Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7190 .A world where the strong are respected

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"Afterwards, I went to the black market and never came back. I was waiting for Xi'er to ascend in the black market. It took tens of thousands of years to wait, but it seems that things are better now!"

"I remember when I came back for the last time, when I went to a place similar to Songjiang City before, the investigation into the city was very strict, and I would confirm my identity again and again before I was released, and if I met an alchemist, or if I had a Danxiang or medicinal incense will be investigated more strictly!"

"After all, the people of the Shangguan family, even an apprentice, have been trained to identify medicinal materials since childhood. In addition to the guards, the Shangguan family, even those who do not have the talent for alchemy and can't make alchemy, will have a fragrant medicinal fragrance on their bodies!"

"It's not like we went to Songjiang City before. Before entering the city, I was worried that Xi'er would be interrogated, but it seems that it is not so strict now. It seems that in the past so many years, the seven major families of the Shangguan family have also relaxed a lot..." Tian Lao couldn't bear it. Live said.

"So that's the case, then Mr. Tian tell me about Qimeng City in detail!" Ting Xin heard the words and nodded.

"Okay, according to the jade slips you have seen before in Seven Alliance City, in fact, all the important information recorded on the jade slips, the information in the Xingxi Palace is still very accurate!"

"Seven League City is also the former Shangguan Immortal Mansion. It's all the same. Whether it's the former Shangguan Immortal Mansion or the current Seven Alliance City, it's all the same name, but it's not just an immortal mansion or a city!"

"The former Shangguan Immortal Mansion is over, so I won't mention it anymore, let's talk about the current Seven League City!"

"Seven League City is the most prosperous and largest city in the entire surrounding area. There are hundreds of large and small cities around the Seven League City! Some are originally small cities, some are a family city, there is a sect and a city, and so on! "

"And in the Seven League City, the biggest forces are naturally the forces belonging to the Seven Great Families, and you should be careful when the time comes! But not all the forces in the Seven League City are related to the Seven Great Families!"

"After all, no matter how powerful a family is and how many people there are, it is impossible for everyone to have a relationship with each other. There are also many families that have nothing to do with the seven major families, but although there are many of these families, they all avoid the seven major families. Go!"

"Either surrender, or be recruited, or keep a low profile and keep your strength from being noticed, otherwise it will lead to trouble, but there are many such families, especially in the Seven League City, there are many!"

"After all, Qimeng City used to be the territory of the Shangguan family. If the seven major families attacked the Shangguan family, it was impossible to kill everyone in the territory. Therefore, if there is a threat, I would like to follow the viciousness of the seven major families. It's in control!"

"The rest are not threatening, and it is estimated that they will be monitored by the seven major families. For example, putting some chess pieces in each faction, the seven major families can definitely do it!"

"Actually, no matter what I say, everything is still up to you. After all, there is nothing that we can expect. In short, the Seven League City is very big, very prosperous, and it may be very chaotic, so you should add more when the time comes. Just be careful!"

"No matter what you want to do in Qimeng City at that time, don't be too ostentatious, so that you can protect yourself!" Tian Lao said earnestly while looking at the piercing heart.

"I understand, don't worry, I know how to do it!" Ting Xin heard the words and said with a smile.

In fact, he understands what Tian Lao said about Shi Xin, but when Tian Lao said this, Shi Xin feels that it is normal. After all, what Tian Lao said is the truth!

Seven League City

Su Ruoxi and the others put away the spirit boat, and after entering Qimeng City, they found an inn and stayed there. Of course, they found it at will, but it was also because Tian Lao could stop Su Ruoxi, so he stayed in this room. The Qingfeng Inn of Xuanyuan Family Industry!

The reason why Su Ruoxi chose to live in the property under the name of the Xuanyuan family was because she learned from Tian Lao that the mastermind behind the downfall of the Shangguan family was the Xuanyuan family, the second-ranked Dongfang family, and the third-ranked Ximen family!

The Xuanyuan family was the head of the eight great ancient hermit clans in this continent in the past, and now the head of the seven great ancient hermit clans, and the Xuanyuan family is a well-known family of formations, with powerful strength and rich heritage!

It was such a powerful Xuanyuan family, but they took the initiative to unite with the Dongfang family and the Ximen family, and then unite with the other four families to destroy the Shangguan family together!

In the end, it's just because of greed and fear!

That's right, in Su Ruoxi's view, the Xuanyuan family is afraid of the Shangguan family!

Regardless of the Xuanyuan family, which is famous for its formations, and the Duanmu family, which is based on refining, they are actually similar to the Shangguan family. They all have the essence of their own families to develop and strengthen their own families!

However, compared to the time-consuming and laborious task of refining the artifact, there may not be any progress in the ten thousand years of the formation. On the contrary, the development of the Shangguan family is faster!

Whether it's medicinal pills or poisons, they are essential for cultivators!

Therefore, the Xuanyuan family and others not only have greed for the Shangguan family, but are more jealous. Even if the Shangguan family is low-key enough and has no ambitions, it does not prevent those who are afraid of the Shangguan family from saving others by themselves, and their hearts are dirty. , I feel that one day the Shangguan family will think the same as them!

Although Su Ruoxi feels that the Shangguan family may not always keep a low profile, after all, Su Ruoxi feels that even if the Shangguan family is low-key, there is no way to guarantee that every person in power in the Shangguan family will always be willing to keep a low profile. Fear, to destroy the Shangguan family for their own greed, then they are very wrong!

But if it is the Duanmu family who is at the bottom of the ranking and wants to surpass the Shangguan family, it will start first and join the rest of the family to destroy the Shangguan family, perhaps Su Ruoxi will not be so angry!

After all, the pursuit of progress is not hateful, is it?

What's more, this is a world where the strong are respected!

However, the top three Xuanyuan family conspired first, which still made Su Ruoxi very angry!

The Xuanyuan family, ranked first, is famous for their formations!

The second-ranked Dongfang family is similar to the Shangguan family.

According to Tian Lao, it is said that a young master from the Dongfang family married a woman who was a distant relative of the Shangguan family. The Shangguan family did not take it seriously.

However, the Shangguan family itself is an aristocratic family of alchemy, and even the disciples within the clan will have many talented alchemists even from the collateral bloodline, so the Shangguan family will develop very quickly!

It just so happened that the young master of the Dongfang family married a woman with a trace of Shangguan family blood, and the two gave birth to a child who had awakened a good talent as an alchemist, so he was trained by the Dongfang family!

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