Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 1541 - 1541 Jun Shiling

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1541 Jun Shiling

After Jun Shiling left, thinking of what he had said before he left, Xia Wanyuan squatted down to check her feet. Fortunately, Jun Shiling had taken action in time. The flames had only burned the surface of her shoes a little and did not hurt her skin.

In the living room, Jun Shiling sat at the table and quietly ate the soup noodles in front of him. Steam rose, mixed with the sweet fragrance of spring onions and the wheat fragrance of the white flour, surrounding Jun Shiling bit by bit.

“Doesn’t it suit your taste?” Xia Wanyuan had walked out at some point in time. Seeing that Jun Shiling had not touched his chopsticks, she asked curiously.

However, when she walked up to Jun Shiling and saw his expression, Xia Wanyuan was a little stunned.

The man in front of her looked very sad, as if he was missing someone who would not come back.

Sensing Xia Wanyuan’s probing gaze, Jun Shiling looked up and smiled at her. “I tasted it just now. Your skills are quite good. You…”

Xia Wanyuan originally thought that Jun Shiling was going to continue praising her, but she did not expect Jun Shiling to look at her for a moment and say, “It’s been hard on you to take care of your younger siblings.”

Looking at the deep heartache in Jun Shiling’s eyes, Xia Wanyuan was stunned.

Ever since the fall of the country, Xia Wanyuan had been hiding with Xia Wei and the rest. She had supported the world for her younger siblings.

Although her younger siblings were also very sensible and would usually try their best to reduce her burden,

However, after so long, this was the first time someone her age had told her that she had worked hard.

Furthermore, she could clearly sense an inexplicable sense of security from Jun Shiling.

She was already used to it after working hard for so long, but Jun Shiling’s simple words suddenly made Xia Wanyuan feel wronged.

It was as if someone was waiting for her with an umbrella when she walked alone through the long night.

Xia Wanyuan shook her head. “I’m fine.”

Jun Shiling did not say anything else. He lowered his head and began to eat the noodles.

Jun Shiling had walked on the mountain road for so long and was cold and hungry. Now that he had eaten the next bowl of hot soup noodles, he felt much better.

When Jun Shiling was eating, Xia Wanyuan had been sitting at the side and watching. As she had expected, although Jun Shiling was dressed very simply, the etiquette of eating was like that of a member of the royal family. It was very noble.

Xia Wanyuan searched her mind for the situation of the royal families of the various countries in the world today, but in the end, she could not figure out which country Jun Shiling was from.

After Jun Shiling finished eating, Xia Wanyuan asked him, “How should I address you, Young Master??”

Jun Shiling looked around. “Do you have a pen and paper?”

“Yes, I do.”

No matter where she went, to Xia Wanyuan, brush, ink, paper, and inkstones were inevitable. She took a brush and paper and spread them in front of Jun Shiling. “The conditions aren’t too good. There’s no rice paper. Young Master, make do.”

Jun Shiling shook his head slightly, then picked up a pen and wrote three words on the paper.

Looking at the words “Jun Shiling” on the paper, Xia Wanyuan’s eyes widened slightly.

It was not because of Jun Shiling’s name, but because of Jun Shiling’s handwriting.

His habits were clearly the same as hers, but the man in front of her did not have such a good calligraphy foundation. His basic skills were not as good as hers, but in terms of style, he was already 80 to 90% similar to her.

Xia Wanyuan finally could not help but ask, “Who are you??”

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