Super God Extraction - Chapter 470 [Kong Wusheng, dead! ] (two in one)

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   Chapter 470 [Kong Wusheng, dead! ] (two in one)

  The first step is to disconnect the two pipes.

  The second step is to destroy the hub device.

third step……

have no idea.

   Su Jingxing Yuanshen could only figure it out by himself.

   But the interval between the first step and the second step cannot exceed three seconds.

Once the    is exceeded, the magic weapon will self-explode.

   Therefore, when the first step was not completed, Su Jingxing Yuanshen started looking for the pivot device.

The purpose of    is to complete two steps before and after.

   As for the Mirage Mist, it was created using Mirage cards.

   can block the Saijin Demons for a while and give Su Jingxing Primordial Spirit more time.

   Zeng Busan, Zeng Busi, Bai Zhankong, Xiahou Chuanwu, Pei Donglai, keep vigilance at this moment and be prepared for the situation in the mist.

  Su Jingxing Yuanshen concentrated on finding the pivot device in the magic weapon.

   Yuanshen Divine Consciousness swept all the way to identify the internal structure of the magic weapon.


   a growl.

  Two Saikin Demons rushed out of the fog.

   "It came out so soon?" Zeng Busan's face sank.


  Two sword lights flew from his side and rushed towards the rushing Saijin Demons, knocking the opponent down to the ground.

   "Don't talk nonsense, let's do it together!" Zeng Busi shouted.

   "Ahhh~" Zeng Bu three gritted his teeth, roared, and attacked.

  Boom boom~

   A series of loud noises sounded from the area where the two Saijin demons fell to the ground.

  The two demon soldiers, submerged by the sword energy and sword energy, were unwilling to separate their limbs, and their heads and necks were twisted into two angles.

   "Why are these demons so hard?" Zeng Busan stopped, gasping for questions.

   Although they killed the two demon soldiers, they mainly broke the joints, necks, and other parts of the demon soldiers, but they were not damaged or penetrated.

   Seeing this situation, Zeng Busan was shocked at the same time, and was sincerely horrified.

   "The demons have a strong physique, isn't it always like this?" Zeng Busi sighed.

   "It seems that not all demons are strong and tough, right?" Xiahou Chuanwu hesitated.

   "It's true that not all are strong." Bai Zhankong said, "But these demons are definitely the best among them. In my estimation, even among the demons, the tribes of these demon soldiers are very powerful."

   "Absolutely." Xiahou Chuanwu nodded in agreement.

   "The demons have come out again." Pei Donglai suddenly shouted, attracting everyone's attention and looking at the fog wall.

   Zeng Busi, Zeng Busan, looked up and saw five demon soldiers swaying and running out of the fog.



   next to the magic tool.

  Su Jingxing's Primordial Spiritual Sense quickly scanned, looking for a special hub device.


"found it!"

  Suddenly, Su Jingxing Yuanshen's eyes lit up and burst into joy.

   The next moment, first control the Dao soldier flying knife to completely disconnect the two passages, and then, the primordial spirit consciousness transforms the knife, smashes the found hinge device from the inside, and directly destroys it all.


   After two steps were completed, the huge volume of the magic weapon suddenly trembled.

   With the sound of "Rumble", the entire magic weapon moved and stretched out again, revealing the most core structure inside.

   A black and red sphere the size of a washbasin!

   wisps of demonic energy entangled around the black-red sphere, circling undisturbed, releasing a strange and grandiose energy.


  The magic weapon changed, and a three-level demon general who just came out of the fog behind, roared five people Zeng Busan, Zeng Busi, and Bai Zhankong directly from mid-air.

   Its goal is to lock on Su Jingxing Yuanshen. Although Su Jingxing Yuanshen was invisible to the naked eye due to the power of the invisible card, nor could he be detected by ordinary mental senses.

   But this Three Realm Demon General still found the specific location of Su Jingxing Primordial Spirit through his innate abilities.

   Immediately, there was a roar, and the demonic energy swept through the body, turning into a villain and attacking Su Jingxing Primordial Spirit.


  Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit did not lift his head, and shot it in the air with a palm.

   Under the full force of the "Sky Quiet Destroying Palm", the soul power exploded, and the power formed by evolution, wherever the giant palm print passed, first destroyed the demonic dragon, and then bombarded the demon generals in the three realms.


   This three-level demon general vomited blood, and his entire body couldn't help but retreat backwards, smashed to the ground, and smashed a big hole.

   Although it was not shot to death on the spot, and the defensive scales were not broken, the huge impact force smashed its internal organs, and many or even most of them were broken.

   All of a sudden, this three-level demon will lose his ability to move, lying in the tunnel and gasping for breath.

   "Roar~" "Roar!"

   Zeng Busan and Zeng Busi were too late to be happy, and the other Saijin demons had already rushed out of the fog in groups.

   After a while, Zeng Busi, Zeng Busan, Xiahou Chuanwu, Bai Zhankong, and Pei Donglai lost their spirits and cared about others, and threw themselves into the fight with the Saijin Demons.

  In the beginning, the five people were still keeping a distance, so they could easily attack from a distance, but as the number of Saijin Demons rushing out of the fog increased, the five people were completely confused with the Saijin Demons and fell into a siege.

   Zeng Busan couldn't hold it at first, and after a few moments, he was killed on the spot.

   Then Bai Zhankong, under the outbreak, shot with all his strength, and perished with a second-level Saijin demon.

Then Pei Donglai attacked with all his strength, desperately trying to kill a second-level Saijin demon general with the invincible sword, and he was seriously injured and could not move. Can't die anymore.

   Five people, three died at once.

   The remaining Zeng Busi and Xiahou Chuanwu reluctantly shuttled through the Saijin Demon Clan team with extremely fast speed, and were injured from time to time.

   Compared with Su Jingxing Yuanshen, he killed batch after batch of Saijin demons with ease.

  It was their turn to fight against the Saijin Demons before they knew how terrifying these Demons were!

   Powerful flesh, with terrifying defenses, they are almost indestructible, they can only break the joints.

   How could it be possible to kill the Saijin Demons with this little power?

  Zeng Bu Si, Xiahou Chuanwu was basically running away, leading the Saijin Demons to run.

   When they persisted.

   Su Jingxing's Yuanshen finally figured out how to destroy the magic weapon through his Yuanshen consciousness.

  This third step is not inside the magic tool, but the intersection of the magic tool connecting the "Two Realms Gate".

   This meeting point is formed by the combination of the energy released by the magic weapon and the power of the gate of the two realms.

  Su Jingxing Yuanshen only needs to break the balance between them and let the magic tool lose its "interface", and it will slowly stop on its own.

   The entrance of the "Two Realms Gate" loses energy support, and it will also close itself.

  Yes, it's not an explosion. To cut off the channel of the "Two Realms Gate", the magic weapon does not need to be destroyed by explosion.

   Of course, if the magic weapon is not destroyed, it can be restarted and connected to the "Two Realms Gate".

   So Su Jingxing Yuanshen still wants to destroy it and force it to be destroyed!

   But before that, they can enter the "Two Realms Gate" one step ahead, and then destroy the magic weapon.

   Enter the passage, and then destroy the magic weapon, Zeng Busi and the others don't have to die here.

   This is much better than what was expected before.

  Think of this.

  Su Jingxing Yuanshen said nothing, released the strongest blow and washed the intersection point.

   puff puff~

  The abnormal sound came out, less than half a minute, accompanied by a "bang" sound, the balance of the intersection was broken.



The    junction is resolved, the magic tool loses its "interface" and begins to stop itself.

  Su Jingxing's Yuanshen controlled four Dao soldiers flying knives, swept and cut to kill Zeng Busi and Xiahou Chuanwu's Saijin Demons.


  Suddenly, where the flying knife passed, the blood of demons splattered, and the stumps and arms were thrown into the air.

   One after another, Saijin Demons died under the Dao soldiers flying knives.


   Several second-level Saijin demons and three-level demon generals roared and roared, looking for Su Jingxing Yuanshen.

  Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit ignored them, flew across the air, caught up with Zeng Busi and Xiahou Chuanwu, took them back to the entrance of the "Two Realms Gate" passage that had begun to close themselves, and threw them into the passage with a flick of his hand.


   "Take advantage of this time and return to Earth Star immediately!"

   "I left behind the broken magic weapon! This magic weapon must be destroyed!"

   Su Jingxing's Yuanshen roared.

The voice of    fell, and all the soul power exploded, and he cast "The Silence Palm of the Sky", condensing and releasing the giant palm print of the strongest blow, covering the magic weapon towards the entrance of the passage.

"you dare!!"

   High in the sky, a loud shout of rage sounded almost simultaneously.


   Unlocked half of the magic weapon, and with a loud noise, the whole exploded.


   Su Jingxing's Primordial Spirit body was also pierced by a black light that fell from the sky, penetrating the top of his head, along his eyebrows, and up to his feet.

   For a moment, the space seemed to stand still.

  Su Jingxing's primordial spirit turned his head stiffly and looked at Zeng Busi and Xiahou Chuanwu at the entrance.

   Yuanshen's body, under the terrified and horrified gazes of Zeng Busi and Xiahou Chuanwu, quickly split into pieces like glass.


   "Kong Wusheng!!"


The    light disappeared, and the "Two Realms Gate" channel was closed.

   Zeng Busi's last cry left a reverberation echoing at the foot of the mountain.


   Earth Star.

   South of Qingyun Mountain.

   In front of the mountain wall where the "Two Realms Gate" is located.

  Shi Que, Gong Junlian, Dongfang Pochu, He Sanxiao, Yu Huatian and others were still at the entrance of the passage, waiting silently for the changes in the passage.

  As said before, if everything is normal, the channel will close and disappear soon.

   Now the "Two Realms Gate" is still open, and the streamer in the channel is still flickering.

   means that the matter has not been resolved, and the magic weapon has not been destroyed.

  The magic weapon is not destroyed, and there will be demons rushing out at any time.

   Dongfang Pochu, Gong Junlian and others guarded the passage just in case.

  If the plan fails, then they are the first line of defense against the invasion of the earth and star by the demons.

  The demons really want to invade Earth, and none of them can escape!

   Silently waiting——

   "Closed, the channel is closing!"

   An exclamation suddenly sounded.

   "It's really closing!"

   "Okay, great!"

   "Success! Kong Wusheng and the others succeeded!"


   Cheers and shouts resounded in front of the mountain wall in an instant.

   The entrance of the "Two Realms Gate", the ego is shrinking at the moment.

   In this scene, Shi Que and Dongfang Pochu are not happy.

The    channel is closed, and the Earth and Star threat can be lifted temporarily.

   As for Zeng Busan, who went to the opposite side...

   "Poof~" "Poof~"

  Abruptly, two abnormal noises sounded at the scene.

  The excited crowd looked at the sound and saw the closed "Two Realms Gate" passageway. Before it was completely closed, two people spit out.

   "Zeng Bu Si? Xiahou Chuanwu?"

   He San smiled and recognized the two people, and exclaimed in surprise, "You guys are back?"

   "That's great! The passage is closed, yet you guys are still able to come back!"

   "No, why are there only two of you, Kong Wusheng and Pei Jiansheng?"

   "Yeah, why only the two of you come back?"


  Others crowded over, surrounded Zeng Busi and Xiahou Chuanwu, who were lying on the ground, and asked in doubt.

   Zeng Busi's face was dull and did not respond to this.

  Xiahou Chuanwu also closed his eyes, his chest heaved and he didn't say a word.

   "Why don't you talk?" Dongfang Pochu saw this and shouted anxiously, "You are talking! What happened to Kong Wusheng and the others? Why are you two alone?"


  Shi Que raised his hand and took a deep breath, "The passage has been closed, Kong Wusheng and the others have not returned, the result has been explained."

  What result?


   Zeng Busan, Bai Zhankong, Pei Donglai, "Kong Wusheng" are all dead!

   This time, although successful, the price paid was extremely tragic.

   Four people died.

   The strongest "Kong Wusheng" has not returned!

   For a while, the scene fell silent, and the excitement just now was replaced by grief.


Zeng Busi, who was sluggish, cried out at this moment, "Kong Wusheng didn't have to die. In order to leave behind the destruction of the magic weapon, he let us go first, and as a result... the moment the magic weapon was destroyed, he also It was dropped from the sky by the powerful demons and killed with one blow! Woah~!"

   Zeng Busi cried out in grief.

When    Zeng Bu San died, he didn't feel it.

   "Kong Wusheng" died in front of his eyes, but he couldn't help it and wanted to cry.

  I don't know the reason, Zeng Busi didn't want to know, anyway, he just wanted to cry.

"Woooooo~ The third, the first one, they died in battle, and they died in the right place. But 'Kong Wusheng'... 'Kong Wusheng' died too badly! He was so strong, but he had no chance to play. No, I was hit by a demon powerhouse, and the blow was wiped out, leaving nothing behind! Woohoo~”

  Xiahou Chuanwu did not cry, but the frequency of the ups and downs of his chest suddenly increased.

   The scene where "Kong Wusheng" died in front of him was also unforgettable for him.

  Shi Que, Gong Junlian, Dongfang Pochu and others, listening to Zeng Busi's cries, were shocked and filled with sadness at the same time.

   They could almost imagine how shocking the scene when "Kong Wusheng" disappeared into ashes.


He Sanxiao suddenly raised his voice and said, "According to what you said, 'Kong Wusheng' was killed, but 'Kong Wusheng', like us, has both a physical body and a primordial spirit. Continent, the body, or the primordial spirit, is now destroyed, so the other one left of him is still on Earth, still alive, right?"


   Zeng did not cry for a while.

   Xiahou Chuanwu's emotions were also suddenly withdrawn.

  Shi Que, Gong Junlian and the others were also stunned.


   They almost forgot that Kong Wusheng also possessed both the physical body and the primordial spirit.

   Zeng Busan, Bai Zhankong and the others left their bodies on Earth Star before they passed.

   The primordial spirit and primordial soul are dead. Although the physical body is affected, at least they are still alive, right?

   is the same principle when it is changed to "Kong Wusheng".

   Therefore, "Kong Wusheng" did not completely die...


   (end of this chapter)

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