The Great Genetic Era - Chapter 1377 Earth Zun's real killer feature (Happy Chinese New Year)

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Can the evil spirits in the 18th floor of **** harm the strongest at the level of Chuling and Yuan?

The answer is yes - no!

But when he saw this evil ghost raging wildly, Xu Tui understood the intention of the Earth Venerable.


This tactic is used to consume Chu Ling and Yuan's power.

This is about the case with water dripping through stone.

To put it more simply, in Blue Star's online game, a low-level character can't cause actual damage when fighting a top-level boss, but a little HP will be deducted forcibly.




This has been deducted.

But for those super bosses, the blood volume is extremely thick, in the millions and tens of thousands, and the blood volume is restored very quickly.

However, Chuling and Yuan are currently facing different situations.

Chuling and Yuan can also be regarded as a type of super big boss. Although they will not be forcibly deducted a little blood value when they are attacked by the wave of evil spirits, every impact of fake evil spirits will consume a little bit of their strength.

This little power is insignificant to them.

But what about multiplying this base number by ten million?

The power of Chuling and Yuan will be greatly consumed.

At the level of Chuling and Yuan, the power is extremely majestic and majestic. Once it is consumed, the thought sutra will be completely restored, all in units of years.

What's more, this is the small universe of reincarnation.

In the small universe of reincarnation, the power of reincarnation is extremely unique, making it impossible for Chuling and Yuan to absorb the power of reincarnation and recover quickly.

In this way, the power of Chu Ling and Yuan can be greatly weakened.

This is the trump card of the Earth Lord. Xu Tui figured it out in an instant.

Similarly, Chu Ling and Yuan also figured it out in an instant.

In an instant, Chu Ling and Yuan, the two alien giants, also made moves.

Urging their respective speeds to the extreme, they want to rely on their speed to temporarily stay away from here, avoiding the trump card of the earth venerable.

But the problem is, this killer, the Earth Venerable has been planning for a long time, how can they avoid it so easily.

Looking at Chu Ling and Yuan who were a little panicked, the earth venerable in the void sneered, this is the small universe of reincarnation.

This is his home field.

The finger transformed by the light and shadow of the Earth Lord pointed slightly, drew a circle quickly, and tapped lightly. In an instant, a space ban appeared around Chu Ling and Yuan at the same time.

A space with a radius of several kilometers, like a sphere, sealed Chu Ling and Yuan inside.

At the same moment, Houtu's will fluctuated in the small universe of reincarnation.

Xu Tui understood that this was the technique of space confinement performed by the Earth Lord using the cosmic will of the small universe of reincarnation.

This is also the reason why the Earth Venerable forcibly refines and controls Houtu's will.

In the previous small universe of reincarnation, the will of the universe belonged to Houtu, at most he only had a part of the authority, and outside of the authority, he had no ability.

But it's different now.

After Earth Venerable refined most of the will of Houtu controlled by the underworld in the reincarnation small universe, he was already the master of the small half of the reincarnation small universe.

What he has is no longer authority.

It is the cosmic will that directly controls the small universe of reincarnation.

What you say is what you say.

This kind of space ban can be cast at will.

Of course, this kind of ability is limited to the small universe of reincarnation, and outside of the small universe of reincarnation, he does not have this kind of space sealing ability.

However, precisely because he is only the minor half master of the reincarnation universe, the strength of this space confinement is not strong.

For Chu Ling and Yuan, this kind of space ban only needs one or two full blows to break through and break the ban.

But the trump card of the Earth Elder is obviously not that simple.

Following the tap of **** of the Earth Lord, four small gates of bones suddenly protruded from the gates of **** in the sky.

This time, the door of bones opened directly into the space that trapped Chuling and Yuanhe.

In an instant, the evil spirit rushed into the space barrier like a tide.

Countless evil spirits roared and rushed towards Chu Ling and Yuan.

It is even said that these evil spirits don't need to charge at all.

Because as soon as they appeared, they appeared in the space seal in front of them.

The four portals made this thousand-meter-square space sealed, and it was immediately full of evil spirits who wanted to reduce their crimes.

Chu Ling and Yuan will naturally not sit still.

As soon as he raised his hand and waved his feet, a large number of evil spirits turned into fly ash.

However, the more they killed, the same amount of evil spirits would rush out of the four evil spirit portals until the space seal couldn't be blocked.

Basically, every second, tens of thousands of evil spirits Chu Ling and Yuan were killed.

But after killing for 30 seconds, after killing nearly a million evil spirits, the evil spirits in this space seal are still full of evil spirits.

Can't finish killing.


And in this short period of thirty seconds, half of Chu Ling and Yuan's power had been consumed.

But this wave of evil spirits continues.

As for breaking the space ban.

Chu Ling and Yuan thought about it, but the endless evil spirits rushed towards their faces, leaving them no time to bombard the space ban with all their strength.

As soon as it went out, it came back.

Chuling and Yuan were really in a hurry. I was also a little scared.

This situation doesn't need to last for too long, it only needs to last for three to five minutes, and their strength will be consumed a lot.

At that time, not to mention killing the earth lord, whether he can get out of his body is another matter.

In an instant, I was in a hurry.

"Heiyang, where did you die!

If you don't come here again, everyone stop playing! "

Chu Ling scolded on the spot.

But it's not the kind that yells directly in the street.

Instead, they cursed in their three special communication methods.

"Immediately, I just arrived at the Reincarnation Cosmos, I will be there soon!"

"Heiyang, hurry up, otherwise, we may fail today." Yuan said.

"Fifteen seconds at most and I'll be there...huh?"

Heiyang, who had just given an affirmative answer, was stunned for a moment. In front of him, Yin Tianzi's yin and yang verdict waved slightly, and in an instant, a group of Huangquan iron guards who were hundreds of feet tall rushed towards Heiyang.

Normally, these clumsy Huangquan iron guards would not be able to stop Heiyang.

But at this time, the earthly respect lightly moved in this direction, and the space ban that trapped Chu Ling and Yuan before reappeared.

Heiyang had to fight these Huangquan iron guards.

Although these Huangquan iron guards are extremely powerful and extremely difficult to kill, they are relatively clumsy and cannot trap Heiyang.

It's not like the ubiquitous evil spirits where Chuling and Yuan are, making it impossible for them to start.

Relying on his speed, Heiyang can take the time to bombard with all his strength, breaking through the blockade of the space in front of him.

However, Earth Venerable had already prepared another trick for him.

Almost at the moment when the space seal was formed, the surviving King Yama of the underworld, together with the second generals of cattle and horses and other high-level elites of the underworld, and two elite ghost kings and generals appeared in all directions of this space at the same time and stood still.

Then he poured his own strength into the space in front of him to seal it.

In the distance, there was another power of reincarnation erupting from the reincarnation department, and it fell directly on the space block in front of you.

Originally, Heiyang only needed two hits to break through the space blockade, but now, it needs five, six or more hits.

However, those thousand Huangquan iron guards will not be idle.

They attacked Heiyang crazily one by one.

However, Heiyang is also amazing, plus Chu Ling and Yuan Cui are tight, and in just one minute, most of the Huangquan Tiewei here was killed by Heiyang.

The Yin Tianzi showed no mercy to this, waved his sleeves,

A group of Stygian Guardians was released by him again and thrown into the space banning battle circle.

Heiyang roared angrily, but he was helpless. He was momentarily stuck.

It will take time and consume more time for him to kill these extremely resistant Styx guards and Huangquan iron guards.

Another minute later, Huangquan Tiewei was wiped out, and there were more than 300 Styx Tiewei remaining.

Breaking the seal is just around the corner. However, Hei Yang also took a breath.

Two minutes of full power output greatly consumed his strength, and the nineteen pairs of Holy Light Wings behind him disappeared two more pairs, becoming seventeen pairs.

As for Chuling and Yuan, under the attack of the endless tide of evil spirits, they consumed a lot.

The strength of both of them has been consumed by more than 25%.

What made others even more frightening was that they killed tens of millions of evil spirits in the two and a half minutes, but the number of evil spirits rushing out of the gate of **** did not mean to decrease.

If this continues like this, it is really possible for them to reveal their true bodies today.

Both Chu Ling and Yuan were a little anxious.

One by one crazily urged Heiyang.

Only Heiyang can break the situation.

"Wait a minute, now, thirty seconds!"

Heiyang naturally knew that this was not the time to play tricks, UU Reading was going all out to attack and break the ban.

He can solve the three hundred Styx guards in front of him in fifteen seconds at most.

But just after Heiyang gave Chuling and Yuan the time limit, Tianzi Yin suddenly looked down at King Yama, the second general Niu Ma and other elites of the underworld.

In the next moment, Yan Luo Wang, Niu Ma and the two generals led two thousand underworld elites, one by one, rushing into the space to seal the space as if they were going to die.

Even Emperor Yin himself rushed into the space seal and attacked Heiyang with all his strength.

"Come stop me again, I... need a minute and a half at the fastest!"

When Heiyang's voice sounded in the communication, Chu Ling immediately cursed, "Heiyang, I am your ancestor!"

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