Super Dragon Slaughtering System - v2 Chapter 4315 What is sacred

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"what happened?"

Luo Sha and Taisha turned to look at everyone. When they saw a large group of ghost monks lying on the ground, their faces turned cold in vain.

At this moment, their eyes became extremely sharp, their eyes swept across the faces of everyone in the crowd, and they also swept Ning Qi, but immediately ignored him.

"Could it be that there are still monks here today to participate in birthdays?"

Emperor Xuanguo was uncertain.

The eyes of the Queen Mother were equally shocked.

The most shocking thing should be Xuan Chan'er. She asked He Donglai before and got a clear answer. Today, Yuqinggu only has two of them to attend the birthday of the Queen Mother.

So, who would secretly attack the cultivators of the Yin Ghost Sect during the Qi Refining Period?

"Come out, don't hide, even if you hide, when we kill everyone here, you still have nowhere to hide."

Luo Sha said with a gloomy expression.

Each of these cultivators in the Qi Refining Period was cultivated by the Yin Ghost Sect who spent countless spiritual materials, but when he thought it was tenable, all of them fell.

In this way, even if he brings Yuqinggu's exercises back to the Yin Ghost Sect, he is afraid that he will be punished by the master!

"Is there more than one person here in Yuqinggu, ha ha... I don't know which junior arrived?"

The halal man smiled.

"What does the kid do?"

"Why are you still going there."

Suddenly, someone noticed someone walking by his side, and looked closely at it, but it was a five or six-year-old child. They wanted to call each other, but they didn’t dare, so they could only secretly guess which child it was. Big.

"Don't come out... Then I will kill you until you come out."

Luo Sha sneered, his eyes fell on Ning Qi, "Let's start with you."

He stretched out his hand and grabbed Ning Qi directly.

The second lady was slightly surprised when she saw this scene, but what happened the next moment left everyone stunned.

As soon as Ning Qi was caught by Rosha, his backhand was a punch.

The mighty spiritual energy instantly pierced Rosha's chest, and the one in the back could be clearly seen from the front.

Rosha looked down hard and then fell to the ground with a bang.

"Where is it sacred!"

The hairy roots of the halal man stood upside down, looking at Ning Qi in anger. At that moment, he clearly felt a breath of great perfection!

This is the top of the big market, but he has never seen a four or five-year-old old monster in the big market, and he has never heard of it!

Then there is only one possibility, the other party comes from outside the big market!

Thinking of this, the look of the too halal person became a little pale.

There are countless strong people outside the Daxu. He once went out, and finally returned to the Daxu because he had nowhere to stand. If the opponent came from outside the Daxu, then I am afraid that it will be difficult to be good today!

Not waiting for the halal person to react to the next step, Ning Qi's figure had already appeared in front of him.

The cultivation base of the Dzogchen Foundation is far different from the initial stage of the foundation.

He doesn't even need any spells, just drop ten guilds with a single force, and he can easily explode an early foundation building.

"Wait! I have something..."

Halfway through what he said, the majestic spiritual power had directly smashed his body, leaving only a head that fell to the ground with a thud.

At this time, He Donglai barely opened his eyes to see this scene, the spiritual power in his body almost got angry, he closed his eyes quickly and continued to press the poison, but his heart was shocked.

"Dead, dead..."

Everyone stared at Rosha and the too halal people in a daze.

The strong in the dignified fairy gate, like a pig and dog, was easily slaughtered?

And what killed them was...

"Isn't this the Dayan disciple brought by the Liu family?"


"Isn't he a strong person in Qingyun Mountain?"

"Most likely!!"

"How could the Liu family recognize such a strong..."

The eyes of everyone looking at Ning Qi were full of awe.

King Han and the old lady looked at each other in surprise.

The third prince was so stunned by this scene, he even thought he was dazzled, and he reached out and rubbed his eyes, and finally made sure that he was right.

It was the child who was mocked by him who killed the two immortal monks, and the rest of the immortal monks, I'm afraid he died in his hands.

There was silence in the field.

Ning Qi walked slowly to the third prince, who was too scared to speak.

"I said, my gift hasn't arrived just now, but it's here now."

Ning Qi gave a faint smile, and stretched out his hand to grab the void. The heads of the corpses on the ground burst into the air and flew towards the high platform. When everyone looked at this scene, they felt weird, and they felt cold.

Wu Lingshan stared blankly, and she suddenly felt relieved. She had seen more terrifying scenes than this one, and these flying heads were not too terrifying now.

"This head of the Yin Ghost Sect monk, my second wife gave it to the Queen Mother."

Ning Qi gave a faint smile.


Rosha's head fell in front of the mother.

"This head of a halal man, I gave it to the Queen Mother on behalf of Xuan Zijun."


The head of the too halal man fell in front of the too.

"These little heads are just my birthday gift to the Queen Mother."


One head after another fell to the ground.

The blood on the high platform was abnormal, but everyone didn't feel uncomfortable, but they breathed a long sigh of relief. They escaped a death this time!

If it wasn't for someone to suddenly kill Rosha and the Taisha, the person present today would be the emperor Xuanguo, who would not escape death!

"Good, good!"

The queen mother nodded suddenly, "This old man likes this birthday gift very much, thank you Senior Xianmen."

"What's going on today, don't let it spread out."

Ning Qi smiled.

When the Emperor Xuanguo saw this, he immediately said, "Senior, please rest assured, today's matter will never be spread out. Dare to ask Senior?"

"Yanqing City, Ningfu Ningxuan."

Ning Qi smiled lightly.

After speaking, he turned around and came to the place where Rosha and the Taihala had just died. On the ground, two magic weapons exuding aura were left. The aura itself picked up and took a look. As a result, as soon as he approached, the aura in the magic weapon was lost. He learned it.

Aura +3000

Aura value +3500

These two magic weapons directly added a six-thousand-five aura to Ning Qi, and his aura was already over 17 thousand at this moment.

"It seems that I won't have any magic weapon to use in the future."

Ning Qi looked at the two magic weapons with a weird face, and then walked back to the second lady and Xuan Zijun: "First take Senior Sister Jiu back to the palace."

"it is good."

The second wife nodded quickly, then immediately picked up Xuan Zijun and followed Ning Qi and left here.

Wu Lingshan's second daughter quickly followed.

King Han opened his mouth to speak, but finally closed his mouth.

Xuan Chan'er only reacted at this moment, and hurriedly ran to the two magic weapons, only to look astonished:

"The magic weapon has lost all aura?"

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