The Earth People are so Fierce (Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!) - Chapter 1754 If you are a tough guy, you have to take strong medicine

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Chapter 1754

Meng Chao's words were like a flood breaking a dam, rampaging through the entire Dragon City and the hearts of all Dragon City residents, stirring up rolling thunder and huge waves.

On the Internet, his remarks instantly occupied the first to tenth places on the hot search lists of major social media.

No one doubted the veracity of these words.

In addition to Meng Chao's own reputation and prestige, the veracity of these remarks is also easy to judge.

The ripples of space surrounding the Monster Mountain Range have vanished, and the Dragon City civilization has already taken its first step beyond the Monster Mountain Range. In any case, the contact and even communication between the Earthlings and the natives of other worlds will become more and more in-depth.

If the statement such as "the total population exceeds 80 million, and may even exceed 100 million", if it is a lie, it will be exposed in minutes.

As for the combat effectiveness of the Turan warriors, even after a battle, it will become clear immediately.

You know, Meng Chao held a press conference for the entire Dragon City.

He also represented not only himself, but also Remnant Star Club, Martial God Temple, Superstar Group and even Azure Alliance.

If he dared to tell such a big lie on the strategic issues concerning the life and death of Longcheng, it would not only destroy his own reputation, but also the Remnant Star Club, the Temple of Martial Arts, the Chaoxing Group and even the Azure Alliance, which in the eyes of all citizens would be ruined. image.

It was precisely because everyone realized that it was impossible for Meng Chao to lie.

The repercussions of these remarks are far-reaching and heavy.

"Natives from other worlds are so powerful, does Dragon City really have no chance?"

"So, now it's not a question of whether Dragon City can conquer other worlds, but rather, in the near future, we are likely to encounter disasters that are more terrifying than the beast horde?"

"Floods, viruses, order collapse, beast hordes... When will the suffering of the people of Longcheng end!"

For a while, words like these, depressing and even desperate, flooded the Internet.

The pessimism of the general public and investors was also reflected in the financial market in an instant.

Regardless of the nine super companies or the innovative companies under the Azure Alliance, the stock prices have begun to fluctuate sharply. No, there is almost no fluctuation, but there is a trend of high diving.

Within five minutes, the economic decision-making group of the Survival Committee decided to temporarily suspend the market indefinitely with unprecedented efficiency.

But this decision can only temporarily lock up restless funds, but cannot lock up the restless hearts of all citizens.

No one can imagine how ugly the Dragon City Composite Index will fall when the market opens next time.

As no one can imagine, what a bleak tomorrow will look like.

Meng Chao, who was in the center of the eye of the storm, could fully feel the confusion, frustration, panic and even despair coming from all directions.

I also know what kind of earth-shattering impact my words will have on the entire Dragon City.

But after thinking about it for a long time, he decided to tell the truth.

No way, self-deception is useless.

Contacts, exchanges, and even wars between the Dragon City civilization and the Turan civilization, as well as the Holy Light camp, will all come within a few years.

Now I still cling to the dream of "the torrent of steel, invincible in the world", what is the difference between it and an ostrich with its head buried in the sand?

If today, I don't have to be slapped in the face and tell the truth to all the citizens of Longcheng.

By tomorrow, tens of thousands of Longcheng citizens will most likely have to use their own blood and even die to see clearly the extremely cruel reality.

At the same time, Meng Chao firmly believed that the goal of "conquering the alien world" was neither correct nor realistic.

Throughout the past and present, no major country, whether on Earth or in other worlds, can achieve the grand goal of "global conquest".

As strong as the former Empire on which the sun never sets, after a short hundred years of glory, it fell into a long decline. By the time Dragon City passed through the 22nd century, it had already declined into a shit-stirring existence.

The global conquest of the empire on which the sun never sets relies not only on the "steel torrent" or "armada", but more importantly on the ruthless, shrewd, meticulous, despicable and shameless diplomatic means .

From this perspective, being able to become a "global shit-stirring stick" and enjoy the hundreds of years of "empire afterglow" is already a very successful case.

There are also countless war empires that tried to rely on hegemony to crush the whole world, and they have long been wiped out and disintegrated.

Perhaps, when Dragon City has just passed through, facing floods, earthquakes, viruses, zombies, and monsters invading in turn, everyone is in despair, and when the fire of civilization is dying, it is reasonable to throw out the argument of "the torrent of steel conquers other worlds" It helps to gather will, boost morale, and kill a **** way in many crises.

But at the current point in time, the basic security of Dragon City civilization has been guaranteed, and when the **** curtain of the alien war is about to kick off, Meng Chao feels that compared to "conquering alien worlds with a torrent of steel", it is better to "build high walls" , Accumulate grain widely, become king slowly, sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight" is more appropriate.

Therefore, Dragon City civilization must revise its strategic goals.

Amended from "conquering the alien world" to "unite the will to become a powerful alien world **** stick".

As for whether the people of Dragon City can accept this cruel truth and a more realistic strategic goal, they can only give it a try.

If you are a tough guy, you have to take strong medicine. Meng Chao believes that after half a century of **** storms, the people of Longcheng who have persisted until now have enough thick and tenacious nerves to continue to persevere.

Thinking of this, he continued:

"Everyone must want to ask, since the Turan civilization has such a large population, and there are Turan warriors who are comparable to extraordinary people, and they are also armed with such powerful totem armor, why, in the past half century, they have always been Failed to step into the monster mountain range?

"If we say that in the past half a century, it was because of the Dragon City's crossing, tearing apart the space, and the space ripples that caused the inside and outside of the Monster Mountain Range to be close to the horizon, then, at an earlier point in time, when we hadn't crossed, why? Did the Turan civilization not conquer the Monster Mountains?

"That's because, in the past thousands or even tens of thousands of years, the main strategic direction of the Turan civilization has never been located in the narrow and barren monster mountain range at the southernmost tip of the continent.

"It's the center of the main continent of the other world in the north, which is said to be illuminated by the holy light and blessed by the gods. It is rich in resources and full of milk, honey and spar.

"In fact, the Turan civilization is not the most powerful indigenous civilization in the other world.

"The holy light camp that occupies the land of holy light is the most powerful force in the entire alien world!"

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