The Earth People are so Fierce (Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!) - Chapter 1835 Lei Zongchao's whereabouts

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Chapter 1835 Whereabouts of Lei Zongchao

"Understood, I'll do it now!"

Song Jinbo turned and left.

As soon as he reached the door, Meng Chao stopped him again.

"Wait, there is one more thing, help me count the interrogation records of all members of the blood alliance so far, and see how many things similar to the 'shady gymnastics', and who and what interests are roughly involved in these things group."

Song Jinbo thought for a while.

"Are you going to agree to the conditions of the 'Committee of Ordinary People' and release all interrogation records?"

"I don't want to do it unless I have to."

Meng Chao replied, "But at least, I have to know the worst situation."

Song Jinbo took the order and left.

Only Meng Chao and Lu Siya were left in the room.

More precisely, perhaps 1.9999 people, plus 0.0001 monsters.

"Interesting, just now I was still pondering how Su Mulian's prophecy will be realized. After all, the turn of 'monsterization of the whole people' is too big, even I can't imagine it."

Lu Siya was thoughtful, "However, if the 'shady gymnastics' is revealed, and the authorities' explanations and handling methods cannot satisfy tens of millions of ordinary citizens, everything will make sense. .

"Because the authorities have been controlled by the nine super corporations for a long time, they have greatly favored the children of wealthy families on important issues related to education, examinations, and the selection of public officials. As a result, children from poor families have been forced from the beginning to the end on the traditional path of cultivation. Accept unfair competition.

"That's why ordinary citizens would rather choose the method of 'monsterization' with huge side effects, and use their fists, claws and fangs to fight for 'strength' and 'fairness' for themselves and their children.

"In short, 'the rich rely on cultivation, and the poor rely on mutation', Meng Chao, don't you think this is the most reasonable future?"

Meng Chao didn't have time to respond to Lu Siya's question.

He dialed Long Feijun's number.

Half a day ago, he and Long Feijun split up.

The latter went to the Chaofan Pagoda to invite Lei Zongchao, the "God of War", to Chaoshan.

After such a long time, Long Feijun should have met the "War God" Lei Zongchao long ago.

And Lei Zongchao, who had devoted his whole life to the civilization of Dragon City, had no reason at all. He watched Dragon City fall into chaos and crisis, but ignored it.

However, there was no news from Long Feijun.

Even if Meng Chao took the initiative to contact, the call lasted for a long time before the screen barely lit up, showing the outline of Long Feijun soaked in the darkness.

"what happened?"

The situation was threatening, so Meng Chao couldn't care less about the small talk, and immediately asked, "Master Lei, have you reported the latest situation to him?"

"Master Lei..."

Long Feijun's expression was very strange, "I went to explore the ancient ruins."


Meng Chao was dumbfounded, as if he had heard the most unbelievable joke in the world, "What are you talking about, Master Lei is not in the Martial God Palace, but went to the ancient ruins?"

No wonder he was so shocked.

Although "War God" Lei Zongchao is indeed located in the center of Longcheng City, one of the earliest explorers of the "No. 1 Primordial Ruins" deep under the Chaofan Tower.

It was also the experience of being forced by the blood alliance to use his life to explore the ancient ruins that gave him unparalleled strength and established his reputation as the "No. 1 master in Dragon City".

However, that was decades ago.

Time is not forgiving, for the "War God" Lei Zongchao, the group of pioneers, experimenters, and explorers who, with the courage of ordinary men and blind men and blind horses, ventured into the road of cultivation before the modern psychic martial arts theory building was completed, Even more so.

Numerous explorations, experiments, and fierce battles have left indelible marks on them, making their peak extremely short-lived. As they get older, their realm and state continue to decline, and they gradually withdraw from front-line combat and exploration positions. Helpless thing.

Especially Lei Zongchao.

As the price for ascending to the throne of "Dragon City's No. 1 master", he suffered the most serious injuries among all the first-generation god-level powerhouses.

Since more than ten years ago, he has been unable to perform normal activities outdoors without wearing any medical equipment.

In most cases, he had to stay in the "Walking Temple" which was built with crystal stones and could be filled with medical potions at any time.

Occasionally appearing in public, they must also wear a "mobile miniature medical cabin" that is as airtight as a spacesuit and filled with medical agents.

Obviously, this flesh and blood body riddled with holes and scars is not suitable for entering the treacherous, unpredictable and bottomless ancient ruins to perform various high-risk tasks.

Meng Chao also didn't think that any researcher at the Institute of Ancient Relics would have the courage to let the "God of War" Lei Zongchao in.

In fact, the last time Lei Zongchao went deep into the ancient ruins in person was several years ago, when Meng Chao was still in high school, and it was said that he also encountered an explosion accident.

After that, Lei Zongchao has been staying in the Martial God Hall, focusing on preaching and receiving karma to solve doubts, and he will not go to the Institute of Ancient Ruins to cause trouble for researchers and explorers.

So, why did he inexplicably go deep into the ancient ruins at such a critical juncture, and go to "the old man chatting about the youth madness"?

"What's going on, when did Master Lei go to the ancient ruins, did no one stop him?" Meng Chao asked.

"Judging from the monitoring records, it should have been yesterday, or more precisely, around the time when the Jinpeng exploded."

Long Feijun said, "During this time, Master Lei has been preoccupied, thoughtful, and seems to be troubled by certain things.

"Since last week, I have practiced in closed doors, avoiding everyone.

"He has a respectable status as an old man, and his thoughts are all related to the future and destiny of Longcheng, so naturally no one, including us disciples of the Martial God Hall, dare to disturb his tranquility.

"So, no one saw it, let alone prevented him from leaving the Martial God Hall.

"As for the Institute of Ancient Ruins, none of the staff saw Master Lei enter the ruins—you know, Master Lei is the first generation of explorers, and he is the survivor who has explored the most ancient ruins. Not one of them, Taikoo To him, the ruins are like his own home, even though he is old and injured, and wants to sneak into the ancient ruins quietly, no one can discover and stop him!"

"So, which floor of the ancient ruins did Master Lei go to?"

Meng Chao felt that he was running out of brain cells, "The staff of the Institute of Relics, have you found him?"


Long Feijun paused, a little uncertain, "Master Lei...should have penetrated into the bottom of the ancient ruins, the darkness that has swallowed countless explorers, but no one has ever come back alive!"

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