The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak - Chapter 627: Terror in Fone Kingdom: Confirmation

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Chapter 627: Terror in Fone Kingdom: Confirmation

Souta stared intently at Third Prince’s group. His eyes were adjusting every second, letting him see everything.

After a few moments, he sighed and patted Leilus’ shoulders.

“Is there something?” Leilus asked.

“I’m sure of it. That guy is our target. His whole group is our target so ask Drami, Marcus, and Paolo to prepare.” Souta said while looking at the commotion. He stretched out his hand at Leilus. “Here,”

Leilus looked at his hand and saw strings of webs. “What’s this?”

“Your weapons and armors are connected to the end of it. So simply pull it and all the equipment of your squadron will arrive at your location.” Souta explained. “Call them immediately, I’ll confront them and you will provide me support.”

“Wait? What?”

Leilus was confused about how Souta became sure that the Third Prince was their target. Although Third Prince had unknown backing, they still didn’t have any evidence if it was related to Red Matter Association.

“Just trust me,” Souta said as he walked forward.

Leilus stared at his back for a while before he turned around to find his comrades.

“There’s no future if our kingdom is gonna fall in your hand.” Alexander stepped forward and said straight to the Third Prince’s face.

“Eh~ so that’s how it is. My weak brother must have brainwashed you to become his watchdog. I don’t know what you are planning but you will not achieve it.” Third Prince laughed.

“I don’t mind beating you but I don’t wanna cause trouble for Germana Family,” Alexander said before he turned around.

The Third Prince’s smile disappeared as he glanced at his surrounding. He saw that a lot of people were watching them. These people were distancing themselves from them as if they didn’t want to get involved.

“Tsk! You better not forget my words. I’m doing this for our kingdom.” The Third Prince was annoyed.

A person approached him and said with a smile. “Third Prince, don’t bother yourself with that guy from Dreyfus Family. Sooner or later, we’ll be able to take the throne.”

The Third Prince looked at this young man.”Forget it! I don’t think that he will not succumb to me…”

This young man was a son of a Count Family and he was supporting him.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

A clap sounded and everyone turned their heads.

Alexander stopped on his track as he turned his head, only to see Souta walking towards the Third Prince.

‘This guy… Just what is he planning…?’

Suddenly, he noticed strands of web on Souta’s sleeve. His eyes widened as he stared at the man before him.

‘Don’t tell me this guy…’

Souta had a huge smile on his face as he approached the Third Prince while clapping his hands.

“You! Who are you?! Don’t annoy me!” The Third Prince narrowed his eyes.

One of the people behind him stepped forward. Even the young man beside him glared at Souta.

Suddenly, among the crowd, one person stepped out. He was Jovian.

He went beside Souta and said, “Sir Souta, do you know that Germana Family is neutral? If you trouble the Third Prince then it will involve the Germana Family.”

The young man beside the Third Prince heard Jovian’s words. He grew arrogant and said in contempt, “Oh, I heard that Lady Sekmet became a mercenary so you’re one of her people? A mere mercenary like you shouldn’t be given a chance to stand beside a noble!! You should go back to your rotten house!”

Souta turned to Jovian and said, “I know what you are trying to do so can you please step back. I will handle this.”

Jovian smiled wryly and slowly went back to watch the scene.

“And you?”

Souta turned around and looked at the young man. He slowly raised his hand and placed it on the young man’s shoulder.

“Bow down! I didn’t come here for you.”

The young man was forced to kneel. He didn’t even know why but he couldn’t control his body.

Souta looked down at the young man and continued, “A mere noble without any real powers. Just shut your mouth and don’t get involved in my business.”

“You!!” The young man was furious. He wanted to pounce at Souta but he couldn’t even move his body.

“I said keep your mouth shut,” Souta said in a cold tone as he raised his hand and tightly closed his palm.


The young man spat a mouthful of blood and fell on the ground.

The crowd was shocked when they saw this scene. They didn’t think that Souta would injure a noble. What’s worse was that they didn’t even know how Souta did it?

Souta ignored the young man as he turned his attention on the Third Prince.

“Who are you?!” The Third Prince said as his brows knitted together. He didn’t dare to underestimate the person in front of him.

Souta didn’t say anything as he continued to walk forward while staring at the Third Prince’s eyes.

“You!! Stop him!”

The Third Prince gritted his teeth and two peak S-rank stepped forward to block Souta.

“Don’t move,” Souta said as a powerful dominant aura exploded out of his body.

[Serpent Dominance]!

The others couldn’t feel it, but the three people in front of Souta including the Third Prince felt the horrendous pressure coming out of him.

Their bodies trembled uncontrollably as they stared at the figure before them with shaky eyes. Sweat started pouring out of their pores as a giant head of serpent materialize in their vision.


They fell on their knees as they couldn’t handle the pressure. They felt their strength leaving their bodies and they couldn’t even properly circulate their energy.

Souta stretched out his hand and grabbed the neck of the Third Prince. He lifted him up while staring at the Third Prince with cold eyes.

The crowd didn’t know what was happening but some of them stepped forward.

“Hey! What are you doing to the prince of our kingdom?!”

Before they could even do something, the rest of the Blue Cross Squadron appeared wearing their equipment. They blocked anyone from interfering with Souta.

“What’s the meaning of this Lady Sekmet?!” One of the nobles asked loudly.

Sekmet glanced at the nobles who spoke and narrowed her eyes. She already changed her outfit so she was ready to fight at any moment.

“Please step back. I don’t want anyone to be involved in this.”

She said in a cold tone. Her aura was slowly seeping out of her body.

Alexander, who was watching this scene, knitted his brows tightly.

‘What are they trying to do? Is there something that I miss?’

He looked around and focused his eyes on Souta who was lifting the Third Prince.

‘Everything changed ever since that guy heard about the unknown people behind the Third Prince.’

Souta looked at the three Shackled Realm experts behind the Third Prince. They weren’t moving but he knew that the pressure brought by his skill couldn’t affect them.

This was within his expectations. The [Serpent Dominance] could only affect people at S-rank and below as they were beneath them in terms of power level.

‘So the skill didn’t include the benefits of equipment and my release form. In short, people below my base form’s power level are the only ones affected by a debuff.’

“Ugh! W-What are you trying to do?!” The Third Prince said with great effort.

Souta snapped out of his thoughts as he stared at Third Prince.

“Don’t hate me. It’s just that I’m doing my job.”

He said as he stretched out his other hand and took something hidden in the Third Prince’s pocket.

It was a letter. It didn’t even have any insignia and other people would only think that it was an ordinary letter.

“That…!!” The Third Prince was shocked when he saw it. He tried to resist but he couldn’t even muster all of his strength at the moment.

“This letter is…”

Souta smiled as he opened it but the three Shackled Realm experts reacted quickly.


They launched their bodies forward but before they could even reach Souta figures blocked their path.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three Shackled Realm experts were pushed back as they stared at the figures in front of them.

The people that stopped them were Drami, Marcus, and Leilus. They were on the same level except for one person.

Leilus, the leader of the Blue Cross Squadron, and a person at Two Shackles Realm.

The intermediate stage of SS-rank.

“Don’t move.”

Leilus said as a powerful aura bored down on the three initial stage of SS-rank.

“Good job.”

Souta said with a smile before he turned to read the contents of the letter. After a few moments, he crumpled the letter and it turned into dust.

Paolo turned his head and asked, “What did it say?”

“Confirmed. They are our targets.” Souta turned to Marcus and added, “Marcus, you should go out and tell Grain Leader and the other squadron about this.”

He then squatted down and looked at the two peak S-ranks beside him. He reached out his hand and ripped their clothes, revealing a symbol of Red Matter Association on their chest.

Souta grinned widely at the Third Prince. Nothing could escape his [Galaxy Eyes] unless they had a universal artifact for concealing but the chances of it were low.

“Third Prince, you good? The support you have will not be able to help you anymore.”

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