Star of Civilization - v2 Chapter 186

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【Star God Tribulation of Civilization】【】

"But, the result is the same," Li Yinlong took a few steps to the side, looking at Morgana indifferently from the side.

"What result?"

"It's very simple, you can leave with me alive, or after you die, I will take your body away."

"Absolutely impossible, you won't get anything!" Morgana gritted her teeth.

"There are no absolutes, only balance. I mean laws we follow."

"I have heard enough of your laws."

"No, it's not enough." Li Yinlong shook his head and said.

"Then just wait and see, especially you... a woman who can't control herself! Oh, to show your approval, you can just watch here, even if you can't see it, it doesn't matter, you can feel, feel them How to destroy this place! Appreciate everything being wiped out...What is more touching than this? Hehe, hahahaha..."

Li Yinlong laughed wildly.

"shut up!"

Morgana suddenly yelled, and slowly stood up, her wounds had almost healed, and the strength in her body was as constant as anger!

Morgana calmly pointed a finger at Li Yinlong.

At any time, this gesture indicates extreme anger and insult. She began to move slowly, firm but gentle.

"Did you see those electric fires? That was the redundant unit of the energy conversion device, which was melted down by powerful energy. It was a good thing they did with the "star chain system"..."

Li Yinlong didn't notice Morgana's strange expression. In his opinion, the other party had already lost his combat effectiveness, and that gesture was just to irritate himself, in order to die happily.

"Of course, I've seen it a long time ago," he said casually, with a quick glance at the blue electric sparks behind him, "These things are your evidence of stealing energy. For you now, it should never be used again."

"Yes, you too."

Before the words fell, Morgana's body suddenly rose into the air. Countless vines under her feet supported her and threw her into the air. Her eyes fixed on Li Yinlong, turning all her strength into a fatal blow!

Several strands of vines appeared on her shoulders and back, and instantly turned into several meters of sharp blades, piercing towards Li Yinlong like lightning!


Li Yinlong didn't expect that Morgana still had the strength to attack him, so he was taken aback.

His body's reaction was much faster than his consciousness. He raised both arms high at the same time, and a black barrier stretched out to block him.

But it was too late.

With two "puff puffs", Morgana's body and several sharp blades touched Li Yinlong's arm. The crazy impact was unparalleled, and immediately pierced through the black barrier, piercing his shoulders with a fatal blow!

Her idea was to die with her opponent, turn into a giant blade, and crash into Li Yinlong's arms!

"You dead woman!"

Li Yinlong let out a roar!

The powerful impact engulfed the two of them and fell backwards, shattering the tempered glass of the laboratory, smashing through the ground, and falling towards the lower power room at a high speed.

In an instant, his body swelled several times, with shock and fear in his eyes, he wanted to pull Morgana away desperately, but the more he struggled, the tighter the opponent's vines strangled.

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【Star God Tribulation of Civilization】【】

The darkness in front of Morgana was full of blood, and the thoughts in her mind were surging, which was difficult to calm down.

During the fall, she seemed to see a ray of light again. She didn't know if that was the last scene she saw before she died.

The building below the entire laboratory is in a state of high temperature. Due to the energy overload equipment stopped operating, the core of the reactor began to melt down, and the safety cover of the micro-reactor has ruptured.

The impact of the two was so huge that several pipes connected to the coolant were broken, making the situation worse. From time to time, the crackling electric fire shoots out clusters of flames, which turn into flames several meters high in an instant...

Morgana no longer grew vines on her body, because no matter how many plants would burn instantly, she saw flames ignited on her skin, and blue flames also began to emerge from Li Yinlong's body, and half of her body evaporated instantly. The buzzing sound is endless.

Morgana still held on to Li Yinlong tightly, and the bones of the two were almost fused together, and they could no longer be separated.

At this moment, she suddenly felt that the air around her seemed to stop flowing, becoming viscous and weird.

Immediately afterwards, whispers that were sometimes fine, sometimes sharp, sometimes illusory, sometimes seductive, sometimes manic, and sometimes crazy whispered in her ears.

That voice seemed to come from Tianyu, shaking every nerve in her. Even though she couldn't understand what the murmur was saying, Morgana still couldn't help but listen and distinguish.

Her headache struck again, so severe that it seemed like countless steel thorns had been inserted into it, even covering up the burning sensation on her body. Morgana felt her head was about to explode, and her thoughts were tinged with hallucinations. She knew it was impossible, and tried her best to open her eyes, but she couldn't complete this simple action no matter what.

"I'm going to die, but you, will go to **** with me..."

The roiling heat wave hit, Morgana's consciousness became chaotic, but she kept repeating this sentence.

A red star floated up and down in her mind, suddenly appeared, and reflected in her eyes, hazy, strange, and boundless.

The black tentacles are hidden behind the "red star". Some of them are big, some are small, some are hidden in the depths, and some are floating on the surface of the scarlet background...

Morgana felt empty-headed and distracted.

Everything in front of him became distorted and ferocious, causing "Crimson" to explode, like a dreamy firework. UU Reading www.

Until she couldn't take it anymore, and the string in her mind was about to break, the murmurs of countless noisy voices receded, and the surrounding became very quiet, and the atmosphere was quite erratic.

The life was completely stripped from her body, turned into a ghost, and flew towards the "crimson".

she died.

Wow ah ah ah ah!

Li Yinlong was screaming in pain, his right arm was a **** mess, and the white bones were faintly visible.

He wanted to try his best to escape from this terrible magma **** while he was still able to move.

He no longer cares about Morgana anymore, he just wants to survive. His hands stretched upwards, trying to sweep wildly, desperately grabbing everything he could cling to.

Of the nine uranium rods in the reactor, three have sunk to the bottom of the core, and two have blown fuses and are slowly sliding down. Li Yinlong desperately grabbed the alloy ring on the edge of the core, enduring the tearing pain, as if grabbing a life-saving straw.

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【Star God Tribulation of Civilization】【】


After a loud noise, the three layers of safety locks covering the core broke, and the thick top cover was lifted by the impact, and it went straight to the ceiling in an instant!

A severed arm fell and fell into the core, splashing a bright ball of fire.

Not far away, only half of Li Yinlong's body also fell, just caught by the steel bars of the ceiling. The scene was horrible.

Most of the time, the eye of the storm is the calmest.


A little bit of light in the darkness went out, and Joyner stood dumbfounded looking at the last video.

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