Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7452 .do this

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Chapter 7452

"I'm not sure, but I always feel that it's not easy for Master to be in a coma!" Bao Bao said worriedly, looking at Granny Huaxi next to her.

"It should be similar to what you guessed, but now none of us know your master's situation, I think the other party took the opportunity to poison your master, and then forcibly invaded your master's sea of ​​consciousness!"

"After all, in your master's position, it's not easy to simply kill. Even if the body is destroyed, you can quickly reshape the body! Therefore, if the other party wants to kill your master completely, they can only start from the soul. !"

"Grandma Huaxi's sea of ​​consciousness is now a battlefield, a battlefield that is beneficial to Granny Huaxi on the surface, but because Granny Huaxi was poisoned before, it should have an impact!"

"Grandma Huaxi's poison is cured now, but we don't know the situation in her sea of ​​consciousness. With Gu Nan's help, mother can force her way into Granny Huaxi's sea of ​​consciousness!"

"But if you do this, I can't guarantee the result, if..."

Su Ruoxi explained to the baby all the possible situations that were not hidden.

The baby wasn't too surprised when he heard that, she wasn't stupid in the first place, and Su Ruoxi taught her medical skills, so she already suspected it!

But just like my mother said, now the baby doesn't know what to do!

She wants to save Master and help Master, but if she is not sure, if she does something rashly and harms Master, that is not the result she wants!

After thinking for a long time, the baby did not come up with a better way!

"Mother, I don't know what to do? Tell me, what should be done is best for Master?" The baby looked at Granny Huaxi helplessly and asked.

"You and I both hope that Granny Huaxi can survive safely. She is your master and treats you very well. Mother also hopes that Granny Huaxi will be well, so I dare not do it rashly. I am worried that it will be a waste of help in the end!"

"But judging from the current situation of Granny Huaxi, things shouldn't be that bad, because from the beginning to now, Granny Huaxi's expression is very peaceful, and there is almost no time when her expression is painful!"

"It looks like everything should be under Granny Huaxi's control, even if she can't wake up, but obviously the other party shouldn't have hurt Granny Huaxi. Now that the poison has been cured by us, it's a good thing for Granny Huaxi!"

"I don't think anything will happen in the short term, so my mother thinks it's better to find a safe place. You stay with Granny Huaxi and pay attention to her expression. If she is always peaceful and has no painful expression, you should It's all right, if the expression on your face suddenly becomes very painful, please contact me in time!"

"I still have things to do. I haven't found your father's whereabouts when I came to the Central Tianyu. I am also worried that he has something to do, so my mother can't stay with you here all the time, but before I leave, I will help you solve the problem here. Things, find a safe place and settle you and Granny Huaxi!" Su Ruoxi said while looking at the baby.

"Okay mother, I understand what you mean. I have little raccoons by my side, so nothing will happen. Don't worry, mother. I will guard Master and work hard to become stronger!" The baby suddenly Seriously.

She is not stupid, she understands that if mother can solve it, she will never leave!

But now that Niangqin said that she wanted to leave, it should be because of Niangqin's strength, it can't be solved for the time being, and it will be clear after thinking about it.

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