Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1110 - Chapter 1110 Use My Death to Repay His Majesty’s Kindness to Me

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Chapter 1110 Use My Death to Repay His Majesty’s Kindness to Me

It turned out that the real name of the Fake God Emperor was Bai Wuji.

Later, he changed his surname to Ding because he had been adopted by the old God Emperor.

Many people didn’t know how to feel when they saw the end of this great hero.

Even in the face of death, the Fake God Emperor was able to remain calm and collected. He was not frightened by death at all. He spoke confidently and did not take the pain of burning his body seriously. He still maintained the dignity and demeanor of an ambitious person of his generation. Such a performance was indeed worthy of admiration.

Ding Honglei looked at the ashes falling into the void, and a trace of relief flashed across her eyes.

“Farewell, Your Majesty.” Huo Jun knelt on the ground and respectfully kowtowed three times in the direction where the Fake God Emperor had turned into ashes.

In the next instant, Huo Jun made a decision that no one had expected.

Suddenly, faint blue flames appeared in him. Like ruthless flaming tongues, they gradually swallowed him up. His expression was as calm as ever. “Your Majesty, although you didn’t take back what others owe you, I have to return what I owe you. I would always be grateful for your kindness to me. I’m willing to serve you, and I’ll follow you forever.”

He actually chose to commit suicide.

He used the same method as the Fake God Emperor, which was to burn himself with dark blue flames.

Just now, everyone had seen how terrifying this kind of dark blue flame was on the Fake God Emperor’s body. Even the Fake God Emperor with unfathomable strength could not resist this kind of flame, let alone Huo Jun.

The crowd was all astonished by what he decided.

It was too late for the God of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region and the others to stop him. Huo Jun had already secretly ignited himself, and he had made up his mind to die. By the time the others discovered what he was doing, it was too late.

Ding Honglei also showed shock and anxiety on her face. She rushed over, trying to hold Huo Jun. She said in astonishment, “Brother Huo, why do you have to do this? Why?”

Huo Jun showed a calm and peaceful smile on his face as he said, “Your Highness, please tell the Eldest Divine Prince that what I promised him has been completed, and I should die… Haha, in the past, my brothers and I swore to live and die together, but now I am the only one left in the world, and Elder Brother Feng died in my hands. Although he was willing to do so, I killed my sworn brother, which was not righteous. The Fake God Emperor treated me with sincerity, but I betrayed him and assassinated him. I am not loyal and unjust. How can I still be living in the world?”

“But this is all… all…” Ding Honglei didn’t know what to say. She said, “This isn’t what you’ve wanted!”

Huo Jun also showed unprecedented calm on his face, and there was also a trace of a relieved smile on his face. He said, “Death is a relief for me. I have found the successor of the Southern Underworld Ignis and completed my mission to groom someone as the Eldest Divine Prince… Hahaha, I will use my death to repay His Majesty’s kindness to me. I will die without regret!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was finally burned by the dark blue flames and turned into flying ash.

This scene made people even more moved.

Everyone knew very well that as long as Huo Jun was willing, he could completely survive. He would also become a hero of the First Prince’s faction, a hero of God’s Palace after the world was changed, and he would still enjoy high status and treatment. No one would regard him as an ungrateful villain, but a hero who would sacrifice himself for justice and bear the humiliation.

However, he still chose to die the way the Fake God Emperor did.

He used his death to repay His Majesty’s kindness to him.

This might be the way he expressed himself to the Fake God Emperor.

Ding Hao completely did not know what to say.

Before today, in his heart, Huo Jun was just a typical example of an ungrateful betrayer. Ding Hao had no good feelings for this person. He only had killing intent. If the two met again on the battlefield, Ding Hao believed that he would never show any mercy.

But at this time, Ding Hao also felt his insignificance and the greatness of this person.

What kind of place was God’s Palace back then? What kind of army was the Western Expedition Army? Why did so many heroes emerge? Why did so many outstanding figures appear? The turmoil that had been related to this continent was caused by these people.

How magnificent of an era it was.

The dim blue flames, dreamy and illusory, finally disappeared into the void.

It was as if a bizarre and incredible dream had just ended.

“Is this the end?” Ding Hao’s heart was full of emotions. He felt as if he had been relieved of a heavy burden, but he did not have the excitement of taking revenge. When he saw Ding Honglei beside him, he finally could not help but get excited. For a moment, he had thousands of words on his mind, but he did not know how to say them.

The mysterious entity was a very miraculous thing.

On the one hand, it was independent of its original body and had its own personality and intelligence, just like an independent person. On the other hand, it could share the joys and sorrows of its original body with incomparable loyalty and would never go against its original body’s thoughts and will. To some extent, the mysterious entity was really an incarnation of its original body.

From a certain point of view, there was almost no difference between the entity and the original body.

Ding Honglei turned to look at Ding Hao and said with a smile, “I didn’t want to let you know so soon… Poof…” Before she could finish her words, she opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. Her whole body trembled, and suddenly her face became as pale as snow. Her strength and aura quickly declined, and she was on the verge of collapse.


Ding Hao was shocked and held Ding Honglei with both hands.

Before the Fake God Emperor died, he had said that in order to ensure the success of Huo Jun’s assassination, Ding Honglei seemed to have peeled out her Fire of the Origin and handed it over to Huo Jun. For her, this was a fatal loss. It seemed that the Fake God Emperor was right. Sure enough, something had happened to Ding Honglei.

“Silly child, I’m not… I’m not your mom.” Ding Honglei’s pale face was full of smiles. “Your mom is still waiting for you. I’m just… just…” Her injury worsened at a shocking speed. In the blink of an eye, she seemed to be unable to say a complete word, totally different from the God Realm Master with powerful combat strength before. She was coughing up blood.

“No, you’re my mom… Mom!” Ding Hao got very worried.

He spared no God Realm Origin and injected Qi to treat Ding Honglei. Since he knew her real identity, Ding Hao had been stunned for a short time and completely accepted her. Over the years, she had been secretly protecting him, which made Ding Hao very grateful.

A satisfied smile appeared on Ding Honglei’s face.

Originally, she did not have much time left in this life. Back then, Yu Qingcheng got the opportunity to transform into a mysterious entity, which was not complete. Therefore, as an incarnation, Ding Honglei also had congenital defects. Over the years, she had almost reached the end of her life. After removing the divine source, she took a kind of strange elixir to maintain her life and held on until today.

Once the effect of the elixir wore off, even the gods would find it hard to save her.

“Silly child… listen, your mom… and your dad… are waiting for you. One day, you… you will find them…” Ding Honglei said intermittently. No matter how much Qi Ding Hao injected into her body, the vitality in her body was unable to be saved.

Ding Hao still wanted to say something, but he saw Ding Honglei shake her head. After she lifted her wrist, the Divine Artifact Vermillion Rainbow flew out and landed in the palm of Xie Jieyu, who was not far away. Ding Honglei gave the Divine Artifact directly to the Martial Demigoddess.

With a glimmer of a smile in her eyes, Ding Honglei soon closed her eyes and passed away.

Such a change completely stunned the many experts from the Northern Region.

No one had expected that as soon as the Fake God Emperor and Huo Jun died, Ding Honglei also perished.

Ding Hao stayed where he was, with tears streaming down his face. The pain of losing his family at this moment made him feel like his heart was being twisted by a knife. Although the Fake God Emperor and Ding Honglei had said that it was just a mysterious entity and the real body of Yu Qingcheng had not died, the scene in front of him still made Ding Hao feel extremely painful.

After all, Ding Honglei had left a special impression in Ding Hao’s heart over the years. Even before he knew her real identity, Ding Hao had already regarded her as his family.

The God of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region sighed softly.

Among the crowd, he was the one who knew the inside story best, and he also knew what Ding Honglei had been doing all these years. Almost all of her focus was on Ding Hao. She had done everything that a mother could do for her son.

Just as Ding Hao was crying bitterly, Ding Honglei’s body emitted a crystal brilliance. The flesh and blood on the surface of her body disappeared, and her clothes slipped down. In the silver light, she finally turned into a fist-sized white jade stone. It was crystal clear, warm, and smooth. It fell into Ding Hao’s palm.

That was a strange stone.

According to the Fake God Emperor, Yu Qingcheng and Ding Shengtan had a strange encounter back then, so they got their own mysterious entity. It should have something to do with the jade. After the entity passed away, it finally returned to the jade body.

Ding Hao was stunned for a moment, and then he held the jade tightly in his hand.

“Will I get to resurrect Ding Honglei someday?”

Suppressing the sadness in his heart, Ding Hao put away the jade, and the tears in the corners of his eyes disappeared in an instant. He turned to salute the God of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region and the others before he said respectfully, “Greetings, seniors. Thank you for your help.”

The Five Human Supremes and the five great Demon Gods had contributed a lot to plotting against and defeating the Fake God Emperor. At this time, if one looked carefully, one would find that the ten people had obviously gone through a hard fight and were not in a good state. Although they were powerful, they were all seriously injured. It could be seen what kind of horrible battle had taken place here before Ding Hao and the others arrived.

The five supreme Demon Gods of the Demon Clan just nodded slightly at Ding Hao, without looking at the others. The next moment, they turned into flowing lights and disappeared. No one knew where they went.

“Wonderful.” The eyes of the Heaven-Splitting Whale War God from the Southern Wilderness fell on Ding Hao, with a hint of appreciation. Obviously, he already knew what had happened in the Southern Wilderness and thought very highly of Ding Hao.

“Amitabha!” Lord Buddha also smiled. “The rescuer shall have himself saved. Almsgiver Ding, we meet again.”

Ding Hao hurriedly returned the salute.

The last time Ding Hao saw Lord Buddha of the Great Leiyin Monastery was on Mount Immortal Tao. He fought against the strange black demonic lotus, and there was no more news about him. Today, when they met again, Ding Hao could vaguely feel that Lord Buddha’s cultivation seemed to have reached a new level.

“It’s over. More than half of that man’s powers have been destroyed. The rest is up to fate.” The God of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region glanced at the others and said, “Everyone, go and heal your wounds first. Then, we’ll go to the Eye of Reincarnation.”

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