Starting From the Dragon Clan To Penetrate the World - v2 Chapter 1124 : Ye Fan: You Jiang family are really perverted

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"The Holy Master of Yaochi is here—"

"The Great Xia Emperor Xia Yiming is here—"

"The Lord of the Heavenly Demon Pavilion, Yaoyuekong, is here—"

"Yan Ruyu, the princess of the demon clan, is here—"


On the second day, there were constant communication sounds in Emperor Wu's Palace, all of Ye Fan and Lu Chen's old friends had arrived.

The universe is huge, and even after 800 years, some people have not been promoted to the quasi-emperor realm.

Although it is a golden age now, the Emperor Zhun is still a threshold, and it is difficult to pass unless someone is amazing.

Therefore, it is not a quick thing to travel across the universe to Wudi Palace.

"I heard that there is meat to eat, sir, I'm here."

A slender but savage old man with a red upper body walked into the Wudi Palace. It was a savage old man who wandered around in the universe and hunted wild game.

He was rude, he sat down and ate, making Dongfang Ye, who considered himself a big eater, ashamed, and said that he was worthy of being the ancestor.

"Brother Lu shocked the world in the first battle, and now he has taken it to another level. I am afraid that there will be no one who can compare with you in the past."

Xia Yiming, the Emperor of Great Xia, toasted Lu Chen with a little more awe in his tone and expression.

This is inevitable. Even though Lu Chen always said that it was the same as when he first met, those old friends who didn't hang out often in the past are still somewhat separated.

It doesn't mean that the feelings in his heart have faded, but now his strength is too strong, he has really reached the top, and his achievements have surpassed all the ancient emperors. Who can match?

The major sources of life in the universe have re-organized the calendar year, and now is the first year of Emperor Wu's calendar, which is a new era.

A few days ago, after Lu Chen fought on Chengxian Road, many old people wanted to visit, but I heard that when Lu Chen returned to Wudi Palace, he entered the Undead Mountain. No one saw him, so he didn't come to visit.

Because of the news that came out after the First World War on the Road to Immortality, Lu Chen's wife and brothers had become immortals, leaving him alone in the world.

But just a few days later, Ye Fan woke up. As soon as he was born, he shocked everyone, and the Holy Body was completed.

"Brother Lu looks much younger now than it did a few hundred years ago. He should be comparable to the Great Emperor. During your reign, take care of us a lot."

Yao Yuekong is more free and easy, and said with a smile.

"Brother Lu has an unparalleled cultivation base, calming turmoil, and suppressing restricted areas. It's really hard to find ancient history."

The Holy Master Yaochi also said with emotion, she is beautiful, and now she no longer wears a veil, her flawless face is presented in front of everyone, and there is no trace of half a minute.

Thinking about it carefully, everyone is still in their golden years. For a quasi-emperor like Saintess of Yaochi, Chitose is just a "girl".

"For Emperor He Wu's incorruptible achievements and the great achievement of Brother Ye's Holy Body, Yaochi presents a hundred peaches."

She visited with a courtesy. Over the years, Yaochi has also saved a lot of peach trees. Although the spirituality of the old peach tree was already declining, under the golden age, there are signs of recovery.

The host and guests in the main hall were basically given a peach, and the dragon horse and the **** dog scolded each other, trying to eat the other's first, but when they were fighting, they were all sucked in by the little golden dragon.

The dragon horse and the **** dog stretched out their hoofs and paws, and pinched the little golden dragon's neck, trying to make it spit out.

The followers of Wudi Palace watched with trembling fear. This was Venerable Golden Dragon, a strong man comparable to the ancient emperor, and he was still very majestic in their hearts.

I didn't expect that this horse and dog in the Heavenly Court would be so bold and dare to pinch the neck of Venerable Jinlong.

"After a few hundred years, I never thought that Young Master Lu would be truly invincible..."

Yan Ruyu was also a little emotional. Standing on the side with the Saintess of Yaochi, it could be said that the whole hall was brightened, and the two of them each had their own beauty.

"Becoming immortals, I don't know what happened to Empress Wu and the others. They have entered the immortal world that the Supreme Beings of all ages dream of."

She sighed leisurely, once her own ancestor also wanted to become immortal, but he disappeared in his later years, maybe it was because the storming immortal domain failed.

"I believe they must be fine."

Lu Chen opened his mouth and said, to outsiders it seemed like a form of self-comfort.

In fact, he knew that Eriyi and the others were doing well.

According to Chu Zihang, the Immortal Territory is desolate and rarely populated, and in some gathering places discovered so far, the cultivation of the monks is not very strong.

Not to mention the emperor-level characters, they haven't seen the quasi-emperor-level characters.

It can only be said that living in that kind of longevity world, many people have no desires or desires, but they don't have such a strong fighting spirit.

If you practice casually, you can have a good cultivation base, and you can live for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years.

Some people don't have great ideas. They really don't think it's a pleasure to live a long time. They will feel bored in a long life.

Therefore, in Xianyu, Chu Zihang said that many people are happy in time, and they live for tens of thousands of years, and it is enough to be happy and happy.

They will enjoy what they should enjoy, and they will have no regrets when they grow old.

In the final analysis, longevity and immortality, it is precisely because there are no nine heavens and ten earths, that they become a kind of obsession.

Of course, Xianyu is not without strong people, and Chu Zihang and the others can't be too high-profile. At present, they have found a treasure land of Xianjia, set up camp, and began to prepare for cultivation.

The spiritual energy there is much more abundant than that of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, even in the Golden World, it is far from comparable, and the cultivation there is like a thousand miles in a day.

And even if the Immortal Realm is broken, there is a more complete Dao than the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, and it will be much easier to understand.

Xia Mi began to evolve a new underworld in the fairyland by using some experiences in the underworld, to understand the law between life and death, and to walk out of the way she should have taken.

In addition to practicing, Chu Zihang also travels to study various ruins in the Immortal Realm and explore the lost history.

Painting Liyi is very simple. After settling down in Xianyu, you are ready to start dreaming about you and her.

"The Holy Master of the Wind Clan is here—"

At this time, there was a sound of communication from the outside world. Lu Chen's invitations were all over the Big Dipper, and many people who had an old relationship with them received them.

He didn't mean to go out of his way to respond to people, but the former Holy Master of the Wind Clan also sponsored him and Ye Fan back then.

At this time, Fenghuang walked into the main hall, gave her salutation, and took a seat in the seat next to her. Ye Fan, who was looking at the chairman, had a complicated look for a moment.

Only after the years have passed, did I realize that my practice was endless, and only then did I realize how ridiculous the thoughts when I was young and frivolous.


It's such a simple thing. Now that thousands of years have passed, Ye Fan's body has been completed, and she is really a supreme figure, and she is still stuck in the threshold of the quasi-emperor, and now she is only the peak of the great saint.

And that threshold, I am afraid that it is difficult to pass through even a lifetime of poverty.

The reality is so cruel. When everyone's vision was not high, the so-called Tianjiao was not necessarily a true peerless person. After reaching a certain step, if the talent is insufficient, it will no longer be able to advance an inch.

Fenghuang herself was naturally reluctant to come to the banquet, because she and Lu Chen had no friendship, but only had a few encounters, and it was very embarrassing to have such a thing as Ye Fan.

But the elders of the Feng Clan advised her to come, because this was Emperor Wu's "decree". If they didn't go to the banquet, wouldn't they not give Emperor Wu face?

It can only be said that Lu Chen's power in the outside world is beyond his own imagination. People are respectful and fearful.

Of course, it was definitely because the Wind Clan thought too much. Lu Chen didn't mean to respond to people or give Ye Fan a chance to mock people. He just wanted to meet old friends.

In his heart, he was also grateful for the financial support from the Wind Clan.

"The King of God is here—"

The sound of the communication from the outside world sounded, and Lu Chen and Ye Fan both stood up to greet them. The white-robed **** king was definitely their first-class master.

When the three of them were trapped in Zishan back then, Lu Chen and Ye Fan had both been instructed by the God King, otherwise they would not have achieved today.

"It's good to live."

The **** king in white looked calm, nodded to Ye Fan, and said the same thing as Gai Jiuyou. The surface was calm, but Lu Chen could actually feel that the **** king was very happy, but he didn't show much emotion.

Now Jiang Taixu has also arrived at the Zhundi Jiuzhongtian, but unfortunately Lao Jinwu has become Dao, which is considered to have cut off everyone's way, and no one can prove Dao.

If Jiang Taixu wants to go further, he can only choose an alternative enlightenment, but the difficulty of an alternative enlightenment is extremely high, and he still needs a lot of time to figure it out.

As time went by, more and more old people came, and some people in Heaven who didn't have time to welcome Ye Fan's awakening also arrived.

Xiao Queer hid in the crowd, looking at the figure who exchanged cups with Lu Chen, she was happy and lonely.

"Hey, I said Shi-gu, why don't you look at it? The poor monk thinks that after looking at it, it will be empty."

Hua Hua touched her head and said to Xiao Que'er.

In fact, Xiao Que'er is not a few years older than him, but she is the goddess of heaven. When she was a child, she thought she was going to marry Ye Fan.

"Let's say a few words less, you can do it your way, it's okay to fool outsiders."

Ye Tong patted Hua Hua's bald head, knowing that the more outsiders talk about this, the more uncomfortable the person concerned will be.

Jiang Taixu visited Wudi Palace and brought Jiang Tingting and Jiang Yifei with him. Jiang Tingting was standing beside him at this time, and the two whispered some whispers.

Huahua rolled her eyes, "I'm not like senior brother..."

As a result, Ye Tong heard it, her eyes swept over, and Hua Hua immediately shut up.

"Master is back, but it's a big happy event, why don't the brothers drink it?"

The disciple Ye Fan accepted on the ancient road of the starry sky, Eucharist Yang Xi was very heroic, and he drank heavily in the Emperor Wu's Palace.

"Just take care of yourself to drink, and don't hurry to toast to my master!"

Next to him, a beautiful woman slapped Yang Xi on the head, slapping the man of the quasi-emperor sixth-level heaven, and the opponent's strength was obviously no less than his.

In other words, he is in the lineage of the Holy Body, with thick skin and thick flesh. Otherwise, the ordinary quasi-emperor sixth-level heaven might still be injured.

"I... I'm a little scared."

On the ancient road, Yang Xi was invincible, and the heroic Yang Xi was a little cautious. The woman who beat him just now was Lu Lin, a disciple of Senior Sister Jiang, and they met on the ancient road.

I didn't know each other for the first time, but after a fight, his Six Paths Samsara Fist was on par with Lu Lin's Killing Immortal Fist.

At that time, Yang Xi was very unconvinced. He fought with Lu Lin several times before and after, and finally realized that the other party was from the Emperor Wu's palace. Pushing up, the other party should call his uncle.

Yang Xi didn't think there was any shame in tying with Sister Jiang's disciple, because Sister Jiang was technically the same generation as her master, and Lu Lin was actually not too different in age from him.

"The big Buddha of Huahua, the color is the emptiness and the color, how come our teacher's door has become like this."

Huahuakou recited the Buddha's name, then drank a glass of wine and took a bite of the Vermilion Sparrow meat.

He said in his heart that one of you shot your aunt and the other had your own nephew. Are our lineage very excited about this?

"When you recite the Buddha's name, you can eat wine and meat very quickly."

The Emperor Zhun of the Wudi Palace next to him also laughed when he saw Huahua's attitude.

Huahua folded her hands together, "The wine and meat have passed through the intestines, and the master is still sitting there in his heart. Everything is empty."

Ye Tong couldn't stand it anymore, and slapped Hua Hua's bald head, "What are you talking about, you want to be beaten, right?"

Yang Xi was also gearing up and wanted to do something to Hua Hua, but was glanced at by the beautiful woman next to her, and turned off the fire again, worrying about her own affairs.

At this time, between the chairman, Jiang Yifei also chatted with Lu Chen, and mentioned Lu Chen's disciple, "I don't know what's going on with her now. After so many years, why haven't you come back?"

It has been almost 600 years since Xiao Tan'er disappeared. Lu Chen never went to look for her, but told everyone that she had another chance.

"I said Brother Jiang, Brother Lu himself is not worried, but you are quite concerned."

Ye Fan said with a smile, with a hint of ridicule.

Jiang Yifei was like an immortal, and his nature was calm. At this time, he couldn't help but look a little unnatural. "It's just... I have known you since childhood, and I miss the old man in my heart."


Ye Fan's picture I understand, I understand.

Ye Fan was okay, the **** dog and the dragon mana also made a long "oh" sound, but the expressions were exaggerated.

All of Ye Fan's detrimental friends also made jokes and asked Jiang Yifei what was going on, which made this expert who has now become a sixth-level emperor very embarrassed.

"Okay, Brother Jiang can speak directly. According to my calculations, I will be back soon."

Lu Chen raised his hand, telling everyone to stop making noises and talk nonsense. Even if the Jiang family had "bad traditions", it wouldn't be the same for everyone.

"In this way, I can rest assured."

Jiang Yifei regained his calm and pressed down what he wanted to say.

Ye Fan couldn't help laughing. He was not an "emotional idiot" like Big Brother Lu. He was already a love veteran when he was on Earth, and he could see at a glance what Jiang Yifei was thinking.

Of course, it's okay to make fun of him. If he wants to say it directly, it will probably really annoy Jiang Yifei.

He just said in his heart, your Jiang family is really perverted, and you have "acquainted since childhood". When you stayed in the Jiang family, you were obviously an adult! ?

Isn't this the Lolita development plan, tsk tsk tsk...

Fortunately, there was no such thing in my family, and Ye Fan felt fortunate in his heart.


At this time, Ye Tong came closer, looking like she was about to say something to Ye Fan, with Jiang Tingting behind her.

"Big brother."

Jiang Tingting greeted Ye Fan with a blushing face. She had known Ye Fan when she was a mortal, and she respected and longed for him.

"Huh? What's the matter? Could it be that you have been wronged for not being a teacher these years?"

Ye Fan wondered, Ye Tong is not this kind of hesitant to talk.

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