake of our younger generations.

I won't mention it beforehand, all fellow Taoists have come from afar to see the Great Ceremony of True Immortals.

I will tell you about my breakthrough experience.

If you have any doubts, you can also raise them, and I will try my best to explain them. "

Xue Ling Earth Immortal also saw that Zi Lei Earth Immortal and others were mobilizing emotions, and also joined in on their own.

"The Good Fortune Sect has been harmed into such a ghost, and Brother Good Fortune still has the heart to preach to me.

This kind of mind, Xue Ling admires very much. "

As soon as these remarks came out, there was another upsurge of flattering.

After a long time, it finally calmed down.

The Immortal Creation began to preach to everyone, from the cultivation experience of the third-turn Earth Immortal realm to the pinnacle of Earth Immortal, to the preparations before breaking through the real Immortal realm.

The content of the sermon was extremely detailed, and all the immortals were fascinated by it.

Even an almighty like Wang Daoyuan felt that he had benefited a lot.

The sermon lasted for more than a month before it finally ended.

After listening to the Taoism, everyone bowed and saluted the good luck formation, and then they all left.

On the contrary, the Blood Spirit Earth Immortal sat cross-legged on a boulder, with no intention of leaving.

The relationship between the Blood Spirit Earth Immortal and the Fortune Array Immortal has always been very good. The Fortune Sect has been tossed into ruins. As an old friend, it is only natural to stay for a while longer.

After everyone left, Xue Ling Di Xian smiled and said, "Brother Fortune, you can't trust me.

Breaking through the realm of true immortals is such a big thing, you hired Brother Zi Lei and Brother Wu Lei to protect the Dharma, but you didn't disclose it to me at all.

Our friendship of more than 200,000 years is so insignificant in your eyes. "

The Good Fortune Array smiled at each other: "Brother Xueling has misunderstood, this is not as simple as you think.

This is not the place to talk, let's talk in the secret realm. "

The group left the place where the sermon was preached and came to the secret realm where Good Fortune Array Immortals broke through the realm before.

As soon as he entered the secret realm, the Blood Spirit Earth Immortal sighed: "My dear, this is where the final battle will take place.

This secret realm is also a top-rank eighth grade, and looking at this posture, it is almost completely destroyed. "

Earth Immortal Wulei smiled and said, "No, it's not easy for a Secret Realm to survive a battle between a three-path true immortal and two third-rank Earth Immortals."

Blood Spirit Earth Immortal nodded: "Brother Fortune, it's time to talk about what's going on?"

Wang Daoyuan smiled and said, "Master Blood Spirit, let me tell you.

Master Fortune's breakthrough has something to do with me.

I am the son of luck, and Master Fortune promised me that he would support me as long as I helped him break through the realm of true immortals.

He possesses the law of the divine tree of creation, and it was I and the beast I conquered that helped him realize the fur of the law of annihilation.

The two sides of us are naturally standing together.

And the blood spirit master, your attitude is unclear, and I don't have much friendship with my master.

Therefore, this matter was not disclosed to you before. "

Blood Spirit Earth Immortal was stunned: "You are the son of luck, could it be that a new catastrophe is about to appear again?"

Wang Daoyuan nodded: "The next time is likely to be a large-scale invasion of the demons, I speculate from the traces left by the experts in the fairy world, the time of the outbreak should be two thousand years later.

As for whether there will be any accident that causes the time to change, it is hard to say. "

The blood spirit earth immortal took a deep breath: "It's coming so soon, now that there are real immortals in the Qianyuan world, the next time the demons invade, there will definitely be real demons.

It seems that I have to break through the real fairy realm as soon as possible.

By the way, who is your master? "

Wang Daoyuan's body aura restrained, and then a killing aura rose into the sky.

Blood Spirit Earth Immortal was shocked: "Guiyuan Sword Intent, this imposing manner is much stronger than Guiyuan Sword Immortal when he was at the top.

I had no friendship with Guiyuan Jianxian back then, but he finally died generously in order to save more Qianyuan experts.

I have always admired this courage.

Just because you are his descendant, I can't help you.

In the future battle of luck, I will definitely stand by your side. "

Wang Daoyuan was overjoyed, the strength of the blood spirit and earth immortal should be higher than that of his ancestors.

It is not easy to win such a master.

Unexpectedly, just by the name of the master, he can let him support him.

He hurriedly cupped his hands and said, "Thank you for your support, Master Blood Spirit."

The Xueling Earth Immortal waved his hand: "Who is not to support? Your talent is stronger than Guiyuan Sword Immortal, and you have the support of a true immortal.

I can't compare myself to Brother Good Fortune, and I can't pee in a pot with Qi Yao's child, so I can only support you. "

"Brother Fortune, so many people supported you before.

Ordinarily, you directly announced the war with the Seven Lights Sect, and the victory is also in your hands. Why did you repeatedly refuse?

Don't tell me you're worried about the resurgence of swordsmen. You have lived for more than 300,000 years, and you haven't seen any storms. How can you have such a woman's kindness? "

Good Fortune Array Immortal said with a smile: "I still can't hide it from you, we have discussed it before, let's spread the news that Seven Lights Children prevented me from breaking through to Qianyuan Realm.

When the monks in the entire Qianyuan Realm are dissatisfied with the Seven Lights Sect, it will not be too late to rise again.

Do you think the old ghost of the Seven Lights would agree to the conditions I gave to the Seven Lights Sect? "

"I definitely won't agree, if I really agree to your conditions, it would be equivalent to exiling the entire Seven Lights Sect.

You can't come out to compete for resources, you can't participate in the affairs of Qianyuanjie, and you can't do business.

It didn't take long for the entire Seven Lights Sect to even have a problem with cultivation resources.

At that time, the Seven Lights Sect will be separated from the virtues, and the children of Seven Lights will be left alone. "

"That's right, he doesn't agree, and if we do it again, it will be the best of humanity."

"Then how are you going to take the stage next time?"

Fortune Array Immortal shook his head: "I haven't thought about it yet."

Wang Daoyuan smiled and said, "I have an idea."

Everyone was a little curious, and Zilei Earth Immortal said quickly: "Don't be a jerk, just tell me quickly."

"The place where I came from is a country composed of many mortals. Some people want to usurp the throne. In order to be justifiable, they will first control the emperor and force him to take the throne.

In this process, it is necessary to control the court and ask the ministers to submit a letter to the emperor to ask for the emperor's throne. This is called persuasion.

And the usurper will pretend to be loyal to the emperor and refuse again and again.

After three remarks and three requests, he agreed to accept the meditation position.

In this way, it can also appear that oneself is the desire of the human heart and the destiny of destiny.

Although we are doing things for the sky, the position of the commander of the major forces in the Qianyuan world is equivalent to the emperor.

Everyone supports the master of good fortune to be the emperor, why don't we have three resignations and three requests? "

Fortune Array Immortal was a little embarrassed: "This seems too contrived."

Xue Ling Di Xian smiled and said: "What's the matter, the great commander of the entire Qianyuan Realm is always much stronger than the emperor of a mortal country?

If you're really embarrassed, then ask twice.

I'm also a master of Rank 3 Earth Immortals, and I still have some face.

When I go back and gather some old friends, I'll try to persuade you to come in again after a while.

Even if you don't want to be this big commander, you have to think about the long way.

What you are doing now is also paving the way for the future. "

The good fortune array immortal nodded: "Then do it like this."

After the negotiation, the blood spirit earth fairy said goodbye and left.

After less than a month, there was finally movement from the Seven Lights Sect.

The Seven Lights True Immortal said that there was a reason for intervening in the breakthrough of the Fortune Formation Immortal before.

The monster in the fairyland fragment was released again. He found the person who released the monster and hid in the Fortune Sect.

Worrying that the man would escape, he went to the Good Fortune Sect to hunt him down.

Interfering with the breakthrough of the good fortune formation immortal is purely an unintentional loss.

After hearing this response, Wang Daoyuan couldn't help laughing: "What the Seven Lights Sect received is true.

However, they want to play a public opinion war because they think too much.

We've got the upper hand, and this reason won't help. "

Lingyu Zhenxian asked: "How should we reply?"

The True Immortal Good Fortune smiled and said, "It's a big deal, I had long expected that Qi Yao's child would have this trick."

With a wave of his hand, dozens of photo beads flew out.

"It's a pity that there were only a few hundred of them left, and there are only about 30 left."

Wang Daoyuan was stunned, isn't this his way of dealing with Uncle Twelve? It turns out that the third-rank Earth Immortal also does this kind of thing.

Lingyu Zhenxian was a little curious: "Can this thing keep the image of the real immortal?"

The Immortal Fortune Array smiled contemptuously: "There is an eighth-rank top-grade photo formation in this photo bead, what do you think?

Copy this image out hundreds of thousands of copies and spread it all over the Qianyuan Realm. "

Spirit Domain Array Immortal smiled wickedly: "That's fine."

Afterwards, he left with a photo bead.

Before the photo beads here were scattered, there were scattered cultivators who publicly accused the Seven Lights Sect.

As early as a few years ago, in the name of tracking down the person who released the monster, a card was set up in Shiraishi Mountain.

Anyone who enters the Fragment of the Immortal Realm must be inspected by the Seven Lights Sect, and the disciples of the Seven Lights Sect took the opportunity to extort loose cultivators.

I don't know which force contributed to the flames, and began to accuse the Seven Lights Sect of wanting to take the fragments of the fairyland as their own.

When the fragments of the fairy world fell, the earth immortals of the human race and the demon race were able to help the real immortals of the fairy world and wiped out the demon race, which was a heavy loss.

Those Earth Immortals who fell in the war were not disciples of the Seven Lights Sect. The fragments of the Immortal Realm should belong to all the tribes and the demon tribes in the entire Qianyuan Realm.

If the Seven Lights Sect wanted to take the fragments of the Immortal Realm as their own, it was to rob the resources of all the monks in the Qianyuan Realm, and it was to be an enemy of the entire Qianyuan Realm.

The photo beads scattered by the Good Fortune Sect also spread quickly. It can be seen from this that the Seven Lights True Immortal did not mention the matter of tracing the person who released the monster. He was just trying to stop the Good Fortune Array break through.

Most cultivators don't care about preventing the breakthrough of the good fortune formation immortals, after all, it is only a matter for the earth immortals to worry about.

But if the Seven Luminaries Sect wanted to attack the Fragments of the Immortal Realm, it would have taken away the resources of the vast number of loose cultivators.

Now, the scattered cultivators in the entire Qianyuan Realm have become enemies of the Seven Lights Sect.

In this battle of public opinion, the Seven Lights Sect suffered a disastrous defeat.

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