Star of Civilization - v2 Chapter 183

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【Star God Tribulation of Civilization】【】

Extra Story 183. Undercurrents (3), the Star God of Civilization

"I know what you want to ask." Li Yinlong turned his head to look at her with flickering eyes and said, "Is it the evidence just said? Why am I so clear about the secrets of the ecology you built."

"That's right!"

"You said that the God Lord is the only ruler. What does that mean? Is the God Lord the Lord?"

Morgana gritted her teeth as she spoke. For a rigorous scholar like her, she felt ashamed to ask such a question.

Li Yinlong replied casually, "Before answering, let me ask you a question. Do you believe that in this world, there is an existence above us?"

"I don't understand what you mean...what is above us?"

Morgana frowned, her face blank. Even she didn't know how to answer the other party's soul-like torture.

"Oh, there is no way you don't understand, you have heard that deep voice before."

"Deep voice...!"

Morgana's heart tightened, and she immediately thought of the countless nightmares that tormented her, so she blurted out, "What's that sound?"

After she finished speaking, she regretted it, which was equivalent to admitting that she had indeed heard that voice.

Li Yinlong smiled lightly, and did not pursue further, but went on to say, "After the human gene fusion experiment, do you often suffer from mental problems such as headaches and delirium, or do you see fantasy and wonders and things that do not exist in the world? Night, do you often Crying wildly in your heart...?"

Mental problems...

An unknown fear surged in Morgana's heart!

All of them are correct, Li Yinlong's words reveal a kind of profound meaning inside and out, and it is extremely frightening to think about it carefully. It's unbearable, but it just speaks the truth about what happened to her.

"My own problem...that's something wrong with my spirit."

"No, your spirit is fine at all."

Li Yinlong shook his head, and said lightly, "Chaos gave birth to life. Listening to the whispering voice shows that you have witnessed the supreme will during the birth of life. The whispering voice is trying to attract your attention. And you once What you see is like the light in chaos and fusion, which is the light that only the blind can see.

Don't these two feelings prove anything? You have heard the warnings of the Lord of God, and the miraculous message has appeared in your eyes, but you know nothing about it, only fear in your heart. "

No, it's impossible!

Morgana closed her lips tightly and said nothing, but her shoulders trembled even more!

"Well, your eyes can't see anything, you've been blind for a long time, am I right?"

Li Yinlong walked up to her, sneered, and lifted her up, with blood red pupils embedded in her eye sockets, and the distance between their faces was only a few millimeters.

"Dreams represent spirit and will. Maybe you think that your nightmares are bad omens or pollution, and they have an impact on your brain in dreams, so you have a mental breakdown. But do you know why there is such a will? "

Episode 183. Undercurrent (3) "Why, why?" Morgana's tone was a little hurried, and she didn't notice that her voice was trembling.

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【Star God Tribulation of Civilization】【】

"Because you know too much and are out of control, you will pose a threat to us! But you are of equal value to us, so God is especially lenient on you. The things I tell you now will help your Decide."

"What decision?"

Li Yinlong dropped Morgana and looked over with a playful look. Morgana stared at Li Yinlong, but did not speak, the corners of her mouth trembling slightly.

"Hand over the dominance of the ecology you built, and avoid the punishment of the supreme will; or don't hand over the dominance, and be swallowed alive by the admonition of the god...what will you choose?"

Morgana's original firm belief began to waver, and she felt the power of these words.

Countless complicated thoughts became clear in her mind—at the beginning of the experiment, she did it with incomparable greed and obsession. But later, when the experiment was more in-depth, she felt that her research had fallen into some kind of "strange circle"!

Mental instability binds all her creations, and the flaws reside in each of them, like puppets under control.

The situation was getting worse and worse, and Morgana could hardly bear the mental torture that came out of nowhere.

Just like when she created her own clone "Nova", she once thought that she had eliminated the influence of the spirit on the experimental subject, and she was complacent about it. But in fact, the powerful spiritual brand erodes the consciousness of every experimental subject, including herself, like an inescapable curse.

What's even more frightening is that through Li Yinlong's few words, she finally realized that this indescribable curse has never really disappeared!

This is how the clone "Nova" was born, and Nova itself retained the ability of the "tn38" virus to divide itself. Although this method of reproduction is convenient, it produces an extremely dangerous by-product—spiritual frenzy. In Morgana's countless nightmares, this is a dark force without a fixed form, which will swallow all living things engulfed in it alive, and disintegrate into pieces in an instant.

Science and the occult overlapped in her time and space, becoming an incomprehensible source of suffering.

That was a situation she couldn't control, as if she had become a puppet at the mercy of others. Although she knew that there was one hand controlling everything, she couldn't know whose hand was holding the other end of the puppet.

To put it bluntly, she couldn't explain answers that were beyond the realm of science.

"Human beings are known as the spirits of all things, but in the eyes of the supreme **** who knows the origin of all things, human beings are just reptiles."

Seeing that Morgana was Li Yinlong shook his head meaningfully, and then slowly said, "Don't be surprised, you and I are reptiles. But I'm different from you, I at least know that I It's a reptile, it's an embryo, so it's normal to volunteer to be a servant of God's master and know a little more than you.

The will of the God Lord is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people, so an agent in the world is needed to spread these blessings.

The reason why we are called embryos is that we can be shaped into various forms, and each life follows its own kind. Only in this way can the body be shaped by the supreme will, fully integrated and grown. And this is the first step to become the God Lord's agent, so if you look at me like this, doesn't it just explain everything? "

Li Yinlong opened his arms, and a layer of fluid-like substance slid across the skin.

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【Star God Tribulation of Civilization】【】

It's energy flowing, weird and invisible, frightening. Morgana couldn't see with both eyes, but she could clearly feel the power gushing out. She had no idea how terrifying this ability was.

In Morgana's perception, tiny amounts of energy continued to escape from Li Yinlong's body. Morgana felt as if she had touched something hidden behind the whole world, and strangely, it seemed to be alive.

"Your body incorporates the power of TN38?"

"Yes, you are very sensitive. As I said, I am just an embryo, and I can fuse all powers if I want."

Two whirlpools appeared in Li Yinlong's eyes, trying to devour her like a bottomless pit.


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