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Perhaps it was related to the collapse of the royal city. The originally closed place "suddenly opened up", which caused Kirito and his group to be surrounded from all directions by the demon soldiers who should have only been able to chase after them in circles in the complicated royal city.

Although it is normal for soldiers to come and protect their bosses, it is a situation that has never been seen before when they are fighting bosses with mobs that belonged to the outside world. There is no coping strategy, and their battle situation is even worse.

"Hum, you did a very good job of buying time. Thanks to you, there is no demon army here to deal with the people, and this side is also ready." Klauenpis stood on top of the city gate of the city wall outside the king's city, raised His hand fell forward and shouted, "Let it go!"

The insurgents in the whole city concentrated on attacking and defending the city during this period of time—ballistas, large bed crossbows, catapults, catapults, etc., a total of 361, all of which were modified and modeled by Klauenpis. The "scripted magic" of , was replaced by powerful magic arrows and magic bullets.

The people who operated the equipment shouted, and the operating equipment shot all the magic arrows and magic bullets at the Demon King Eros and the large group of demon soldiers.

In the nearer circle, a large number of bowmen were also concentrated, and a burst of arrows launched a rain of arrows with the effect of sword skills.

Just like the demon emperor Airos who was tactically bombed and washed the ground once had a drop in HP, and his moves were interrupted. Soon, the stable HP turned red in the dangerous area, and most of the demon soldiers were cleaned up.

The Demon King Eros gave out an even more terrifying breath.

"Damn, you really can't count on a fatal blow for an attack that goes through the plot cutscenes!" Sister Yawang gritted her teeth.

"Kirito, it seems that LA can only be handed over to you this time, come with me!" Rinde put his shield back on his back and launched the dash technique [Sonic Impact] to leap forward.

"Ah!" Kirito followed Linde's dashing technique with just one step of [Flying Speed], during which he swung his sword and fired three sword beams of [Half Moon Breaking the Air].

The remnants of the demon soldiers came one after another, trying to hinder them and cover their boss to open the violent mode.

"We're here to help too!"

"There is a kind of rush to the uncle!"

"I also want to protect Brother Kirito!"

Kirito jumped over Kao's sister Zhi, Klein, and Silica, who were struggling to cover him and Rinde, and jumped up vigorously. Use this as the starting point to activate the dash technique [Sonic Impact].

Kirito, who has achieved double jump speed, almost hits himself with the momentum of the sword glow that he shoots, and shoots at the height of the boss's head that would never have been reached!

The sword beams of [Half Moon Breaking the Sky] exploded at the head, neck, and chest of the Demon Emperor Eros. Kirito instantly judged the starting position where the damage was more efficient, and locked his nose.

With [Sonic Impact] slashing into the bridge of his nose, he used several consecutive sword skills, falling from his head all the way to his abdomen under the action of gravity, and more than 30 consecutive hits of high-power magic sword skills left him with a distant view. To cut in two damage effects.

The HP-emptied BOSS, because of its huge size, exploded like a huge fireworks. The other demon soldiers also disappeared.

Kirito fell to the ground in the brilliance, threw the dark double swords with his back to the people, put them back into the scabbards behind his back, and turned his head slightly to look at his teammates and the cheering people in the distance.

"Brother Kirito, so handsome..."

"I'll go, why is Grandpa Tong always so handsome!"

Silica and Klein, who like Kirito, couldn't help talking.

At this time, the fallen goddess of war landed not far from them and said: "You did a good job, adventurers of the human race, although I never asked you to come to save me or avenge me, but it can be regarded as a good thing for me to see. —Although it is an ant-like existence, it does show a beautiful bond and kindness.”

Seeing that the other party was about to leave, Klein did something that made the players who saw it stunned: "Then... If possible, can you give me the contact information?"

The fallen goddess of war, who had already spread her wings into the air, turned around and said, "It's really interesting human race, anyway, this is what your human race lost spells, but sometimes human races are rushing for something called romance, but in Everything in front of profit and survival has vanished, so I will give you this level of blessing."

an angel

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After the ring fell into Klein's hands, the fallen goddess of war flew away and disappeared.

"That is, this is the prop that can send and receive voice short messages on a regular basis. If you can contact her, ah hoo!" Klein clenched his fists.

"Klein, you really don't know where I should complain." Kirito said.

"Master Tong, you have the most sturdy female NPCs, so you don't have the right to speak of me. Besides," Klein paused and said in a timid tone, "Although I heard you say that it was a troublesome task and wanted to see the ugly face of human beings. Guys, she was obedient after being taught a lesson by the goblin lady over there, but I think that since she was betrayed and abandoned before she fell, she didn't do it because she wanted to find the light in the darkness of human nature, right?"

"Klein you... I admire you from the bottom of my heart," Kirito had to say.

"Well, I think Uncle Klein like this is very respectable, of course Kirito-san is too." Silica said hurriedly.

"Uncle?! I... have been called uncle by girls?" As a result, Klein was OTZ on the spot.

Although he was only twenty-four years old, he was more than ten years older than Silica, so he should have no problem calling him uncle.

In fact, a child like Silica did not go to the shelter set up by the kind-hearted adults in SAO to be taken care of and live and play with other children, but was mixed with a group of middle school students and office workers.

"Hey, everyone, has anyone picked up something called "Devil Soul Crystal"?" Klauenpith came among them at the right time, and asked UU Reading

"Is that something very important?" Kirito remembered that it was his LA reward.

"Yeah, although it's not necessary, it's important to you and me, but it can reduce many steps in the completion of the road to heaven. To be precise, it contains such a high level of leyline power and soul power. Anything can be of great use, but this kind of thing is rare after the "earth cut"." Klauenpis said according to the new setting.

"That is, we actually completed the main mission of customs clearance? One step closer to customs clearance, oh oh oh!" Several members of the raiding group clapped each other's shoulders.

Kirito remembered that according to the king's statement, that thing is actually equivalent to the unfortunate soul of countless women, but he clicked on the description and found that it was indeed something that the player had no use for other than selling money, and it was useless to hold it.

Well, transfer it.

(to be continued)

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