Starting From the Dragon Clan To Penetrate the World - v2 Chapter 1125 : eat melon on yourself

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"Um...that...Master, I..."

Ye Tong speaks hesitantly, this kind of thing is actually a bit difficult to open.

Especially Jiang Tingting's big brother just now made him even more speechless, thinking that you shouldn't change your name at this time? Or don't talk.

"It's alright, if you have something to say generously, even if your master can't solve it, isn't there still your uncle Lu, what is there in the world that is hard to get us?"

Ye Fan said boldly.

"Then, I said it, Master."

Ye Tong took a deep breath and took Jiang Tingting's hand in front of Ye Fan, "Master, I want you to be the master, and I want to marry Tingting as my wife."

As soon as these words came out, everyone was shocked!

Many guests stopped their movements, and some were still chewing on the emperor, and their mouths grew up and they were stunned.

Ye Fan's chief disciple is getting married!

This is a great event, and in terms of Ye Fan's current strength and identity, it is also a great event.

But what's wrong with this object?

The people present were old friends of Lu Chen and Ye Fan. It could be said that they knew each other, so they naturally knew who Jiang Tingting was.

Regarding the Jiang family of the Taiyang lineage, the Jiang family of the Hengyu lineage has an inexplicable relationship, and may have a certain blood relationship.

In addition, Jiang Tingting was picked up by Ye Fan and sent to Jiang's family. Jiang Tingting has always regarded Ye Fan as her brother. In fact, in the Jiang family, she has always been on the same level as Jiang Yifei and others, and is regarded as Ye Tong's aunt.

Jiang Tingting also often went to Jiang Kun's family when she was a child, and was deeply loved by Jiang Kun and his wife. She was basically the same age as the little girl, so she had a good relationship and became best friends from "generations".

As a result, now Ye Tong said that he wanted to marry Jiang Tingting as his wife! ?

Ye Fan also opened his mouth wide, and he was a little surprised by his current Taoism, especially when he just sighed, saying that the Jiang family was really perverted, but fortunately there was no such thing on his side.

As a result, Ye Tong rushed out and punched him in the face, and said in front of everyone that he wanted to marry Jiang Tingting as his wife.

After a few seconds, Ye Fan realized that in fact... this kind of thing is not impossible in his opinion.

He is very advanced thinking, and to be honest, for their monks, Jiang Tingting is ten years or twenty years older than Ye Tong, which is not a big problem.

It is nothing more than a question of seniority, entangled in it.

Ye Tong anxiously waited for the result, because he had asked his parents about this first, but the parents did not agree.

Because Jiang Kun and his wife are very traditional, they feel that Ye Tong is "rebellious" and actually wants to marry his aunt! ?

Ye Tong's mother was a little relieved after she had been doing ideological work for a period of time, but her father always disagreed, saying that this matter was left to Ye Fan.

But Ye Fan was still asleep at the time, Jiang Kun was clearly a procrastination, and now that the master is awake, Ye Tong naturally couldn't help but speak, wanting the master to be the master of this marriage for him.

"Taiyin sun, which is weaker and stronger, yin and yang together, the world is called the emperor, I see it."

Before Ye Fan opened his mouth, the savage man spoke first. He only became a demon when he cultivated the Taiyin Sun together. Now, he feels that this path may not be right, and there may be other explanations for that sentence. .

"I've also heard about this, and maybe it will really give birth to some special physique."

Jiang Taixu also spoke up. He had already retired from the Jiang family, but he had heard a bit about Ye Tong and Ye Tingting. It was just a marriage matter. After all, it still depends on the opinions of Teacher Ye Tong and his parents.

"Brother Ye, isn't it good, it's a big happy event."

Lu Chen said with a smile that he had done a rare occasion to eat melons.

The original book did not describe in detail how Ye Tong and Jiang Tingting got married, but it probably caused some disturbances. Moreover, in the original book, Ye Tong did not have parents or other relatives. Naturally, there was no need to apply for consent, Ye Fan just nodded.

"You child... Well, forget it, let Xiaoyou make the decision."

Of course, Jiang Kun and his wife were also present. Over the years, they have lived in the Heavenly Court. They used to live in the Wudi Palace before, but the young lady disappeared, and only Ye Tong occasionally returned to Heavenly Court after training.

They miss their children and live in heaven so that they can see their sons from time to time.

Ye Fan's eyes changed, looking at Jiang Tingting, who was blushing, and Ye Tong, who clenched his fists nervously, knowing that the two were probably sincere.

He didn't have the hobby of fighting mandarin ducks. Since the disciple likes it, then it's done.

Not to mention, what the senior **** king and the savage old man said also made sense. The yin sun may really give birth to some amazing children.

"That's right."

Ye Fan nodded.

Ye Tong was overjoyed, "Thank you, Master!"

Then he saluted the others one by one, "Thank you, Senior God King, Master Savage, and Master Lu!"

The three seniors spoke for him, making him grateful.

"Hahaha, this is a big happy event, it seems we can have one more drink."

Yao Yuekong laughed loudly, reviving the atmosphere at the scene.

Ye Fan opened his mouth and let the matter settle down. When the people present thought about it, it seemed that it was nothing.

For the cultivator's long life course, a little bit of junior relationship is not a hindrance, and they are not mortals.

Lu Chen smiled and looked at the newcomer, "Don't be too happy, I'm afraid I'll beat you up when the maid comes back."

Hearing Lu Chen's words, Ye Tong's ecstatic expression froze. Jiang Tingting is her sister's best friend. If she waits for her sister to come back and find out about it, she'll probably hit her.

But at this moment, just after being approved by the master for this marriage, and in front of everyone, Ye Tong naturally wanted to show his masculinity and said proudly, "I'll wait for my sister to come back, should it be 600 years ago?"

Now he is the 7th Heaven of Emperor Zhundi, the existence with the highest cultivation level among all Ye Fan's disciples, and he is only one step away from the 8th Heaven of Emperor Zhundi, and he is about to catch up with the Holy Prince and Ji Zi.

He was beaten up by his elder sister since he was a child, but the gap brought by his age when he was a child gradually narrowed during the long years of cultivation.

Ye Tong is now full of confidence and firmly believes that he will never be beaten by his sister again.

"It's good to have self-confidence, and a man should have this momentum."

Lu Chen smiled and tried his best. At the same time, he felt a sense of it. It was really a coincidence that the little girl was out of the customs.

At this moment, there was a tremor in a barren Jedi at the edge of the universe.


Scarlet golden flames surged out, burning the nearby star to ashes, the ancient magic formation shattered, and a character woman in red rushed out, with a string of phoenix blood red golden bells on Chiguo's ankles. , making a nice sound.

She had long hair fluttering all over her head, and her graceful appearance was unparalleled. Looking at this barren starry sky, she said, "It's been six hundred years... this killing formation is really hard to break..."

This woman is naturally Lu Chen's only disciple, Jiang Tan, who was trapped in the killing formation of Gu Tianzun.

Undoubtedly, her harvest is great, because she has reached the pinnacle of the Eighth Heaven of Emperor Zhundi!

"After so many years, I don't know how the world is going... Master, are you okay?"

Jiang Yan murmured to herself that when she was being chased and killed, the sword intent on her body was activated and she escaped.

At that time, she felt that the spirit of the sword was very strong, and the master must still be alive, but she didn't know where she was lost.

She took a step and wanted to return to the big universe first, find a source of life, ask about the situation, and see what the world is like today.

Although she came out of the isolated place, her own qi did not erupt. The raging flames were the aftermath of her impact on the formation, so it had not yet attracted a catastrophe.

Only when she displays her power in this world next time will she begin to transcend the calamity. It will be a world-shattering catastrophe, but she is already mentally prepared.

The most urgent thing she wants to know is how the universe is now. Shouldn't the people of Heavenly Court go to avenge themselves and shake the Heavenly Court?

Inside the Emperor Wu's Palace, Ye Tong naturally didn't know what happened in the borderlands of the universe, and confidently said that he would wait for his sister to come back to decide the outcome.

Jiang Tingting blushed and wanted to break free from Ye Tong's hand, but Ye Tong was extraordinarily tough, pulling her as if to announce to everyone that this was his fiancee.

"You're so thick-skinned, and..."

Jiang Tingting cursed in a low voice, but didn't say anything later.

During the banquet, Yang Xi was trampled on by someone, and the other party used the supreme soul will, which made him feel pain for a while, and gasped.

"Your senior brother has done it, why are you so cowardly!? Didn't you say that the Holy Body is invincible?"

Lu Lin whispered and scolded Yang Xi.

Yang Xi took a sip of wine and saw that Ye Tong had done it. The senior brother set an example for him. They were in the same vein and should be thick-skinned.

So he stood up and walked towards the chairman's room.

The **** dog and the dragon horse have been drinking a little too much now. Seeing Yang Xi coming, they said with a big tongue: "You, you kid, come over, can't you... can't... also want to propose a kiss?"

"What are you talking about, you drank too much..."

Ryoma was drunk, of course their cultivation would not be so easy to get drunk, but this place was the Wudi Palace, the safest place in the world. He dissipated the protection of his cultivation to the soul, so he would get drunk.

Ryoma stuck his tongue out and looked at Yang Xi who looked unnatural, "This kid once said that women will only affect the speed of his punches. Will he fall in love with women? Will he imitate his senior brother to propose marriage?"

Yang Xi's face turned black, if it weren't for Long Ma and Da Hei Gou who were his uncles, he would have wanted to beat Gou Ma.

During the banquet, Lu Chen also relaxed the protection of his cultivation base against the soul, and wanted to feel the state of being slightly drunk, but unfortunately, after many years, even if the endless jug has been refined by him into a powerful quasi-emperor weapon, it can be The spirit wine in it still couldn't erode him.

His physique is too strong, and he does not rely on the cultivation base to support like a pure cultivator. His physical body is invincible and his resistance is very high.

I drank a lot, but only felt a little bit of alcohol.

He had just finished watching Ye Fan's "joke", but there was another one. He found it very interesting. Today is really a good day to eat melons.

He also smiled and looked at Yang Xi, "Why, I also want to learn from your brother. It's okay. I dare to say that your master has just woken up and is in a good mood. At this time, he said, it's easy to do things."

"Actually...this thing..."

Yang Xi, a tall man, was a little hesitant. Facing Lu Chen, it was not easy to speak.

Lu Chenxin said that Ye Tong's threat to marry his aunt was already crazy enough. If you came out after him, could it be that you really wanted to propose marriage?

Seeing Yang Xi hesitating, he wondered, could it be the most explosive melon?

Lu Chen didn't think it was enough to fan the flames, and continued: "A manly man speaks hesitantly, how will he become a fairy in the future? Be generous and say that the master is the master for you!"


Yang Xi's eyes lit up and he was a little excited.

Ye Fan was also a little puzzled, thinking to himself, what the **** was his Eucharist disciple trying to do? He originally thought that Yang Xi was the kind of troublemaker who likes to make trouble, and that there is some trouble that needs to be solved by him.

But it doesn't look like it now, Ye Fan also said suspiciously: "If there is anything, just say it."

Yang Xi dared to take a deep breath, and solemnly bowed to Lu Chen who was drinking, "Master Lu, I want to marry Lin'er as my wife."

Lu Chen almost spit out a sip of wine, but fortunately, his cultivation level shocked the world, covering up his emotional changes, and he didn't lose his temper.

He has been retreating and practicing in the Undead Mountain for many years. When he wakes up occasionally, he is always with Hui Liyi and a few others, or discussing Taoism with Chuanying and Gai Jiuyou. These two disciples and grandchildren have only taught them a few times.

Because he also found out that he is really not the material to teach his disciples, rather than misleading his disciples, he might as well demonstrate the true meaning of martial arts, and then let the two go on the ancient road to experience.

Over the years, Lu Gui has become the chief steward of the Emperor Wu's Palace, quitting the imperial road to fight for the hegemony, and Lu Lin entered the imperial road alone. He really didn't care much about the juniors, at most he was concerned about their lives and deaths.

Never thought, did you actually get it together?

At this time, Lu Lin walked out of the crowd. She was not like Jiang Tingting. She was a very determined cultivator. She was a goddess of killing on the ancient road. She inherited the "bandit number" of her master. This kind of thing is still not very natural.

"Pray for the success of the master."

Lu Lin also saluted and asked.

"Hahaha, Big Brother Lu, this is a good thing, UU reading is a great event."

This time it was Ye Fan's turn to laugh, he was a little embarrassed just now, this time it was Lu Chen's turn.

Lu Chen looked strange and looked at Ye Fan, "I said, Brother Ye, is your lineage a little bit traditional?"

Ye Tong went to go to the New Year, Yang Xi went to chase the New Year, except for Xiao Song, you guys are a bit normal, aren't you?

At this time, Ye Fan felt that his disciples were very good. With Ye Tong's lessons learned, he didn't think that there was anything wrong with Yang Xi and Lu Lin's inferiors. Instead, he and Big Brother Lu were kissing each other.

As long as I'm not embarrassed, it's others who are embarrassed. Ye Fan is thick-skinned, "Brother Lu, isn't it a blessing for the younger generation to have a good relationship?"

Lu Chen was also speechless. He didn't have the liking to beat the mandarin ducks, so he could only nod his head, "Since the two of you are in love with each other, then I will make the decision for the wife. I promise, but I've agreed in advance..."

He looked at Yang Xi, "If you dare to bully Lin'er, even your master can't protect you."

Yang Xi saluted excitedly, "Master, don't worry, I will treat Lin'er well!"

At this time, between the chairman, Jiang Yifei stood up with a wine glass, "Brother Lu."

Lu Chen said firmly: "No!"

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