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  Chapter 904 stay

  Brother Zuo’s house was rented out to guests, and it turned out to be a secondary courtyard plus a small cross courtyard. It was enough for them to live in.

  Even in a dark place like Leicheng, the small courtyard is very elegantly arranged, with fake water, flowing water and spiritual plants, and everything is missing.

  It is said that it is not as good as a high-end residential area, probably because the aura is worse, but the other things are not bad.

  The whole group is very satisfied.

  Brother Monkey asked about the price, and it wasn’t expensive. Fifty middle-grade spirit stones a day, compared to Yunzhong Pavilion, it was more than half cheaper. The key is that the place is twice as big as Yunzhong Pavilion.

  Brother Hou immediately gave two high-grade spirit stones: "I'll stay for three days, and the rest is for you, so you don't need to give change."

  Although one high-grade spirit stone is worth one hundred middle-grade spirit stones, no one will exchange a high-grade spirit stone for a middle-grade spirit stone.

  The business was completed, and he was rewarded fifty middle-grade spirit stones for no reason. In addition, what he gave was not a middle-grade spirit stone, but a top-grade spirit stone. Brother Zuo couldn't be happier.

   "Thank you seniors, we clean this yard every day, you can move in directly, seniors, let's take a look first, if you need anything, just tell me."

  The group of people chose their own places to live. As for what is missing, there are storage rings. The things they usually need are all carried with them. What is the difference?

   Little Brother Zuo was relieved to see that these seniors were not picky. After being dismissed by Brother Monkey, he returned home happily.

  His family is small, only his parents and grandfather, who is a great master, so he can live in a mid-range residential area and occupy such a large area. His parents are only in the Grandmaster realm, and his own talent is not bad. He just advanced to the Grandmaster realm not long ago, and the whole family has to practice. Naturally, resources are a bit tight, so they rely on the refining realm to open it. In the past ten years with outsiders, how many Get some resources.

   This time he got two high-grade spirit stones, so brother Zuo hurriedly gave the spirit stones to his parents.

When his mother heard that the testers who lived in this time were all strong in cultivation, but their personalities were very good, and they were not picky, and they were generous in their actions, she said: "Your grandfather is in the teleportation hall today, and he picked up a person from Qinglong. The order of the tester from the dense forest has been a guide for a day, and he was given a few catties of purple fruits from the Qinglong dense forest. I will wash it and you will send it to the guests."

  Purple fruit is only a third-grade spiritual fruit. The price is not high, but it tastes sweet and sour. Many monks like it. There are few spiritual plants in Leicheng, so even if it is only a third-grade spiritual fruit, it is considered rare in Leicheng.

Xiao Zuo nodded: "Okay, by the way, mother, I saw those seniors, they seemed to be discussing what monster meat was delicious along the way, and they must be favorites. Your barbecue skills are well-known in our area , how about you roast some meat and send it?"

  Their family are all monks. During the beast tide, his father and grandfather both signed up to go to the defense line, hunted down some monsters and came back. Although most of them were sold, the family also kept some. It's okay to roast some meat as a gift.

  However, fifty middle-grade spirit stones, plus the ten middle-grade spirit stones given by the slightly fat Saint Realm Overhaul, make a total of sixty middle-grade spirit stones, but they cannot buy high-level monster meat.

  Little Zuo Niang thought about it, and simply roasted some third-rank monster meat. Although the grade is not high, it has a lot of meat, and she is still very confident in her craftsmanship.

  After roasting the meat, packed it in a wooden box, and washed the purple fruit, Xiao Zuo packed it up and sent it to Qixun and the others.

  Everyone didn't expect that this little brother even brought some food over. Although he didn't care about the spiritual fruit and barbecue, it was a thought. It happened that they were also having a barbecue, and wanted to find out something interesting about Lei Yu, so they decided to keep Xiao Zuo.

  After all, many of these original peoples regard selling news to the testers as a temporary occupation, so they will collect a lot of news intentionally or unintentionally. If you ask about the situation in this domain, it is most appropriate to find them.

  Xiao Zuo naturally wouldn't refuse.

  However, seeing that most of the spiritual fruits and snacks these people piled on the table were seventh-, eighth-grade, or even ninth-grade spiritual fruits, it was shocking.

   No wonder, it is said that these testers are rich. He has never seen a spiritual fruit of this level, which grows so big. I can't help but envy.

  Of course, among the dozens of spiritual fruits on the table, there are also a few low-grade ones, but since they can be placed here, it can be seen that the taste must be excellent, but he doesn't know them.

  The little fat man asked Xiao Zuo to sit down, and he didn't hesitate to give him some spiritual fruits: "You are a master, so you can taste the sixth-grade spiritual fruit and see how it tastes."

As he said that, he pushed a plate of sliced ​​watermelon to Xiao Zuo: "Don't look at this as a first-grade spiritual fruit, but the taste is really amazing. It melts into juice, sweet and refreshing. It's the right time to eat this in Leiyu." .”

  Xiao Zuo refused, but picked up a petal and tasted it, and his eyes really brightened.

  The little fat man smiled and said: "Didn't I lie to you? This is not a product of refining, but a spiritual fruit from Brother Monkey's own world. You are lucky enough to eat it."

Xiao Zuo smiled embarrassedly: "We don't produce a lot of spiritual plants in Leiyu, and spiritual fruits, vegetables, and spiritual grains are scarce here. Although my grandfather and parents are monks, my grandfather is still a great master. But I have never eaten too many spirit fruits since I was a child."

The little fat man wondered: "You nine domains, do you also come and go often? Resources should also be exchanged. The two domains of Qinglong Jungle and Gravity Field, the most indispensable thing is Lingzhi. Since your family has Cultivator, there should be no shortage of these, right?"

Xiao Zuo said with a smile: "That being said, only Qinglong Forest and Gravity Field are the only ones that are rich in spiritual plants in the Nine Regions. It's not that there are no other regions, but too few. These two regions supply the monks and mortals of the Seven Regions for consumption, so the spiritual fruit What, naturally there will be no abundance."

   This is true.

  The little fat man brought some more spiritual fruits for Xiao Zuo, and then chatted with him about the recent interesting things about Lei Yu.

Xiao Zuo also took out the barbecue made by his mother for everyone to share: "The monsters hunted during the beast tide were sold to exchange for cultivation resources, and the ones kept by the family were of low grade, but my mother's barbecue The craftsmanship is not bad, if the seniors don't dislike it, you can try it."

  The little fat man took a piece of barbecue first, threw it into his mouth, and immediately said: "Don't say it, your mother is really amazing."

   After finishing speaking, he called Brother Monkey: "Brother Monkey, come and have a taste, brother Zuo's roast meat, this skill is really good, not worse than yours."

Upon hearing this, Brother Hou handed the roasting meat to Wan Qiqi who was beside him, then ran over, twisted a piece of meat and threw it into his mouth, tasted it carefully, nodded and said: "It's really unique. My skills are beyond compare."

After speaking, he took another piece of meat and threw it into his mouth, and said to Little Brother Zuo: "Your mother's skills can be used to open a shop. Little Brother Zuo, go back and ask your mother if you can teach me this. How is the meat roasted? I don’t want to learn it for nothing. I am a spiritual chef, not me. My craftsmanship is beyond the reach of masters. I will teach your mother my way of roasting meat. How about it? If If she doesn't want to learn barbecue, I can teach you how to cook and make dim sum! If you want the recipe, I can also give it to you. After all, it won't make you suffer."

  (end of this chapter)

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