Rebirth of Wild Fire - Chapter 2594 reinforcements?

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Lu Yang breathed a sigh of relief in secret. He could feel that the general in the room had the highest strength of the upper gods.

"His Royal Highness Luger, your most loyal brother is back." Asper's voice was so loud that Lu Yang at the door could hear it clearly.

"What do I want?"

"I brought it back to you, and at the same time, I also brought you a piece of good news. The city lord of Black Spirit City received an order to send the commander of the Heihou army to lead a 100,000 army and three super magic circles of the main **** order. Support will arrive in ten days at the earliest."

"Very good, the strength of the 100,000 army of the Black Spirit is not good, they are all of the monarch rank, and the Black Marquis is only a peak of the lower gods, but their formation is extremely strong, as long as they can reach here safely, the defense of Dark Light City It's safe."

Hearing this, Lu Yang was already very nervous, and asked, "What is the Black Spirit Race?"

Blazing Demon God said: "This is a race that is good at dark magic circles. Dark spells are more lethal to the ancient gods than other lines. If there are three magic circles of the main **** level, Aigulie And his more than 100,000 clansmen, let alone beat them down, they have to drop thousands of corpses to escape."

"I have to go back and discuss with Aigulie." Lu Yang shook his head. He didn't expect that the first chance to advance to a lower **** would end in failure.

an hour later.

Asper walked out of the room, lit the torch, and left under the watchful eye of the maid. Lu Yang still turned into a fire element, attached to the torch and left the General's Mansion together.

As soon as he got back to the hotel, Lu Yang couldn't wait to arrive at the city gate. After 50 kilometers away from the city, he turned into a phoenix, turned on the explosion and flew back at full speed.

a day later.

Lu Yang saw Aigulie's army of 100,000 galloping on the ground. He flew down in a half circle and landed next to Aigulie.

"My brother, what is the news?" Aigulie asked in a good mood.

Lu Yang said: "Bad news, the Black Spirit Tribe has sent 100,000 people with three main god-level magic formations to support Dark Light City, and they will arrive in ten days at the earliest. Just when you ran to Dark Light City, the same day."

"What?" Aigulie said with a shocked look on his face, "Are you sure you heard correctly?"

Lu Yang nodded and said, "I sneaked into the General's Mansion and heard what Luger said. It shouldn't be wrong."

"Blow the trumpet, the entire army stops charging and rests on the spot." Aigulie roared angrily, and the mount under him gradually slowed down.

A dozen elders and a dozen legion commanders ran over together, and the chief elder asked, "Aigulie, what happened?"

Aigulie opened a map made of unknown leather, pointed at the Grand Canyon on the east side of Dark Light City, and said, "The Black Spirit has sent 100,000 people to support Dark Light City, and the time is the same as ours. God, we need to change the course of operations."

"Damn, let's go and destroy the Black Spirit Race."

"Slaughtered their main city."

The elders and legion commanders were excited, but Aigulie frowned and roared: "Don't say arrogant words, there are seven main god-level magic circles in Black Spirit City, how can we kill them, now there are only two choices, Either we divide our troops and send some people to delay the reinforcements of the Black Spirit clan, and the other part to attack the Dark City with all their strength, but our losses will be huge. The second option is to fight the reinforcements of the Black Spirit clan, but in this way we gain It will be very small, and it will give Dark Light City time to get support from the surrounding tribes."

Dark Light City, Black Spirit City and several other main cities are the main cities of the Darkmoon clan blocking the border. Once one side is attacked, other main cities will send large armies to help, although in the Arctic region, under the four stars. The elements are disordered, and large-scale teleportation spells cannot be used, but it is no problem to be attacked and send a message.

The elders and legion commanders were a little hesitant. What they most wanted to attack was Dark Light City. There are too many materials stored in it, which will make their ethnic group have a qualitative leap. But if the loss is too great, they will They don't want to, after all, they are only these clansmen.

"You are the patriarch, you have an idea, I don't know what to do?" Pioneer officer Ai Gutai was simple-minded and directly left the decision to Aigulie.

Aigulie was also worried. He looked at the other patriarchs and legion commanders, and found that everyone was at a loss to make up their minds. Finally, his eyes fell on Lu Yang and asked, "Brother, what do you think?"

Lu Yang thought about it and asked, "Can you tell me about the specific strength of this Black Spirit Race?"

Aigulie said: "According to what you said, the commander of the army they sent is the Black Marquis, his strength is only the peak of the lower gods, and the spells he is good at are the dark department. Most of his soldiers are of the monarch rank. An affiliated race, whose job is to create a formation, whenever there is a war, they all attack with formations, and when they are marching, the teams also form formations. To deal with them, you must rely on sneak attacks, otherwise it will be difficult to win."

Lu Yang frowned and thought about it carefully, then he smiled and said, "Aigulie, if I say I can help you stop the Black Spirit Race for three days, can you take down Dark Light City?"

"Can you stop them for three days? That's enough, but how can you stop them?" Aigulie's eyes just lit up, and then dimmed again.

Lu Yang said, "Actually, I didn't come alone. I have hundreds of thousands of brothers with me. They are all in my inner space and can be summoned to fight at any time."

"Let me meet them." Aiglie said.

"It's too troublesome for them to come out, dare you come into my special space to have a look." Lu Yang asked with a smile.

Entering the Devil's Temple, with the means of the Blazing Devil God and the flame chains obtained not long ago, it is quite easy to trap an Aigulie, but how could Aigulie know that the Devil's Temple is the Blazing Devil God? It was Lu Yang's. He patted his chest and said, "Of course, we are brothers."

"Follow me." Lu Yang grabbed Aiglie's shoulder with his right hand, a light flashed, and the two entered the Demon Temple.

The Blazing Flame Demon God used his means, and the body of the Demon God Temple had been covered by the black mist. Unless you walked in, you could see the true face. Otherwise, what you saw was a cloud of fog.

Lu Yang pointed to the living area opposite the Demon Temple, where more than a hundred thousand people, including Zhuojiu and Bai Shi, and their families were living in the temple.

As soon as Aigulie felt it, he found that these people were at least the monarch rank. He looked at Lu Yang excitedly and said, "Brother, I will give you 30% of all the supplies you get after blocking it for three days."

"A word is settled." Lu Yang took Aiglie out of the Demon Temple.

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