The Doctor In the Steampunk World - Chapter 2032 Physique tree

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"The roar of the gods, how powerful is the gods that can transmit the sound from the depths of the sea of ​​​​new life. It is very likely that it is the level of the nine-star god, right?" Simon asked Hardy House.

"Very likely." Hardy House said seriously.

At this moment, the roar became stronger, and the storm that swept through became stronger and stronger. Simon and the others hurriedly stabilized the Thunder Shuttle.

Simon suddenly noticed that a huge light appeared in the direction of the depths of the Sea of ​​Newborn. This light was as dazzling as the sun, shining on the area visible to the naked eye, and he actually saw a huge shadow in the dazzling light , not like a human, but like a giant monster.

Simon rubbed his eyes, making sure he saw it right: "Did you see that, there is a shadow of a monster in that light."

"I see, it is indeed very similar." Hardy House said seriously.

"Even we can see it here, how huge is that monster?" You must know that even a large world in the depths of the Sea of ​​Newborn can only see a small area when the environment is excellent. It's just a spot of light. Simon can't imagine or dare to imagine that there will be such a huge creature in the worlds.

Hardy House shook his head: "Probably not, it may be the effect of light and shadow projection or the external image of divine power."

When he said this, Simon could still understand.

"The turmoil of the gods has probably already begun. If the scale of the turmoil of the gods reaches the scale of the last time, the world of the Sea of ​​Newborn will be affected one after another soon. At that time, a terrible space will be broken and the space will be turbulent. If it affects here, we must leave as soon as possible." Hardy House looked very serious.

"Then go, you block the storm, and I will drive the Thunder Shuttle." Simon controls the Thunder Shuttle to fly at full speed. The storm is in the direction, so not only is there no resistance to the Thunder Shuttle, but it can ride the wind.

They sailed out of the Sea of ​​Newborn at the fastest speed and arrived on land.

After leaving the Sea of ​​Newborns, Simon and the others did not relax their vigilance. Many people have already escaped from the Sea of ​​Newborns. At this moment, there may be a large number of forces gathered on the mainland, and Simon must be more vigilant.

He wanted to escape from this continent as soon as possible and go to Thunderfield. But Hardy House’s injuries hadn’t healed yet, and Simon had no confidence, so he finally decided to find a hidden place to hide first, and set off after Hardy House and others recovered from their injuries.

Simon was very cautious, spent more than ten days, found a hidden place, hid the crystal skull, and entered the new world to hide.

Hardy House and the others also went all out to heal their wounds, while Sigg McKenzie immediately entered into penance to learn the sword master's sword intent.

Simon has not practiced in retreat, he needs to keep an eye on the outside world and deal with emergencies.

Three months have passed in the blink of an eye, and the sea of ​​newborns has undergone drastic changes. The chaos of gods and evils has become very serious, causing a large number of worlds in the sea of ​​newborns to be broken. And the shattering of the world produced a terrible chain effect, causing unimaginable spatial turbulence.

The spatial turbulence even affected the continent connected to the Sea of ​​Newborn.

The area connected to the Sea of ​​Newborn is newly fused, whether it is space or land, and it is still relatively fragile. Under the impact of space turbulence, it was broken again, and the continent of tens of thousands of kilometers was destroyed and returned to nothingness.

Fortunately, Simon was cautious enough to consider the consequences of space turbulence, so he chose to hide in an area 30,000 kilometers away from the Sea of ​​Newborn, so he was not directly affected by the space turbulence storm that rushed out of the Sea of ​​Newborn.

However, what rushed out of the Sea of ​​Newborn was not only the turbulent space storm, but also the chaotic and evil aura that belonged to the gods.

The aura of evil was blown into the mainland with the turbulent storm in space, and spread across the continent. The aura of evil was chaotic and evil, eroding the continent, but the aura of evil was not too strong, and it could not affect the combat power of the true god.

Simon stayed there obediently for several years, and has been very peaceful. Until today, there was movement outside, with fluctuations in divine power and huge vibrations.

Simon noticed it immediately, quickly left the new world, restrained his breath, shrank the source of divine power fluctuations and vibrations, and soon discovered the source.

It turned out that someone was fighting, and it was two against one.

The person being besieged was probably at the level of a five-star general, and the two besieging him were also at the level of a five-star general.

The battle between the two sides was a life-and-death battle, very fierce, and the surrounding mountains were blown up.

The people under siege were not two opponents, and they barely blocked the intensive offensive of the two, but the defeat was obvious, and the opponent basically had no chance of coming back.

But Simon was slapped in the face immediately.

The besieged person suddenly erupted, he actually hid his hand, took the initiative to show his flaws to attract the opponent's attack, and then suddenly exerted force, a black needle-like weapon hidden in his hand shot suddenly, extremely fast, directly between the eyebrows. The other party didn't even react when he was stabbed by the black needle. The black needle pierced directly between the eyebrows, completely submerged.

The other party immediately screamed, the black needle pierced into it was extremely sinister, his body lost control, and the divine power condensed on his body was also rapidly collapsing.

The people under siege took advantage of this opportunity to cut off the opponent's head with a long knife in their hands, and completely eliminated the opponent. But the other person made a timely move, slashing with a sword, only taking the vital points, forcing the besieged people to withdraw their hands and dodge. However, he didn't dodge completely. The Excalibur hit the armor, pierced the armor, and pierced into the flesh and blood.

The person who released the sword suddenly accelerated and stabbed forward, and the divine sword penetrated deeper. The person under siege grasped the divine sword, and at the same time opened his mouth and let out a roar like a tiger's roar. As soon as the tiger's roar came out, the eyes of the person who drew the sword were instantly filled, and he fell into a short-term absent-minded state.

This roar of the tiger actually had a soul impact.

And it was this very short period of distraction that was seized, and the sharp saber pierced into the face of the swordsman. The saber pierced from the front of his head, pierced from the back of the skull, and was blocked by the helmet.

The besieged man twisted his wrist and his saber, smashing his head and even his soul.

And after this knife, the besieged person directly knelt down on the ground, his expression was pale and his face was shriveled. Getting the Tiger Roar just now was a special soul attack, and he could only use it twice in his heyday. Just now when he was injured, it was a great burden on his body and soul.

He quickly looked at another person, the other person was hit by his secret weapon, his soul was also hit by the black needle, his soul was corroded and worn away, the other person was close to the level of a five-star general, his soul strength was extremely high, and he couldn't resist the erosion of the black needle spend time.

The besieged man gritted his teeth and used the little divine power he had left, urging the saber, the saber pierced through the air, and pierced the opponent's soul fiercely, the opponent's spiritual power gushed out quickly, trying to block the saber, but unfortunately his spiritual power was exhausted It was very big, it didn't block the sword, and the soul was cut off directly by the sword.

The besieged people quickly got up, put the corpse into the storage ring, and then took out an aircraft, ready to leave the place.

But a thick thunder burst out at a terrifying speed, and the besieged people's expressions changed drastically, and they quickly jumped out of the aircraft.

With a bang, the aircraft was directly penetrated by the lightning, and exploded in the next moment. The strong explosion sent the besieged people flying dozens of meters away.

He got up quickly, and at the same time, six lightning beams fell from the sky and scattered around him. The six lightning pillars sprayed out lightning instantly, forming a minefield.

Of course it was Simon who made the shot, how could he miss such a good opportunity.

The only thing that Simon didn't expect was that the final victor was actually the besieged.

A ray of lightning rushed into the minefield and went straight to the besieged person. The opponent was holding a shield and wanted to block Simon's attack, but the electromagnetic force of the minefield restrained him so badly that the speed of the shield's movement slowed down, so he A disguised movement made his resistance invalid.

The silver electric gun pierced the opponent's body fiercely, and the powerful thunder spread in his body in an instant, making him numb, and the terrible destructive power of the three-power poisonous thunder directly made his body lose control.

The opponent's soul rushed out and wanted to escape, but it was still bound by the electromagnetic force, and its moving speed was extremely slow.

Simon did not attack again, but a figure appeared out of thin air, it was Hardy House. As soon as he raised his hand, the majestic black light flooded the other party's soul and controlled the other party's soul.

Simon dismissed the minefield with a wave of his hand, quickly put away the opponent's body, then left the place at an extremely fast speed, re-selected a new hiding place, and hid again.

Hardy House began to search the other party's soul, hoping to find valuable information.

Soon they got a lot of useful information, the most important of which was the impact of the chaos caused by the gods.

"I didn't expect it to be so serious."

The chaos in the sea of ​​newborns was very serious, most of the world was destroyed, huge black abysses formed in the sea of ​​newborns, and now it is extremely dangerous, only the powerhouses above the eight-star general level can enter the newborn sea Survive in the sea.

Moreover, the terrible fluctuations caused by the destruction of most of the world caused the 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers of continents connected to the Sea of ​​Newborn to be torn apart, and the majestic divine aura invaded the land, causing serious pollution in the land.

These are not the most important.

The main thing is that a large number of world fragments were impacted and fluctuated from the Sea of ​​Newborn and fell to the mainland. Some of these large fragments still contain precious treasures.

In addition, some of the corpses of the gods and the strong were not damaged by the impact, but were swallowed by the black abyss, and fell to the mainland along with the world fragments.

Both the corpses of the strong and the corpses of the gods are extremely valuable, and it is also because these extremely valuable things have caused continuous disputes on the continent in the past three months.

The three-person battle just now was triggered because the besieged people snatched a treasure carried in a world fragment.

Simon took out the treasure that sparked the battle from the Space Ring of the Besieged.

It is a precious tree.

An ancient and vicissitudes of treasure tree, with a height of 100 meters, its main branches are extremely thick, with a thickness of 30 meters, which is quite amazing. It's just that the leaves of this precious tree are now withered and yellow, withered a lot, and there is only one solitary fruit on the branch. This fruit is crystal clear, exudes colorful brilliance, and has a strong vitality, which is strange.

Completely different from this fruit, this precious tree exudes a rotten aura and is in a state of death.

I don't know if it's because of the impact, or the result of being in the inanimate space ring.

"It's actually the Divine Tree of Physique." Hardy House revealed its identity after looking at the Divine Tree for a moment.

Simon's face was startled, he knew the information about the Divine Tree of Physique.

The Divine Physique Tree is a treasure of different species from heaven and earth. Its growth period is extremely long, and it takes ten thousand years to grow one meter. This Divine Physique Tree is a hundred meters tall, which means that it has lived for a million years.

Moreover, the Divine Physique Tree blooms in 50,000 years, and bears fruit in 50,000 years. Calculated, it can only bear fruit once in 100,000 years, and each time it only bears thirty-six fruits.

The fruit it produces is called the divine fruit of physique, which is a divine fruit that enhances the strength of the body. A single fruit can make a weaker true **** have a strong physique with a higher true god.

In the market, the value of a body fruit is about 50 billion, which is extremely expensive.

His eyes were fixed on the only fruit on the tree of the body, which was the fruit of the body, and Simon couldn't wait to pick this fruit.

But there are more important things right now.

"Ha Di, this sacred tree of physique is dying, can it be saved?" A physical fruit is precious, but it is far less precious than the sacred tree of physique. If you can save the sacred tree of physical fitness, it is equivalent to having it Inexhaustible fruit of physical fitness.

"It's seriously damaged, and I can't revive it." Hardy House shook his head.

Simon's face turned ugly, and Hardy House continued: "Although I can't help it, maybe Curtis can, and if you add the Stone of Life, it may not be impossible to revive it."

Simon froze for a moment: "Curtis can absorb its damage?"

"The Divine Tree of Physique also has life, of course Curtis can absorb its Hardy House affirmed.

Simon immediately summoned Curtis and asked him to see the situation of the Divine Tree of Physique.

"It was seriously injured. With my current situation, I'm afraid I can't absorb the damage in its body at once." Curtis said seriously.

"Absorb as much as you can," Simon said.

Curtis nodded, turned into mud, and wrapped the sacred tree of physique. After a few minutes, the mud turned into pitch black and fell from the sacred tree of physique.

Curtis couldn't gather his human form anymore, and was seriously injured.

After absorbing part of the damage from the Physique God Tree, the decaying aura emanating from it became much weaker, indicating that Curtis' treatment was effective.

Simon immediately arranged for Curtis, and then released all the life force in the Stone of Life, and injected it into the body of the Divine Tree of Physique, and the state of the Divine Tree of Physique improved.

"It's not enough. Its death is only temporarily delayed. To fully revive it, it needs to continue to absorb the damage in its body. It also needs a huge vitality to activate its self-healing ability. Unfortunately, the core of the world has already merged with the new world. Otherwise, the power at the core of the world can provide him with majestic vitality." Hardy House said.

"The new world has expanded several times, and all kinds of energies here have grown several times. I can arrange a large formation and gather the life energy in the world to heal it." Simon said.

"That's a good note."

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