Super God Extraction - Chapter 468 【Easy Extermination】(2 in 1)

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   Chapter 468 [Easy Extermination] (2 in 1)

   "People who go, don't need too many."

  Su Jingxing Yuanshen interrupted everyone's discussion, "Destroying the magic weapon is the main task, I'm responsible for this..."

   "That, Kong Wusheng, you also went to the other side?" Zeng Busan interjected in surprise.

"Of course."

  Su Jingxing's Yuanshen glanced at him in surprise, "Although I'm a little boastful, but I won't go there, can you guys handle that magic weapon?"

   "On the other side of the passage, there are more than 200 Saijin demons guarding, and the demons they lead are the three-level demon generals."

   "These three demon generals, can you deal with them?"

   Zeng Busan, "…"

other people,"…"

   That's right, on the opposite side of the "Two Realms Gate", there is a powerful Saijin demon guard.

   Their body or soul can only die once.

   If you want to destroy the magic weapon and disconnect the two worlds, you must deal with these guarded demons.

   However, one of the weakest Saijin Demons can be tied with Pei Donglai, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Bai Zhankong, one of the three.

   Not to mention the strongest three-level demon general among them?

   After the shock, Zeng Busan and Zeng Buquan woke up.

   This matter really must have been "Kong Wusheng" in the past!

   If "Kong Wusheng" doesn't go, they can hardly complete the task, and if they go, it is simply to die.

  Thinking of this, Zeng Busan and Zeng Bu4 showed gratitude on their faces.

   "Thank you Kong Wusheng! We are willing to follow you to fight on the other side!"

   "You don't need to thank me." Su Jingxing Yuanshen raised his hand and said indifferently, "I go to the other side, and I also have my own desires."

   "Understood, I understand." Zeng Busan and Zeng Buquan nodded hurriedly.

   The righteousness of Su Jingxing's primordial spirit is incomparable.

   Like the others, they only thought that Su Jingxing Yuanshen was being humble and did not want to oppress them with righteousness.

   As everyone knows, Su Jingxing's Yuanshen really has his own purpose to go to the other side.

   Pick up the Profound Body Card!

  The weakest state of the Saijin Demons exists, and even if they die, they can also pick up the Profound Body Card.

   And the Xuanshen card is related to the transformation of Su Jingxing's Lingwu body.

   The two previous breakthroughs in the Shattered Sky Realm, the achievement of the Overlord of One Tribulation and the Overlord of Second Tribulation, were all thunder tribulations triggered by the Profound Body Card.

   It's just that the Profound Body Card is not easy to pick up.

   Now, after the death of Saijin Demon Race, there is a high chance of picking up the Profound Body Card, so Su Jingxing Yuanshen will naturally not miss it.

   In comparison, going to the "Two Realms Gate" to destroy the magic weapon is the next best thing.

   If it is not the time to destroy the magic weapon, don’t bother, Su Jingxing Yuanshen wants to go there alone.

   Let Zengbu three of them be together because he wanted them to help prevent accidents.

   These things, Su Jingxing Yuanshen will not say.

   Zeng Bu3, Zeng Bu4, and Shi Que misunderstood, so let the misunderstanding be fine.


   After all, there is no life after all.

   Even if Su Jingxing Yuanshen also went with him, once the "Two Realms Gate" was closed, he would not be able to return to Earth Star.

   For this reason, in addition to Su Jingxing Yuanshen, there were Zeng Busan, Zeng Busi, Bai Zhankong, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Pei Donglai who finally went to the other side.

   All five people are Yuanhun and Yuanshen, together with Su Jingxing Yuanshen.

   Pei Donglai dared to go to the other side with Su Jingxing Yuanshen, I don't know what to think.

   Su Jingxing Yuanshen didn't bother to pay attention.

   After confirming the good candidates, a group of six people walked into the "Two Realms Gate" under the watchful eyes of others.

  The doorway filled with light is like a channel with a stream of light.

  In the passage, there is no other existence, no sky above, no ground below, all around are streamers surging.

   Walking in it, but down-to-earth, and breathing can be maintained.

At the end of the    channel is a vortex composed of airflow.

  Su Jingxing's primordial spirit stepped into the vortex first, only to feel that his eyes brightened and his vision returned to normal.

   But the sight he saw was shocking and shocking.

   The sky was gray, and there was a rumble of thunder in the distance.

   Near the mountains, there are ruins everywhere, and there are smoke columns rising up.

The place    steps on is the foot of a mountain. In the messy field, there were scattered Saijin demons, either lying or standing.

   Five steps to the right of Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit, a jet-black instrument like a locomotive, with a ray of light erupting from the top, was connected to the portal through which Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit came out.

  The Gate of Two Realms!

   Like Qingyun Mountain, the "Two Realms Gate" here is also connected to a mountain.

   It's just that the "Two Realms Gate" here is maintained by a magic weapon like a locomotive.

   This two-story-high magic weapon, like a giant beast, crawls on the ground, exuding a terrifying aura, and the demonic energy keeps pouring out, filling the ground.

"who are you?"

   "Idiot, of course he is human, this guy is a human race!"

   "What? On the opposite side is the world dominated by the human race? What about our people? Why haven't we seen it?"

   "It goes without saying that they must have killed them!"


  Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit looked at the environment, more than a dozen Saijin Demons scattered outside the "Two Realms Gate" had already started rioting in exclamation.

   "Kill him! Kill this human race!"

   "No, you can't kill him, you have to catch him and torture him!"


   The more than a dozen Saijin demon clan shouted indiscriminately, and rushed towards Su Jingxing Primordial Spirit quickly.


  Su Jingxing Yuanshen stood still, just waved his hand and released four white lights.


   "Puchi~" "Puchi~" "Puchi~"

  The white light galloped, shuttled in mid-air, and in a few breaths, pierced through all the Saijin demons that rushed over, killing them on the spot.


   Zeng Busan, Zeng Busi, Xiahou Chuanwu, Bai Zhankong, Pei Donglai, the five people who came out of the doorway saw this scene at first glance.

   More than a dozen Saijin demons were easily beheaded, and those who died could no longer die.

   After a while, the eyes of the five people could not help but widen in surprise.

   Even though they knew that Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit was very strong, but killing demons was as simple as killing a chicken, it still shocked them.


   The sound of breaking wind sounded.

  Su Jingxing's primordial spirit didn't care about Zeng Busan, Zeng Busi and others, and continued to control the four flying knives, whistling to the camp a little further away.

   At this moment, other Saijin demons swarmed in the camp.

A Saijin Demon Race headed by    has the strongest demonic energy and the most inflated aura.

  No surprise, this guy is the strongest here, the demon general of the Three Realms Saijin Demon Clan.


  The earth trembled suddenly.

In the muffled sound, this three-level demon general flew into the air, tore the air, turned into a terrifying air column, and rushed towards Su Jingxing Primordial Spirit.

  The person was in the air and took the lead in launching an attack. With a pitch-black bone knife in his hand, he slashed into the air with a dark blade light, shattered the space, and descended towards Su Jingxing Yuanshen.


  Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit raised his hand and shot it with one palm.

   "The Silence of the Sky", the giant palm print with soul power condensed, the power is equally good.

   Accompanied by a loud noise, the blade light was successfully smashed, and the force of the aftermath forced the Three Realm Demon General to retreat and had to fall from the air.


  The four flying knives roared at the right time and swept towards the Three Realm Demon General.

   These four flying knives are not ordinary weapons, but Taoist soldiers picked up by Su Jingxing's body on the "Five Fingers Mountain".

   Like the previous magic soldiers, they are all treasures left by the "Qinglong World Lord".

  Four flying knives, each with three marks engraved on it, are the three marks Taoist soldiers.

   This is the reason why the flying knife came out and hit the Saijin Demons. The hard-bodied Saijin Demons couldn't stop them, and they were killed on the spot.

   At this moment, the four flying knives, under the control of Su Jingxing's primordial spirit, encircled and suppressed the demon generals of the three realms.

  The latter was frightened and angered, waving the bone knife in his hand and fighting with the four flying knives.

   However, at the next moment, Su Jingxing's Yuanshen turned sharply, controlled the four flying knives to escape from the three-level demon general, and flew towards the two hundred or so Saijin demons who were rushing behind it.

   "Puchi~" "Puchi~" "Puchi~"

   After a while, it was as if wolves entered the flock, and the four flying knives pierced one after another of Saijin demons and killed them.

  Where the four flying knives passed, four **** paths were cut out.




The    pickup prompt flashed quickly.

  Su Jingxing Yuanshen stared at the demon generals of the three realms while strangling other Saijin demons.

   and other three-level demon generals found that the rear was severely damaged, and the demon soldiers under him screamed again and again.

   As expected, he roared again and again and rushed towards Su Jingxing Yuanshen.

   This guy actually didn't care about his demon soldiers, but rushed directly to Su Jingxing Yuanshen.

   Fortunately, Su Jingxing's primordial spirit had already noticed it, raised his hand to aim at the demon general of the Three Realms, and slapped it again with the palm of his hand.

  With the defense and strength of the three-level demon general, other martial arts can't play much role.

  Although the spirit energy of "The Silence of the Sky" is driven, the power can be maximized.

   But the power of the spirit power is not weak enough.

   Especially when the primordial spirit of Su Jingxing condensed the giant palm print, he blessed a bit of the power of space law.

Under the    giant palm, the space is broken, and the power of space permeates.

The first time the   cover fell, the Three Realm Demon General sensed it.

   It was frightened and furious, its demonic energy skyrocketed, waving a bone knife, and roaring again and again.

  The terrifying power is accompanied by strength, facing the giant palm print. At the same time, the main body of the three-level demon general retreated to the rear.

   Only, half a step too late.


   There was a loud noise, and the space was shattered. Half of the body of the Three Realm Demon General was smashed, and the whole person flew high, threw it backwards, and smashed to the ground, smashing several other Saijin Demons.

   "Puchi~" "Puchi~" "Puchi~"

   The sound of flying knives piercing through the body of the two hundred or so Saijin Demons rushing over continued.

   Both sides worked at the same time, and both achieved strong returns.

   Nearly 100 other Saijin demons died, and the three-level demon generals also fell.

   In this scene, Zeng Busan, Zeng Busi, Bai Zhankong, Xiahou Chuanwu, and Pei Donglai were stunned again.

   "Okay... so strong." Zeng Busi murmured, stammering.

"Kong... Kong Wusheng is so strong, what else do we need to do?" Zeng Busan stammered, "With Kong Wusheng's power, he can... solve all the demons and demons by himself. ?"

   "There should be other reasons." Bai Zhankong said silently.

   "Yes, if it's not necessary, Kong Wusheng will not call us." Xiahou Chuanwu returned to his senses and said quietly.

   Pei Donglai was silent.

   At this time, his heart was extremely complicated, and his fear of Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit deepened.

   Originally thought that Su Jingxing's primordial spirit would soon fall and die in the hands of the demons, but unexpectedly, these Saijin demons were not opponents of Su Jingxing's primordial spirit at all.

   Even that three-level demon general, the strongest existence, could not hold up two moves in Su Jingxing's hands.

   That's right, the reason why Pei Donglai followed the "Two Realms Gate" was to watch Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit die!

  Su Jingxing Yuanshen was his nightmare.

   These days, whether Pei Donglai was awake or asleep, he would be frightened by Su Jingxing Yuanshen for no reason.

  The kind of fear that goes deep into the soul breeds all the time, making Pei Donglai jealous, angry, puzzled, and fearful.

   Therefore, after hearing the opening of "Two Realms Mountain" and a threat from another world, Pei Donglai immediately rushed to Qingyun Mountain after arriving at Earth Star.

The purpose of    is to see Su Jingxing Yuanshen die with his own eyes!

   Only when Su Jingxing Yuanshen died, the nightmare in his heart would be eliminated.

   However, the scene in front of him made Pei Donglai realize that Su Jingxing's primordial spirit was stronger than he imagined.

   This former Martial Saint of the Yu Kingdom is not something he can defeat at all.

   Even in imagination!




  What was Pei Donglai thinking, Su Jingxing Yuanshen did not know, at this time, he continued to control the four flying knives, strangling the remaining Saijin demons.

After    seriously injured the demon general of the Three Realms, Su Jingxing Yuanshen took this opportunity to kill him quickly.




The    pickup prompt flashed quickly.

   The remaining Saikin demons were finally resolved after struggling a few times.

   The total number of cards picked up exceeds 230.

   This wave of fat was eaten by Su Jingxing Yuanshen.

   After everyone got it done, the flying knives were put away.

   "You guys go check the magic weapon, I'll know it."

   shouted to Zeng Busan and Zeng Busi, Su Jingxing Yuanshen walked towards the three-level demon general who was seriously injured and fell to the ground and could not get up.

   "...Okay, I understand." Zeng Bu San was stunned and replied.

   The voice fell, and he immediately pulled Zeng Busi and ran towards the huge magic weapon.

   Bai Zhankong and Xiahou Chuanwu hesitated for a while and followed suit.

   Pei Donglai didn't move, he continued to look at Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit and walked towards the Three Realm Demon General step by step.

   "You... who are you!"

The   Three Realm Demon General struggled with half of his body, his eyes hated Su Jingxing Yuanshen, and he roared, "Kill so many of my clansmen, you can't escape, you will die, you will definitely die!"

   "Who said, I'm going to run?"

   Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit chuckled and replied through voice transmission.

   " you understand what I'm saying?" The Three Realm Demon froze and said in shock.

   It was speaking the language of the demon race just now, but it was just venting, and I didn't expect Su Jingxing's primordial spirit to understand.

   As a result, Su Jingxing Yuanshen really replied and understood.

   Although it is a spiritual sound transmission, it is surprising that a human can understand the language of the demon.

   "You... Who are you? Who are you?"

The   Three Realm Demon General suppressed his astonishment, his eyes widened, "Who is the most powerful person in the world you are in? Human race gods and warriors, what is your highest realm?"

"it is me."

   Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit smiled indifferently.

   "What?" The Three Realm Demon General was stunned.

   "I said, I am the strongest in the world I am in."

   Su Jingxing Yuanshen Spirit Transmission.

   "Impossible!" The Three Realm Demon General blurted out subconsciously, "You are the strongest? Impossible, impossible!"

   Although Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit is powerful, the three-level demon general can see at a glance the realm he is in.


   (end of this chapter)

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