Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 2515

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2515 Swell

After transferring all the necessary materials and weapons to the transport plane that could enter Masoli, the members of the Xueyu unit headed to their final destination.

Three hours later, everyone arrived at an empty space that was about a two-hour ride from the center of Mogadishu. This was an empty piece of flat land surrounded by dense forests. The plane had landed.

Xia Jinyuan took the lead and sat in the driver’s seat of the jeep. Ye Jian sat in the front passenger seat while G3, K7, and Z7 squeezed into the back row. V8 contacted the captain. “Please lower the cabin ladder.”

“Sit tight. We can leave soon!” Xia Jinyuan reminded his comrades in the car.


As the cargo ladder landed slowly, only the sound of the jeep’s engine could be heard in the entire cabin. The moment the ladder touched the ground, the jeep drove out like a wild horse.

As the jeep drove out, V8 held the rearview mirror with one hand and left the cabin.

Mogadishu was the capital city of Masoli. It was also the largest city in Masoli.

This was a port city located in the Indian Ocean in the north of Eastern Africa. It was originally a peaceful city, but now, Mogadishu was filled with internal strife, rebellion, and war.

Everyone on the streets was armed with guns. Terror filled the city. It was truly a dangerous city in the world.

They drove from the dense forest to the road. When the car reached a small town, K7 rented an old off-road vehicle for a very high price.

“You’re really heavy. I’m about to be squeezed into a meat patty!” V8 jumped down from the car and loosened his shoulders. He moved his limbs and finally relaxed his muscles.

Z7 bent over and pulled his legs. Then, he twisted his neck and said, “You’re not light either. My shoulder is about to swell from your weight.”

Five people sat in the back seat, while two sat in front… It was indeed a little crowded.

There were still pieces of equipment piled up at the back of the car. Ye Jian felt that it was a little crowded.

Now that they had rented another vehicle, they didn’t need to squeeze together anymore despite the state of the car being a little shoddy.

After driving for half an hour from the small town, the two jeeps were intercepted by a small group of more than ten armed men.

Looking at the militants carefully, they were around the same age. They were all in their prime. However, when they saw their weapons and equipment, Z7 couldn’t help but curse. “F**k! The people of Mogadishu are too rich! Look at the things in their hands, then look at what we’re carrying in our hands. Today, we finally know how big the difference is!”

Indeed, the weapons and equipment of this small militia team were all modern. They had Type 92F pistols and new submachine guns. They were just short of an anti-tank rocket launcher!

If they really had an anti-tank rocket launcher, that would be a headache. Whether Ye Jian and the rest could get out of this place was still a problem!

The other party didn’t have anti-tank rocket launchers, but based on the weapons in their hands… They weren’t a militia team. They were a modern and fully equipped military unit.

Looking at the militants who were clamoring around the jeeps, K7, who was in charge of translating, said calmly, “Stay in the cars and don’t move. Wait for my signal before moving. I’ll go down and talk to them first. We’ll try our best not to make a move if we can.”

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