She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 476 Last words

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   Chapter 476 Last Words

  Jiang Shangfeng stared at the black blood vessels on his arm. At that moment, he was stunned. The most direct manifestation was that there was a sudden humming sound in his ears.

   The buzzing became louder and louder, and Jiang Shangfeng lost all his hearing.

   At that moment, the world was both silent and noisy.


  It wasn't until Mr. West pulled Jiang Shangfeng's sleeve forcefully that Jiang Shangfeng came back to his senses. The buzzing in his ears hadn't stopped, and he still couldn't hear anyone talking. Seeing his father-in-law's lips opening and closing, Jiang Shangfeng stared at his lips carefully for a moment, only to realize that West mentioned Vivian.


   The voice that kept buzzing in Jiang Shangfeng's mind gradually became weaker.

   Finally, Jiang Shangfeng can hear the voice, Mr. West is saying-

"We've all been in contact with my mother, but Vivienne has never touched my mother. I don't know if Weiwei'an is infected or not." Mr. West said to Jiang Shangfeng, "Afeng, go and see Vivienne. Case."

   Jiang Shangfeng nodded, "Okay."

   Jiang Shangfeng was about to leave the room to find Vivienne, but was pressed by Vice Sun on the shoulder.

   Vice Sun said: "Let me go, you are already infected, it would be bad if Ms. Vivian was indirectly infected by you."

  Jiang Shangfeng was stunned for a while, but in the end he had no choice but to agree.

   Deputy Sun left the room and went to the public toilet at the end of the corridor to wash his hands before knocking on Vivian's door. Vivian happily opened the door. She thought that the person who knocked on the door was Jiang Shangfeng, but when she saw that the person standing outside the door was Sun Fusuo, she immediately corrected her expression and shouted respectfully: " Sun's."

  Vivian glanced at grandma's room, and when she saw that the door was still closed, she couldn't help frowning. Vivian noticed that Deputy Sun's expression was solemn, and she felt a little uneasiness in her heart. She asked in confusion, "Deputy Sun, what's my grandma's situation now?"

   Deputy Sun told her seriously: "Listen, Ms. Vivian, what I have to say to you next is very important."

  Vivian nodded subconsciously, "Is my grandma's condition incurable?" Besides, Vivian couldn't think of a worse situation.

   Deputy Sun shook his head, "More than that."

   More than that.

   It was just these two words, but Vivian was in a panic when she heard it. "Sun Su, what happened?"

   Vice Sun said: "Show me your right hand."

  Vivian felt inexplicable, but she still stretched out her right hand obediently.

  The central air conditioner is turned on in the house. Vivian is wearing a long-sleeved gauze skirt. Deputy Sun can see her arms without lifting her sleeves. Noticing that Vivian's arm was white, and there was no infected black blood, Sun Fusuo breathed a sigh of relief.

"That's it, your grandma has been hit by a curse, but all the family members who have been close to your grandma are also infected. I think there must be more than your grandma's case in Shengducheng. Soon, there will be more cases. The infected people will rot their internal organs within three days, and then vomit and die.”

"Soon, Shengdu City will be closed, the people in the city" Sun Fusuo couldn't bear to tell Vivian what happened to the people in the city, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and said, "Vivian, pack your things and follow I leave."

  Vivian stood dumbfounded behind the door, she couldn't digest the news for a while.

   A good home is ruined!

  Vivian came back to her senses, and suddenly she ran to the door of grandma's bedroom.

  Vivian twisted the doorknob and found that the doorknob wouldn't turn at all.

   "Open the door!" Vivian slammed the bedroom door hard.

  Jiang Shangfeng stood behind the door, he had already locked the door.

   Hearing Vivian's shouting outside the door, Jiang Shangfeng's eyes instantly turned red. "Vivian."

  Vivian heard Jiang Shangfeng's voice, she held back the tears that were about to burst into her eyes, choked and said in fear: "Afeng, you open the door."

   "Vivian, I can't open the door."

Jiang Shangfeng pressed against the door hard, he looked at the anxious Vivian outside the door through the cat's eyes, he clenched his fists, tried his best to stabilize his emotions, and calmly said to Vivian: "Vivian, you must leave Sheng Sheng. Capital City, go to Kyoto to find Anna and Yuhuang. You still have our children in your stomach. We have seen the beauty of this world, but he hasn't had time to see this world."

   "Vivian, be good, leave with Sun Suo quickly."

  The Wests also silently came to their son-in-law's side.

Mrs. West said to Vivienne outside the house: "Daughter, this is a disaster for the people of the city, and you can't do anything by staying here. This curse is contagious, and it won't be long before all the people of the city will be infected. Deputy Sun is willing to take you away, so hurry up with him!"

   "You go to Kyoto, find your friends, live well, give birth to a baby safely, remember to toast your family members with a glass of wine at the next festival, and we can rest in peace."

Mr. West held the door with his hands, and he said to Vivian in a hoarse voice: "Daughter, it is a pity that we brought you into this world, but we cannot leave this world with you. You are obedient and leave quickly! "

  Outside the door, Vivian was already crying.

   "How am I going!" Vivian covered her face with her hands, her palms filled with tears. "Dad, Mom, Ah Feng, you are all here, how could I leave so cruelly!"

   Hearing Vivian's cry, Jiang Shangfeng was heartbroken.

Jiang Shangfeng couldn't hold back his emotions. He pressed his forehead against the door and said sadly: "Vivian! We still have three days of prime time. You go to Kyoto to find Yuhuang and Master Sheng, maybe they still have a chance to save Sheng. Capital! You have hope when you arrive in Kyoto! If you stay here, if you are infected, your children will be in danger!"

   "Be obedient and leave with Sun Suo soon."

  Vivian looked down at her belly, she nodded vigorously with tears in her eyes, "Okay! I'll go with Sun Suo, I'll go to Yuhuang and Anna. Ah Feng, I'll listen to you, I'll go!"

   Deputy Sun walked over quickly with his phone in hand, "Let's go! Shengdu City will be closed in half an hour. If we don't leave, we will be too late!"

   Hearing this, Vivian suddenly broke down and burst into tears, "Mom! Dad! Ah Feng, wait for me!"

   Deputy Sun directly dragged Vivian and walked towards the stairway.

   Jiang Shangfeng heard Vivian's cry getting farther and farther, he rolled up his sleeves again, and found that the black bloodline was deeper.

  Jiang Shangfeng turned to look at his father-in-law, uncle, aunt, and aunt. He said solemnly, "Time is running out. Let's take the time to say goodbye to our relatives while we are awake."

Upon hearing this, Annabella immediately took out her mobile phone and said, "I have to call my son." Annabella and her husband have long since divorced, and her son runs a five-star hotel in Kyoto. Proud of my son's achievements.

   Uncle and Aunt also hugged and called their pair of children who were studying in college in other provinces.

  Jiang Shangfeng slid along the door panel and sat on the ground. He held his phone and thought for a long time before opening the mailbox and editing a letter to Vivian and the unborn child——

  【To my love Vivienne and my baby:

  Vivian, while telling you I love you, I also have to say sorry.

  After a short period of shock and fear, I can calmly accept my own death, but I can't bear to see your back, let alone imagine the future picture of you raising your children alone]

   Edited the email, Jiang Shangfeng set it to be sent on a regular basis three days later, and then called his father and mother to say goodbye.

   Finally, he personally called Yu Huang.


   At that time, the healer was healing Yu Huang in the hospital.

  She was keeping her phone by Sheng Xiao. Hearing the phone vibrating in her trouser pocket, Sheng Xiao took out her phone and glanced at the screen. Seeing that the name of the caller was 'squad leader', Sheng Xiao directly answered the call. "Hello, Mr. Jiang."

   Hearing Sheng Xiao's voice, Jiang Shangfeng fell silent.

  Sheng Xiao took the initiative to ask: "The healer should have passed by, right? Is your grandma feeling better?"

   "Master Sheng" Jiang Shangfeng's voice was already choked up when he spoke.

  There is a healer treating Vivian's grandma, Jiang Shangfeng shouldn't be crying like this. Sheng Xiao immediately realized that things had changed, he lowered his voice and asked, "What happened, Mr. Jiang."

   At this moment, Sheng Xiao's cell phone also rang, and the person calling him was Sheng Lingfeng.

   Sheng Xiao hung up the phone and sent a message to Sheng Lingfeng: [What's the matter, father? 】

   As soon as the news was sent, Sheng Xiao heard Jiang Shangfeng say: "Master Sheng, please, you must find a way to save Shengdu City. Shengdu City has 8 million residents. Once the city is closed, these 8 million residents will die with hatred!"

   When Sheng Xiao heard this, a look of shock appeared on his face.

   Lock down the city?

"What happened?"

   At the same time, Sheng Xiao's mobile phone received a new text message.

   Sheng Lingfeng sent a message saying: [Dozens of death curse cases have been found in Shengdu City, and the whole city will be blocked within half an hour. His Royal Highness is leading the army to Shengdu City, and each family has also sent core disciples to guard it. Xiaoer, your senior brother has already led the disciples of the clan to Shengdu City to guard, and you and Yuhuang immediately set off for Shengdu City. 】

  Death Curse!

   Sheng Xiao felt a chill on his back when he saw the word "Death Curse".

On the phone, Jiang Shangfeng cried and said: "Master Sheng, our family has been infected by the death curse, but Vivian has not yet. Vivian has already left for Kyoto to seek refuge with you, Master Sheng, if I die unfortunately, in the future , I hope you and Yu Huang can help us a lot for the sake of our acquaintance. If we die, Vivienne will have no family, she will only have you."

   Sheng Xiao: ". Definitely."

"That's good."

   With Sheng Xiao's promise, Jiang Shangfeng was relieved to die.

  Jiang Shangfeng took the initiative to hang up the phone. After hanging up, he couldn't help but buried his head in his thigh and collapsed and cried.

   (end of this chapter)

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