Struggle in Russia - v3 Chapter 894 extraordinary

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May is the most comfortable season in St. Petersburg. It is neither too cold nor too hot. Every night in this season, there is always singing and dancing in the noble mansions, salons and **** one after another, and you can keep going until dawn if you want.

But in this May, although the singing and dancing are still as usual, the atmosphere is a bit bleak compared to previous years. The reason is naturally directly related to the Crimean War. The fiasco and sacrifice in Russia made the nobles of the Zhumen wine and meat stinky a little bit unbearable. As the saying goes, a penny stumped a hero, and without money, naturally, he couldn't get up.

In addition, the opening of the reform curtain has also dealt a heavy blow to many conservative aristocrats. But reforms are no longer just talk on paper, and when reformers are no longer bugs they can handle, they will inevitably be worried and sleepless, and naturally they will not be able to cheer.

Of course, Li Xiao also contributed a small part of his strength. Within a month, he used thunder to clean up five middle-level leaders of the third part of St. Petersburg, two reprimanded three and lost the black gauze cap, which made many small and medium bureaucrats very uncomfortable. I was apprehensive, for fear that when I woke up, I would either be invited to drink tea in the third part of St. Petersburg, or be directly imprisoned.

"You are very decisive, Your Excellency," Nikolai Milyutin looked at someone with interest, and said with a hint of approval: "I heard that the staff of St. Petersburg's Third Department have a new look, and their work enthusiasm has improved. a huge improvement?"

Li Xiao replied humbly: "It's better than before. For the time being, I can fully implement the order, and no one will violate it. As for the future, if I let it go, I'm afraid it will return to its original state."

Nikolai Milyutin nodded, expressing satisfaction with someone's candid attitude. He is not a naive person locked in an ivory tower. He knows too much about the Russian bureaucracy. Yes, at most it is to let some people be honest for a day or two. As long as you carry this group of people for a little while, they will immediately return to their original state or even worsen.

And Li Xiao's actions this time are not even a great shock in the strict sense. Thinking that the thunderous methods of Peter the Great's reforms could not scare some people, now they just lost a few official hats. The deterrent is not even a spanking.

If someone was complacent just now and really thought that he had done something great, then he would definitely look down on someone, thinking that someone was exaggerating and it was nothing more than that. ..

Now someone's attitude is quite sincere, and considering the difficulty of someone doing things is really not small, it's really not bad to have such a performance, so he has a better sense of someone, and thinks that someone is a bit genuine.

He asked slowly, "What are you going to do next?"

Li Xiao replied very naturally and quickly: "Continue to rectify relevant departments, continue to remove those unqualified grass-roots leaders, and make major changes to grass-roots personnel when necessary!"

Nikolai Milyuting was surprised, because he might not have been so eager if he had changed it. He might have slowed down for a while, so that the middle-level leaders who had just been beaten so badly could take a breath, and he might even consider giving a few sweets. Zao buys to win over them in exchange for their cooperation next.

But someone is obviously not this way, he is just about to tighten the rope, isn't he afraid of the people below to rebel collectively?

"Not afraid!" Li Xiao replied calmly and confidently, "The previous beatings should make them honest, of course, if they are really that stupid, I don't mind killing one or two more chickens... My purpose is to use the most The quickest means to control the situation, without giving them any time to breathe and counterattack, use the fastest speed to control the third volume of St. Petersburg, so as to cooperate with you to carry out the rectification of the third volume.”

Nikolai Mi Liuting was stunned. He frowned and thought carefully about Li Xiao's plan, before saying after a while, "Isn't it too urgent, it would be counterproductive?"

However, Li Xiao shook his head and said, "I don't think so, if you give them time to breathe, it will be more likely to cause problems. To deal with them, those old fritters have to hold on to the rope tightly, not giving them a chance to struggle. , Strictly control them, maintain a high-pressure state so that they dare not have the slightest idea of ​​resistance, only in this way can they be obedient."

"If you give them a chance to breathe and let them take their breath away, I'm afraid they will have other thoughts instead. Maybe they collude with me and sing against me, but they are not beautiful!"

"The only way is to maintain high pressure, so that they don't dare to make mistakes, and take this opportunity to completely shuffle the cards and control the grassroots in one fell swoop. After that, it is impossible for them to resist!"

Nikolai Milyuting swallowed and looked at someone again. It was the first time he found that someone was a strong man with a strong hand. No wonder someone could quickly open the door when they arrived in Wallachia, a place they didn't know well. situation.

However, this does not mean that Nicholas Milyuting appreciates Li Xiao's strength. He asked worriedly, "Will this arouse their resistance? In case..."

Li Xiao replied calmly, "There is no case, I judge that they are unlikely to have any thoughts of resistance in a short time!"

Nikolai Milyuting frowned and asked, "What's the basis? You must know that they are not soft persimmons. The old fritters in the third part of UUkanshu are more difficult to deal with one by one, so you can't underestimate them! "

Li Xiao explained with a smile: "In normal times, I might not be as tough as you said, but the current situation is completely different, because you are exerting strong pressure on the third part, and even His Majesty is forced to agree. Rectify the third part, under your pressure, even if they are dissatisfied, they will not dare to jump over the wall, it is certain that they will resist, but desperate resistance does not exist!"

Nikolai Milyuting snorted, and then he remembered what the current situation in the third volume was. as someone said

Under the pressure of the external environment, the resistance of those middle-level bureaucrats cannot be too strong. After all, their immediate bosses can't stand it, so how can they dare to stand out.

He glanced at Li Xiao in surprise, and was amazed at someone's ability to judge. He was able to grasp the overall situation so accurately, which was rare among young people.

But what surprised him even more was still later, because Li Xiao had not finished his words, and he continued to explain after taking a breath: "And considering that you are putting pressure on the third part, forcing them to make rectifications. , if I don't take this opportunity to control the third volume of St. Petersburg as soon as possible, once you have completed the rectification, it will be too late for me to start!"

Nikolai Milyuting snorted again, and after a little thought, he recognized the truth, and suddenly felt that someone was extraordinary...

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