The Doctor In the Steampunk World - Chapter 2033 gun intent

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A certain forested area in the New World is the place with the most vitality in the New World, and Simon planted the Divine Body Tree here.

As soon as the Divine Physique Tree was buried in the soil, its root system immediately started to move, like big snakes burrowing into the ground, moving around, absorbing the nutrients and vitality of the earth.

Simon clearly sensed that the vitality of the earth in an area of ​​tens of kilometers was moving towards this place.

It is said that the root system of a tall and tall sacred tree can reach thousands of kilometers, and can absorb the vitality of thousands of kilometers of the earth.

Simon immediately began to arrange the formation, and a huge barrier quickly covered several kilometers of area, and then the life energy in the new world surged towards this place and entered the barrier. Simon was also decisive. In order to heal the Divine Tree of Physique, he directly mobilized half of his life energy.

The life energy in the enchantment is constantly accumulating, and the vitality is amazing. The Divine Tree of Physique seems to have been hungry for a long time, greedily absorbing the rich life energy.

The effect soon appeared, the whole body exuded vitality fluctuations, the withered yellow leaves were slowly turning green, and the decayed aura on the body was also weakening.

"The effect is unexpectedly good. I feel that if the current concentration of life energy is maintained, it can slowly repair the injury now." Hardy House said.

"But that would take a long time," Simon said.

Hardy House nodded and said, "Of course, at least one hundred thousand years, or even hundreds of thousands of years."

Simon shook his head: "It's been too long, and we still have to find a way to heal its damage as soon as possible."

"That's right, with hundreds of thousands of years of self-healing time, the Divine Physique Tree can bear fruit several times. It would be a pity to miss it." Hardy House said.

Curtis had to rely on Curtis to heal the Divine Tree of Physique, but Simon didn't have anyone who could deflect the damage for Curtis.

And now Hardy House and the others are all healing, and it will take at least hundreds of years to fully recover. Without Hardy House and the others as the bottom line, Simon really didn't dare to act alone.

Anyway, the Divine Tree of Physique will not die right now, so he doesn't need to worry.

Simon checked the three space rings, and there were no particularly precious items, but the combined wealth of the three people was about several billion, which enriched Simon's wealth.

After tidying up, everything was fine. Simon fell into deep thought and struggled.

Now there are a large number of world fragments, strong and evil corpses, and remnants washed into the mainland, especially the harvest of such a rare treasure as the sacred tree of physique, which makes Simon even more excited.

His tangled point is that he really wants to fight for it, but because Hardy House and the others have not recovered, and his elite men have also suffered heavy losses, he has no confidence in his heart.

He asked Hardy House about their current situation, and they were still considering whether to go out and get one. Still indecisive in the end.

He finally decided to take the Divine Body Fruit first, to see if he could give himself a little confidence after strengthening his body.

There is another more effective way to use the Divine Body Fruit, which is to refine the Divine Body Water.

The body-enhancing effect of a body-enhancing water made from the body-soul fruit combined with other precious materials is 1.5 times that of taking the body-soul fruit alone.

It's a pity that Simon doesn't have the formula to refine the body spirit water, so he can only take it alone. Anyway, he has the sacred tree of physical fitness, and in the future he will have the divine fruit of physical fitness, and he will find the formula for the divine water of physical fitness in the future.

The Divine Physique Fruit is not very big, Simon swallowed the Divine Physique Fruit in one gulp, and the divine power began to digest and decompose the Divine Physique Fruit.

A majestic energy quickly moved towards the limbs, flesh, muscles, bones, organs, every inch of the body was filled with this energy, the blood was boiling, he could clearly feel the flesh, muscles, bones, organs become strong and thick.

Time passed by every minute and every second, and the essence of the divine fruit strengthened Simon's body from the inside out, and his physical strength doubled in just one hour.

Half a day later, the effect of the divine fruit of physique dissipated, and Simon opened his eyes, exuding strong aura fluctuations from his body, like a beast ready to go.

He tapped his skin, and his skin was strengthened by the divine fruit of physique, and it was more than twice as tough as before. Now he can block some not-so-powerful attacks by relying on his physical strength.

Simon punched with all his strength, the air vibrated and roared, and the air exploded with one punch, causing a sonic boom, and even a slight shock in the space.

Of course, the shock in the space is not because of the strength of Simon's fist, but because the space here is affected by the sea of ​​newborns, and the space is not strong.

"My current physical strength should be two to three times stronger, and my physical strength should be equivalent to the combat power of a high-level true god." Simon was full of joy, feeling the changes in himself, and at the same time lamenting the power of the divine fruit of physique, and made up his mind Determined to completely cure the Divine Tree of Physique.

"My current comprehensive strength should be equivalent to the level of a four-five-star general. With the artifacts and equipment on my body, it is estimated that I can fight against a five-star general. Not to mention defeat, at least I can escape." Simon pondered, calculating his current strength. .

"With Hardy House and the others, I should be able to escape from the six-star general. As long as I don't meet anyone with a six-star rating or higher, there will be no problem." Simon felt itchy and wanted to go out and fight for it.

Ultimately responsibility overcame his will.

He can bear his own life, but he cannot ignore the life and death of his relatives, friends and more than one billion believers in the new world.

He let go of the desire in his heart and calmed down to polish his physical body.

The essence of the divine fruit of body and soul has not been completely absorbed by the body, and it is hidden in the bones of the body. He quenches the body with thunder, re-stimulates the essence that has not been absorbed in the body, and allows the body to absorb it.

This hiding was not affected by the outside world, and decades have passed in a blink of an eye.

In a valley in the north of the New World, thunder surged violently, and the terrifying thunder shuttled freely.

In the thunder, Simon's fists were like dragons, constantly bombarding, and each punch produced a sonic boom similar to a dragon's roar, which was extremely terrifying.

The boxing he punched was not an ordinary boxing technique, but a Thunder-type boxing technique called Thunder Dragon Overlord Fist, which was a trophy that Simon got in the Sea of ​​Newborn.

Thunder Dragon Overlord Fist is a boxing technique evolved from Thunder Dragon's divine claw strike. After mastering it, one can use Thunder Dragon's divine claw strike.

The best way to practice Thunder Dragon Overlord Fist is to transform one's blood into Thunder Dragon blood. In this way, one can even transform into a Thunder Dragon after reaching a great success.

But Simon doesn't have brontosaurus blood, and doesn't plan to transform into brontosaurus.

His shadow ghost bloodline has been evolving over the years, and his potential for evolution is great, no worse than that of the brontosaurus.

He practiced Thunder Dragon Overlord Fist just to absorb the remaining essence of the divine fruit in his body.

In the past few decades of almost crazy practice, all the remaining essence of the divine fruit of the body has been absorbed, and the strength of the physical body has increased.

After absorbing all the essence of the divine fruit of physique, Simon gave up Thunder Dragon Baquan and specialized in spear skills.

One of his goals is to cultivate spear intent.

After seeing the sword intent of the peerless sword master, Simon realized how powerful and terrifying the sword intent was, and he came up with the idea of ​​cultivating the spear intent. For this reason, he pulled out Sigg McKenzie, who was comprehending the sword intent of the peerless sword master, and asked him how he developed the sword intent.

Although Spear Intent and Sword Intent are different, they are essentially the same. With the guidance of Sigg McKenzie, it is a clear path for Simon.

In order to develop spear intent, he must have a complete understanding of the spear and practice the spear to the extent that it can be used with arms.

Simon started to practice the spear, he was even more crazy than practicing Thunder Dragon Baquan. He practiced and pondered every day, and it took him a hundred years to practice the spear to the point of being able to use it with arms. It took another two hundred years to gain some insight into the spear intent, and he felt that he was only a step away, but he couldn't make it this far.

In the end, he pulled Sigg McKenzie out again, and under the oppression of his sword intent, he allowed himself to take this step, and initially grasped the spear intent.

It is not slow to master the spear intent for more than three hundred years, but he practiced it openly. He wore a black stone during the cultivation, which increased the speed of comprehension. If you don't open it, you don't know how long it will take to master the spear intent.

After mastering the spear intent, he continued to hone his spear intent, but Simon's spear intent progressed very slowly. Three hundred years had passed, and the value of his spear intent improved like a turtle.

Simon had to ask Schick McKenzie again.

"The spear intent is the same as the sword intent, its essence is the manifestation of one's own will. Your spear intent is progressing slowly, indicating that your will is not pure enough.

Of course, the spear intent has many directions like the sword intent, and everyone's sword intent is different, compared to my sword intent and the sword intent of that peerless sword master.

So everyone's gun intent is also different. Your slow progress may be because you haven't found the right direction.

Also, whether it is spear intent, sword intent or sword intent, it is extremely difficult to cultivate, and it is normal to progress slowly. I have only achieved a small amount of sword intent so far. said Schick McKenzie.

After hearing Sigg McKenzie's explanation, Simon felt a little better.

"What direction should my gun be?" Simon stroked the silver electric gun, thinking about the direction of his gun.

The lightning flashed on the silver electric gun, Simon's eyes shot out, and he found his direction.

In an instant, the thunder light roared from the silver electric gun. He held the gun with one hand, and a strong thunder light shot out, smashing the hill in front of him.

"The rules of the thunder system that I practice, the power of thunder is fierce and domineering, and the destructive power is the strongest. Therefore, my gun should be fierce and domineering, and go forward indomitably." Thunder burst out from his body, and his whole body exuded a ferocious aura.

His gun should be ferocious and indomitable, this is his gun intent.

After finding the direction of the spear intent, Simon happily threw himself into the penance, wanting to continue to improve the spear intent.

He thought that after finding the direction, his spear intent would progress faster, but in fact his spear intent was still very slow.

"Why is this?" Simon was puzzled. He sat cross-legged on the hill and pondered for two months, and finally found the reason.

"Because I can't be indomitable, how can my spear intent be indomitable?" Simon smiled wryly. The reason lies in himself, Simon is cautious, especially during those years in Sea of ​​Newborns, he has become more cautious.

Being cautious is a good thing, but being too cautious may appear hesitant, which runs counter to his indomitable gun intent.

The reason is that Simon has been burdened with too many things, which has caused his personality to change a lot, caused him to think too much, and finally caused his indomitable will to be impure.

If his will is not pure, he will not be able to cultivate his spear intent to the level of Dacheng in his whole life.

He asked Schick McKenzie about the solution again. This is a problem of Simon's own will, and it is up to him to change it.

Schick McKenzie made him retreat into penance, let him forget everything, only himself, only the gun in his heart.

One's own will can change the spear intent, and the spear intent can also change the will. If Simon had been practicing penance for a longer period of time, he might be able to influence his own will with the spear intent.

Simon did so, and more than six hundred years had passed by this time, Hardy House and their injuries had mostly recovered, just in time for them to guard the New World.

He officially announced the penance of retreat, which will last for a thousand years.

In the first hundred years of the millennium, he used to forget everything, and he really only had a gun in his heart. The last nine hundred years and the gun intent polished each other.

Thousands of years passed in a flash, the door of the training room was knocked, and Simon woke up from the state of ecstasy.

He caressed the silver lightning gun in his hand. His spear intent hadn't improved much in the past thousand years, but under the feedback of the spear intent, his will became much firmer.

"It's really useful, but is the millennium time here?" Simon got up and pushed open the water training door.

Hardy House and the others greeted Simon at the door.

"Welcome to the lord to leave the customs." Gail Lanjin bowed.

Simon nodded and said, "This thousand years is thanks to you all."

"The gun is sharp. It seems that the thousand years of penance are not wrong." Hardy House laughed.

"It's not even close." Simon shook his head.

"Don't be humble. Not everyone can master the advanced attack method of gun intent and sword intent. Even I haven't been able to master sword intent yet." Hardy House

The green-robed sword master was a little interested in Sigg McKenzie, which made Simon's eyes flash and he began to think about it.

"I have gained a little, but the master's sword intent is too domineering and sharp, and needs to be carefully studied." Sigg McKenzie said truthfully.

The Qingpao Sword Master nodded slightly and said with a smile: "It is good to have a little gain.

A piece of ordinary white paper flew down in front of him in the flip of his hand, and then he formed a sword finger with one hand. The sword energy on the sword finger was extremely strong, but it was controlled very well, and it didn't let out at all. Feel the terror in it.

Simon clearly recognized that the sword energy on that sword finger could kill him instantly.

The green-robed sword master lightly slashed across the paper, and the sword energy dissipated from his sword fingers. With a wave of his hand, the paper flew down in front of Sigg McKenzie, and there was a gray-white long sword pattern on the paper, which was very ordinary. It looks like scribbling.

But how can a peerless sword master be so fragmented, there must be a lot of articles on it.

"You and I are destined, I left a piece of my sword intent on it, if you can penetrate it, it will be of great help to you." Said the Qingpao Sword Saint.

Simon noticed it immediately, quickly left the new world, restrained his breath, shrank the source of divine power fluctuations and vibrations, and soon discovered the source.

It turned out that someone was fighting, and it was two against one.

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