Serious People, Who is Learning Magic at Marvel? - v15 Chapter 61 the true meaning of death

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Coming to the dimension of Sithone again, there have been some small changes here.

- Well, it's not really that small.

In the originally dark dimension, there were many damaged places at this time, as if they had been wiped clean with a rag, revealing light.

This is not a good thing, it means that Sithone's power can no longer maintain his dimension, and the light that penetrates is actually the chaotic timeline glow in the outer dimension.

He Shenyan carefully avoided the void, and being sucked in wouldn't be any trouble for him, but it's one less thing if you can, it's always a lot of trouble to be thrown into an infinitely looping timeline. He came to the deepest part of the dark dimension, where Sithone sat on his throne in the past.

But now...

The familiar Scarlet Throne was tattered, and there were even burn marks on the corners. Sishorn himself looked even more embarrassed, without an arm, his face was still full of bruises. Seeing He Shenyan coming, he didn't say anything, just nodded.

"Laugh if you want," Sishorn said weakly. "That's right, the great Great Shadow, Underworld God, Sishorn was beaten by a group of angels."

The mage did not laugh at him, but looked left and right.

"How many did you kill?"

"Not much." Sithone grinned. "You have only half less to deal with."

"Should I still thank you?"

He Shenyan jokingly said, and Sishorn even nodded solemnly: "You should thank me, old Sishorn has never been so angry."

He spread his hands and began to complain: "Those birdmen got my Dark Divine Book from nowhere, and ran in the reverse analysis dimension. You know, I was still watching the excitement of the outer dimension. The beholder. The guy didn't know what went crazy, and he fought with a large group of dimensional demons who originally wanted to jointly attack the earth, and the scene was very exciting."

"I was looking at it very well, and they came to the door - tsk, the individual strength of these pirated angels is not very good, but the weapons they carry are very tricky."

Having said that, Sishorn waved his hand thoughtfully. As the energy gathered, a phantom gradually appeared in front of the two of them.

The whole body is a silver sphere, suspended in the air, with a large hole in the middle, emitting a soft white light from the outside. Sishorn pointed at this thing and shook his head: "It feels more like a tool for storing energy than a weapon..."

Underworld God said calmly: "Being able to ignore restrictions, even ignoring my absolute dimensional control over myself to absorb energy. You have to be careful, he... oh, when I didn't say it."

He widened his eyes in astonishment, his expression astonished as if he learned that silk stockings were actually originally worn by men as a history student: "...Are you always this crazy?"

"The first day you met me?" He Shenyan asked rhetorically.

"Let's talk about it, Sishorn. From the beginning to now, you've given enough help. Whether it's the intelligence or the angels killed, so I do have to give you something in return."

Hearing this, Sishorn put his fingers together expectantly, and he saw that He Shenyan's eyes gradually became pure black.

It was a color that was even deeper than his dark dimension, and the corners of Underworld God's mouth twitched, smiling extremely happily. His vanished arm was recovering little by little, the blue and purple on his face disappeared, and even the throne returned to its original appearance.

"Recover well, Sishorn." After leaving these words, the mage left.

The Underworld God looked at the place where he left, looked at the damaged parts that had been completely restored, and exhaled with a sigh.

"The power of death can do such a thing..."

He raised his right hand and stared at his lost arm: "Since the established fact of 'I am injured' can also be killed. Gu Yi, you died too early, otherwise I really want to see your face expression."

Sitting on his throne, the Lao Lezi people began to laugh.


Don't procrastinate.

In the night sky of Africa, the mage stared at the huge void and gradually raised his hands - just now, he did an experiment with Sishorn and proved one thing. That is, the authority of death can not only act on objects and concepts, but can even kill a given fact.

"Fairy Wood"

This means that he can 'kill' this huge void.

This kind of terrifying power that has no price at all, and the harvest is not proportional to the completion of the pay, makes He Shenyan a little worried. Like Strange, he came from Kama Taj. Although he was a trans-boundary mage, it was the first time he had dealt with an existence like death.

He couldn't understand the power.

Fighters throw fists at each other, and the force collides with each other, and the fist hits the opponent's weakness, and they feel pain themselves.

Mages no longer need to pay a terrifying price to the dimensional demons to cast spells, but magic itself is a price, and magic is required to cast spells.

Even the seemingly lucrative technology has to pay a price - Tony's armor drive requires energy, and missile launches require raw materials as support for manufacturing.

We can say that everything in the world has its own price. The power of death authority does not require any so-called 'price' at all. It requires no logical support, no detailed guidance and decades of penance, and to use it, it even requires a single thought.

Like now.

He Shenyan's eyes became pure black again, and the huge void formed by the power of the dimensional demon gods began to slowly disappear, and there was no movement, as calm as breathing. In just a few seconds, it disappeared.

"How is my strength?"

Death appeared again from the void. She couldn't stay for long, but she could briefly appear in this world. The **** wrapped He Shenyan's neck with her hands, and her gesture was intimate, but it made him horrified.

"It seems that you have realized the problem of authority." She said with a smile. "Isn't it terrifying? This power without any cost—you can kill all your enemies with just one thought. From this moment on, you can rule any dimension you see."

Death asked expectantly: "Whether it is a different dimension or a parallel universe. As long as it is a world that I participated in creating, you can set off a frenzy of death in it and become the master of all life... How about my power? "

The mage did not break free from death's embrace this time, but carefully experienced the feeling of being in close contact with her. Every encounter with death means that his connection to authority deepens. Of course, the feeling of increased strength is very beautiful, but there is no joy and ease in his heart.

After a long time, he whispered: "This kind of power terrifies me."

Death gently released his hand: "That's right, my messenger."

She came to the mage peacefully and firmly, pulled his right hand, the illusory figure gradually solidified, and the smile on her face became brighter and brighter: "Congratulations, you have reached a realm that no one has ever reached before."

"None of your seniors realized this. They all sank into the sense of dominance brought about by power and completely forgot the true meaning of death."

The **** of creation said slowly: "—Death is the end of all life. Whether poor or rich, whether gods or mortals. Heroes, villains, evil, selfless... all these different souls, They can't escape death after all."

"That's why."

Death solemnly released her hand, and her figure dissipated little by little. Through her illusory form, thousands of white giant energy bodies appeared under the sky. The moment the angels fully appeared, she also completely disappeared.

Only that sentence still echoed in the mage's ears: "My messenger, you need to fear life."

Looking at the angels who came from afar, He Shenyan smiled calmly.

"Yeah, but they shouldn't be included."

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