The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad - Chapter 1025 King's return

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However, at this time, the overwhelming killings shrouded the entire Tangmen, and people were overwhelmed.

Immediately after Qin Feiyu's body was like being bombarded by a cannonball, he flew backwards for more than ten meters, and then slammed into a **** fog.

Everyone is shocked by this. What kind of means is this?

The strength of Qin Feiyu has just been seen by everyone. In the late stage of the Holy Spirit, the whole earth is absolutely strong.

But this is such a person, being smashed into flesh and blood by the other side, what kind of cultivation can this be done? Is it a god?

When everyone was horrified, Qin Haodong took Niu Cuihua and others from the sky.

In order to achieve the Mahayana period, he only spent half an hour flying from Bermuda to the Imperial Capital.

Just far away, Qin Feiyu actually wanted to start his own woman and daughter, and suddenly murdered the machine and directly turned him into a group of flesh and blood.

Seeing that Qin Haodong reappeared in front of everyone, all the people present were sluggish, shocked, surprised, and complicated looking.

"Haodong, you are finally back..."

"Son, Mom wants to die of you..."

"Hey, Tang sugar wants you..."

After the people of Tangmen returned to God, they swarmed up and surrounded Qin Haodong in the middle. The little guy flew directly into his arms and held his cheeks with a fierce kiss.

Seeing the power of Qin Haodong, Douglas was shocked and stunned. After thinking that he had reached the realm of refining, he was the strongest person in this interface.

I didn't expect the young man's cultivation to be stronger. It is likely that he has reached the stage of fit, far from being able to compete with himself.

The fierce light in his eyes flashed, and Qin Haodong was surrounded by the crowd, not paying attention to himself.

Reaching out to take out a ghost gun, then slammed it toward Qin Haodong.

In his opinion, this is his only chance. Only by unexpectedly killing this person can he regain control of the situation.

The ghost spirit gun with a whistling, with a strong murderous, with the sound of tearing the air, quickly flew toward Qin Haodong.

Seeing that he is getting closer and closer to the goal, Qin Haodong seems to have no awareness, and is being relatives of his relatives.

Douglas flashed a look of excitement in his eyes. As long as he was shot by this ghost, even the monk who was in the fit period would die without a burial place.

But at this moment, suddenly a jade hand volleyed out, and he took the ghost gun.

The ghost gun that could have destroyed the earth and destroyed the land, in the hands of the other party, is like a child's toy, and can not cause any threat.

Douglas was completely dumbfounded, and grasped the ghost gun with empty hands. What kind of repair is this?

After the shock, he turned and ran away. The woman’s strength in front of him was far beyond his imagination, and he was definitely not able to compete.

But he hadn't ran two steps before, and he was slammed on his neck and then squatted on the floor.

The shot is the cow Cuihua, dare to be a black hand to her own, for this kind of person, she naturally will not be merciful.

At the first hand, all the Douglas repairs were abolished, and then the collar was brought to Qin Haodong and said: "Xiang Gong, how is this alien demon?"

Qin Haodong turned around and said coldly: "Kill!"

At this moment, his heart is full of anger. If he comes back later, the consequences will be unimaginable. I am afraid that the entire Tangmen will be destroyed by this Mozu.

When he heard his order, Niu Cuihua would naturally not have any kindness and softness. When one palm shot, Douglas instantly turned into a **** fog, and even the corpse capital did not stay.

Next to Qin Zhanlong and Qin Zhong were completely dumbfounded. After they saw the power of Douglas, they thought that this was the first person in the world. As long as they followed Douglas, they would definitely be one hundred million people.

At that time, not only can you control the Qin family, grab the throne of the home, and even control the entire emperor, and control China.

Unexpectedly, Qin Haodong came back, and instantly dispelled all their hopes. As God's Douglas was inferior to dogs in front of others, there was no ability to resist.

Seeing Qin Haodong’s eyes full of killings, Qin Zhanlong no longer cares about his identity. He no longer cares about the murder of the murderer. He threw himself to the ground: “Haodong, you must not Misunderstanding, we are all forced by this guy."

Qin Zhong also took care of the hatred and face in his heart, and also fell to the ground. "Cousin, we are really forced by the different devils. In fact, we just want to be undercover and find a suitable one. Opportunity to kill him."

What happened? Qin Haodong was naturally clear, and he said coldly: "Before you have repeatedly offended me, and I am in the same place as the Qin family. I have always left you a dog.

I did not expect that you actually betrayed the entire Terran and made the Qin family's ancestors shameful. Today there is no need to live in this world. ”

Seeing that Qin Haodong could not get through this road, Qin Zhanlong immediately turned his head and said to Qin Zongheng: "Looking at me, I am your uncle, you and Haodong ask for help, don't kill me."

Qin Zhong followed and shouted: "Yes, the uncle, how do we say that all of us are Qin family, all of them are flowing with the blood of Qin family, you must not kill us..."

Qin Zongheng said coldly: "Since the betrayal of the Terran, you are no longer a Qin family!"

"Let you have been a Qin family member and leave you a whole body."

After Qin Haodong said that he had raised his hand, the fierce strength directly shocked the heart of Qin Zhanlong and Qin Zhong. The two men fell straight to the ground and completely lost their vitality.

Solving the biggest crisis in Tangmen's history, Qin Haodong and his family finally reunited together, and the whole Tangmen was filled with Chinese New Year celebrations.

The next day, the news of Qin Haodong's strong return has spread throughout the imperial capital. Some people say that he has reached the legendary state. Some people say that he has cultivated into a fairy. In short, no one is his opponent.

The upper class of all the emperors swarmed, and when they were ready to go to the door, they found that only the Dad’s security company was left in the huge Tangmen, and the Qin Haodong family had disappeared.

Afterwards, many people were looking for it, but they did not find the whereabouts of Qin Haodong, as if their family had disappeared from this space.

Time flies, ten years later, Yaoshen Valley.

In an empty valley, a tall, beautiful girl dressed in a referee costume, with a whistle in her mouth, is organizing a football match.

On the court, the two sides of the match are 11 little boys with a tiger head and the other side are 11 beautiful and lovely little loli.


The beautiful girl blew the whistle in her hand and said to a chubby little boy: "Seven baby, you use the power again, the red card is sent off!"

The little boy whispered his mouth and said, "I will not be played if I am sent off. I will go to see the concert of Aunt Shanshan."

When he left, another little boy said, "I don't play anymore, go to the light dance aunt to dance..."

"I am going to explain the aunt's flowers..."

In the blink of an eye, the 11 little boys in front of me ran clean.

A little girl said: "Don Tang sister, they are gone, how can we play?"

"Forget it, go play it yourself!"

Tang Tang was mad and went back. At this time, Qin Haodong held a pair of twins in his hands, and behind him was carrying a two-year-old doll and came over.

"Don Sugar, come and help Dad, your 16 brother is peeing again."

Tang sugar sighed and said: "Dad, you a master of the Mahayana do daddy all day, do not know when is the head."

"Where do I know? You have a three-children with Cuihua, and Auntie Xiaoyan is pregnant with the fourth, and Auntie Fenghua is pregnant with the sixth..."

At this moment, the little witch Luo Hongying flew over from the side.

"Little brother, go see it, and the second one summons a dragon and a tiger beast, and there is no pressure on it."

"It’s really dead, your call of the year is not reliable, and the prostitute who is born is not reliable..."

Qin Haodong quickly rushed the children in his hand to Tang Tang, and then followed the little witch to gallop.

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