Re, Gu Aotian Slaughtered Me - v15 Chapter 132 The dynamic fun of the goddess of war

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Everyone jumped on the rubble to avoid the splash attack, and looked up at the Demon King Eros, who was more than twice as tall as the normal floor level boss.

"Even if you jump with all your strength, you can only reach your waist, right?"

"You can't expect to have a chance to crit if you can only chop off your feet and legs."

At this time, the Demon King Aros pulled out a pitch-black sword from behind, and two extremely long HP tubes appeared on top of his head.

Kirito: "It's coming! Listen to Yui first, focus on defense and evasion, and fight back immediately after finding out the attack pattern!"

Fortunately, the attack mode from the first tube of HP is not too difficult.

The Demon King Eros normally stomped on them, swept the ground with his sword skills, or opened his mouth to exhale a fan-shaped breath.

If they were hit directly, it would be enough to make most of them see their HP red. Even if Rinde, who was the tank, and Kirito, who had strong overall strength, failed to block or counterattack with sword skills, their HP would be reduced by more than half.

But after the rules were found out, Bina replied directly to the avant-garde, and there were still many ruins that could be used as bunkers to reduce the difficulty of evasion and defense, and finally they could attack step by step. Even so, the high-intensity and tense battle took more than half an hour to wear off a tube of HP from the boss.

It seems that you can be happy after hitting half of the enemy's HP, but now is the time when the biggest problem is - the attack mode has changed!

The Demon King Eros suddenly jumped back sharply, jumping out of the scope of the original boss room.

It wasn't that the attack caused Yui to fail to report. This kind of situation that most people had not seen in the past made it impossible for them to make the most timely pursuit.

Kirito immediately raised the unmarked black sword, entwined and gathered jet-black energy and aimed at the BOSS to shoot the jet-black sword ray—the inherent sword skill [Half Moon Breaking the Sky].

But because of the distance, it was avoided.

"AOE attack is coming! Chill state cannot be interrupted!" Yui shouted.

"All-out defensive formation!" Kirito then shouted.

Linde erected his shield and tightened his body. Kirito and Kao stepped forward to use the defensive sword skill [Round Shield], and the weapons in their hands turned at high speed into a "round shield" with swords and shadows.

The Demon King Eros took a deep breath, and then spit out a much wider range of breath than before. The farther the distance, the larger the range, and it was inevitable.

The three of them resisted with all their might, protecting Klein and Silica, who had relatively low defense capabilities.

The Demon King Eros kept breathing, raised his sword and stirred it in the air at a high speed. Suddenly, lightning flashed and thundered, and the dark clouds pressed against the top. The thunder and lightning gathered on the sword.

The three people who could not switch modes were instantly knocked into the air and fell all over the battlefield.

Their HP dropped to the red danger zone in one go, and at the same time, they were paralyzed and unable to move, and it was difficult for them to recover even using items.

The breath and lightning disappeared due to this super attack, but the Demon Emperor Eros didn't have time to freeze, he immediately raised his big sword and rushed back, constantly waving the blade of the long-range sword skill [Whirlwind].

He didn't even have time to dig out the fastest crystal item for his teammates. Klein yelled and rushed to the most avant-garde Linde.

Although Silica was trembling, she also jumped on Kirito and pulled out the Dragon Slayer Sword behind her as a shield to block the sputtering power of the sword light.

As for Yawangmeizhi - he just happened to be lucky and fell behind a ruined wall.

Tyrol and Yui took advantage of the time they bought, and took out the potions from the pockets and pockets of the fallen to feed them.

However, the time it takes for the SAO potion's taste and recovery effect to take effect is slightly closer to reality - it's smelly and long, and it can't take effect immediately like a crystal item. But just because the potion takes effect from the entrance, the two people who are not in the player's battle rules can assist in using it, and the crystal props will not listen to the calls of these abnormal battle NPCs.

To this end, Klein and Silica must do their best to protect them.

However, it is not so easy to use sword skills to resist magic-like long-range attack skills. Like Kirito, there are only a few people who can feel the data flow and directly cut the base point to completely disintegrate the skills, and Klein is naturally not among those few. , each time you block HP, you will lose a little bit of HP.

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Silica's skills are worse than Klein's. Even if she has the buff of Dragon Slayer Sword, her HP consumption is not much less than Klein's just to resist splash attacks.

Kirito said with difficulty: "Silica—"

But Silica immediately grabbed it and said: "Brother Kirito, please shut up and focus on your reply. Brother Kirito took this mission to save me from there. It's all my fault, so—"

Klein even shouted: "Although it may be my fault for entering this **** mode twice, but at least let me be responsible to the end, and I will definitely protect you until you stand up!"

Kirito recalled the notification window that the task of assassinating the king had been completed before, thinking that although he did not want to bet, this development should not be...

Maybe the dialogue for the correct ending has already been triggered, and they don't need to find a gap to use crystals in the stormy combo.

Just when Klein and Silica's HP dropped to the red danger zone, almost when they had to try their best to find a space to eat crystals—

The movements of the Demon King, Eros, suddenly came to a standstill.

Its last tube of HP dropped by 30% in one breath, and a large hole was broken in the center of its body, revealing the head of an assault gun.

"Oh oh oh oh, Miss War Goddess is still alive!" Klein said in surprise.

The fallen goddess of war in a viscous liquid crawled out of the chest and abdomen of the disembodied demon emperor Eros, stretched his wings, and shouted: "What are you doing! Since you want to save and protect everything, do it for me. Including protecting yourselves!"

She raised her hand to let out an incandescent light, and the HP of the five people was completely restored in one go, and all the debuffs disappeared. UU Reading At the same time, she did not forget to cast it on herself once to clean herself up.

"Ah, I guess it might be like this..." Kirito murmured when he got up, he remembered the betrayal of Shining Walker before, if it wasn't for Nirunier's decision to take away the boss's dominance It seems that the fallen goddess of war also intends to find an opportunity to betray them.

The king himself being killed by his own summons seems to be in line with karma, but maybe the fallen goddess of war was deliberately taken and eaten, and then he dominated the demon and fought them, but let's be honest.

"GO!" He shouted, leading the team to keep evading attacks and rushing towards the Demon Emperor Alos.

Seeing that the demon emperor Airos began to inhale and stir the thundercloud again, several people secretly scolded that the interval between this big move was too short.

Not only that, but the demon soldiers they didn't kill before also surrounded them from everywhere.

(to be continued)

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