The City’s Almighty System - Chapter 3518 ending

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At this moment, Bai Wusheng shot and flew away again. There was a little blood flowing from the corners of the pig's mouth. Zhu Er easily wiped it. At this time, Bai Wusheng glanced at Zhu Er contemptuously. You, not enough.

"Now that you have been injured, I want to see how you will protect him next." The voice fell, Bai Wusheng's eyes fell on this Xia Ming, and Bai Wusheng's eyes showed thick killing. I don’t know why, his killing intention is getting stronger and stronger. He feels that he must try to kill Xia Ming, if he doesn’t do it.

If he died, it would be very troublesome.

"Boy...take it to death..."

Think of it here.

The next moment, Bai Wusheng yelled.

"Swallow the sky with a palm." As Bai Wusheng's voice fell, the surroundings seemed to have changed in a moment. Around Xia Ming, it seemed to be plunged into endless darkness. It seemed that this endless void was all there. Under this palm, Bai Wusheng is in Nirvana

Experts, excellent combat power, not everyone can resist.

Although the current Xia Ming is also excellent in combat effectiveness, it is unlikely that he will be able to leapfrog to so many levels. Therefore, when everyone sees this palm, everyone feels that under this palm, Xia Ming There is no doubt that he will die.


Suddenly, the power of heaven and earth rolled in, and a terrible pressure also rippled from the space between the heaven and the earth. The terrible power burst out, causing the people between the heaven and the earth to be incomparably shaken.


"What happened?"

"No, this is the tribulation..." But at this moment, I didn’t know that it was a violent shout, and immediately looked at the high sky. In the sky, the tribulation cloud was rolling. However, this tribulation cloud was a cause. Everyone present felt heart palpitations. At this time, Xia Ming also looked solemn.

For a moment, he was also for a gamble.

Unexpectedly, it really succeeded. "No, this isn't the Divine Hall Tribulation... This kid is no more than the Heart Tribulation Realm. According to reason, if you are promoted to the Divine Hall, you should descend the Divine Hall Tribulation. However, this is not the Divine Hall Tribulation. Strong power." At this time there were eyelids

Zi jumped for a while, and said in shock.

"No, how does this look like Zhan Shanjie?"

"That's not right, how could this be more like a heavenly calamity... the seventh calamity of the seven-catalogue realm?"

The people present looked at the scene before them in shock, which surprised them all.


In the next instant, a thunderbolt descended from the sky, a terrifying force, as if it had split this world apart, and immediately afterwards, the world regained its clarity.

Obviously, this palm of Bai Wusheng was directly split by Heavenly Tribulation.


This Bai Wusheng, as if being hit hard, spouted a mouthful of blood. Bai Wusheng looked at Xia Ming in amazement, shocked...

"The four calamities are all here, looking for death..." Bai Wusheng also did not expect that at this moment, Xia Ming would actually provoke the four heavens. Obviously, Xia Ming wanted to go through the seven calamities directly and become Nirvana. Master.

It's just that if you want to become Nirvana, the last tribulation, nine deaths, you can only get a chance to win through danger, but Xia Ming would use the tribulation to deal with him.

"Ha ha……"

At this time, there was a slight chill between the corners of Xia Ming's mouth. Xia Ming sneered, and then, his figure rushed away, almost in the blink of an eye, pulling away from the front of Bai Wusheng.

"not good……"

Bai Wusheng’s eyelids throbbed, and Xia Ming came to him at this time. Obviously, the power of the tribulation will be multiplied. At that time, the tribulation will lock him, and he will overcome the tribulation together with those who cross the tribulation. .

Such a terrible calamity, even for him, is a life of nine deaths.


Bai Wusheng slapped it out in a furious rage, and immediately afterwards, Bai Wusheng hurriedly retreated, but Xia Ming's speed was so fast that he did not give Bai Wusheng a chance at all.

In an instant, Xia Ming came to the opposite of Bai Wusheng. The Heavenly Tribulation above the sky seemed to have been provoked. Terrible power rippled from the sky and the earth, and its power instantly skyrocketed.

The sudden scene also made Bai Wusheng startled and angry.

" are seeking your own death, you can't survive the catastrophe."

Xia Ming laughed blankly when he heard the words, and said coldly: "It's worth it to be able to pull you to die together."



A thunderbolt crashed down, the terrifying thunderbolt was glowing purple, and the powerful force smashed it down, causing the whole world to vigorously shake.

"not good……"

Bai Wusheng hurriedly used the power of his whole body to block it.



Another thunder fell, and at that instant, Bai Wusheng was hit hard, and his body flew upside down. At this moment, Bai Wusheng was hit hard.

Looking at Xia Ming again, it was obviously not much better. Xia Ming was also hit hard, and his body fell to the ground severely, throwing the ground out of a big hole.


Xia Ming spouted a mouthful of blood, and Xia Ming grinned at this moment.

Like a lunatic.

"Mad..." Bai Wusheng said with a gloomy expression.


The thunder fell again, this time the thunder was several times stronger than before, and the terrifying power fell on this Bai Wusheng's body, and Bai Wusheng's pupils suddenly shrank.

"Do not……"

But at this moment, between heaven and earth, there was a terrifying force converging. With this terrible force converging, the falling thunder suddenly shattered.

At this time, the thunder that fell on Xia Ming caused Xia Ming to suffer heavy damage again, and Xia Ming spewed a mouthful of blood. At this moment, Xia Ming's breath was sluggish, and the four calamities were all, even he was a little reluctant. .


Another sky thunder fell. This was already the last sky thunder. If you survived this sky thunder, you can get rebirth, but if you survive this sky thunder, it will be wiped out.


At this moment, Xia Ming exploded with an unprecedented force.


The next moment, Xia Ming's body was instantly blasted, and terrifying power erupted in Xia Ming's body, which made Xia Ming's body unable to withstand such terrible power, and immediately exploded with a bang.


"Boss..." Zhu Er noticed this scene, and his expression changed drastically.

As Xia Ming was shattered, the original Qingming was restored between heaven and earth, as if none of this had happened. Looking at the front of Bai Wusheng again, he didn't know when there was a figure standing, and the figure looked cold and stern.

Even in the face of this catastrophe, he has never been afraid.

"this is……"

"Holy Son... Baiyun Yun."

"Zai Tianyun, this is Bai Wusheng's eldest brother?" At this time, someone took a breath.

"In the daytime, Yun Nai is the Son of Heavenly Palace. He is extraordinary. I didn't expect to encounter him here."

Suddenly, all the people between heaven and earth couldn't help taking a breath.


After Zhu Er saw Xia Ming being chopped, this made Zhu Er's expression greatly changed. Zhu Er stared at the scene in front of him with an angry expression. He never expected that Xia Ming would be chopped to pieces. Why? may?

"Are you okay?" Tian Tian Yun glanced at Bai Wusheng and said lightly.

"Big brother, I'm fine." Bai Wusheng took a deep breath and said, "I have followed this guy's way. I didn't expect this guy to trigger the four heavenly calamities."


At this time, Bai Yunsheng frowned and said softly: "It's not dead."

"Not dead?" At this time, Bai Wusheng was also shocked.

Suddenly, the pieces of meat that fell from this end suddenly moved, and then floated into the void. Under these countless eyes, it was reorganized. Such a weird scene, the people between the world and the earth. , Are inexplicable horror.

"This... what's going on?"

"Not dead..."

"No, this is the immortal body..." At this moment, the second pig seemed to be aware of something, which made the second pig, look happy, and muttered: "The third stage of the immortal body, the body is immortal... I didn't expect The boss actually reached the third stage, a total of five stages, and reached the third stage.

In the third stage, if the cultivation reaches the fifth stage, it will be immortal and immortal, and will last forever..."

Thinking of this, even the second pig has an indescribable joy.

"Swipe..." Under Zhu Er's gaze, Xia Ming had recovered and returned to his original appearance again. At this time, Xia Ming suddenly opened his eyes, and a bright glow was fleeting, and Xia Ming was clearly aware of it. Then, there is a surging power in my body,

Such a terrifying power was something he had never felt before. Obviously, this was the realm of Nirvana and the first realm of Nirvana.

Moreover, because he cultivated to the third stage of the Immortal Law Bodies, this caused his physical body to greatly improve.


Bai Yunsheng looked at the scene in front of him, with a little surprise in his eyes, and stared at Xia Ming with a smile. This was the first time he had encountered such an interesting thing.

"You didn't even die? Have you become a master of Nirvana?" After Bai Wusheng saw the scene in front of him, his eyes stared, and he couldn't help taking a breath.

"Brother, help me kill him." Bai Wusheng said solemnly: "You can't let him live." At this time, Xia Ming suddenly looked at Bai Wusheng, especially when he looked at Bai Yunsheng next to Bai Wusheng. This made Xia Ming’s expression even more solemn. On Bai Yunsheng’s body, he noticed a force. This force caused Xia

There is always a sense of oppression, this force is too strong, it is not a Nirvana at all, it is very likely to be higher.

Xia Ming didn't expect this matter to be so tricky that even the Four Tribulations did not kill the Bai Wusheng in front of him. This is troublesome...

At this moment, Xia Ming stared coldly at Bai Yunsheng in front of him, and Bai Yunsheng with his hands behind his back, looked at Xia Ming indifferently, and calmly said: "You commit suicide, or I will do it."

As soon as this statement was made, the people between the world and the earth sighed slightly, and the people present were silent for a moment.

This sentence is tantamount to a sentence of death for Xia Ming.

They all knew that Xia Ming could not be this person's opponent, this person was really terrible.

"If you want to kill me, don't think about it." Xia Ming narrowed his eyes, staring coldly at Bai Yunsheng in front of him, and said sharply.

"Don't drop the coffin, don't cry." Bai Yunsheng chuckled lightly. In this laughter, he was full of disdain. In Bai Yunsheng's view, Xia Ming was just a dying struggle.

It doesn't make any sense. Bai Yusheng shook his head slightly. In the next moment, a terrifying force gathered in front of Bai Yunshen. Bai Yunsheng slowly raised his hand. The gathering of this terrifying force caused both Xia Ming and Zhu Er to look different and waved. Gather powerful forces between

, This guy, they will definitely not be his opponents.

"Bai Yunsheng, if you dare to do it, the goddess will kill you."

At this moment, a voice resounded from between the heavens and the earth, and with this voice resounding, this made Baiyun novice who was planning to do it stiff...

Immediately afterwards, a girl appeared under the eyes of everyone. However, the girl was surrounded by white gauze and could not see her face clearly, but in her cold voice, it was like ten thousand years of ice.

"It's you……"

Bai Yunsheng's expression condensed, revealing a little jealousy.

"This person knows the goddess?" Bai Yunsheng noticed something for a moment, and said in a condensed voice.

"This is not something you should take care of." The goddess said coldly.

"Haha..." For a moment, Bai Yunsheng seemed to understand something. Bai Yunsheng took a deep look at Xia Ming, shook his head slightly, and said faintly: "Goddess is not something that everyone can covet. Today I will just leave it alone. Let this kid go, although I let go

With this kid, I think someone will be very interested in this kid. When the time comes, I just don’t know if the goddess can save him..."

"let's go……"

The words fell, and immediately after, Bai Yunsheng left here with Bai Wusheng.

All the people who were watching this sudden transformation were slightly taken aback. Obviously, they did not expect the transformation to be so sudden...

The girl suddenly looked at Xia Ming. The girl's expression revealed a little indifferent expression. The girl calmly said, "You are Xia Ming?"

Xia Ming heard this and immediately said: "Why do you want to save me?"

"It's not that I want to save you, it's the goddess who wants to save you. The goddess once said that if there is someone with talent that surpasses her, it must be you. I hope you don't let the goddess down."

When Xia Ming heard the words, his heart moved.

"Is it late..."

Xia Ming's hands were tightly clasped together, and for a while, there was a little killing intent on Xia Ming's body gradually condensing.


"Before the strength is reached, don't go to the Heavenly Palace. Going to the Heavenly Palace will only cost your life in vain. I hope you can do it for yourself. This letter is for you, the thing of the goddess." The woman lost her letter and disappeared in place, leaving behind Xia Ming alone.

Xia Ming took a deep breath, and her eyes flickered.

Xia Ming took the letter. After Xia Ming opened it, some text appeared on the letter paper. Xia Ming saw the content of the letter, which made Xia Ming feel warm, and it was obviously suitable for Lin Wanqing. Some of the complaints.

At the same time, he told Xia Ming not to go to the Heavenly Palace before his strength was insufficient, otherwise it would be very dangerous, but the more so, the more sad Xia Ming was. Xia Ming took a deep breath, his hands slowly clenched, and muttered: "Wait for me, this time won't be very long, I will be rescued soon..."

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