The Great Genetic Era - Chapter 1378 The key to winning or losing (Happy Chinese New Year)

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On the Zhanxian Terrace, Xu Tui was horrified at the scene in front of him. Earth Venerable's trump card completely exceeded his expectations.

Not only the method, but also the lethality.

At this moment, Chu Ling and Yuan were surrounded by the tide of evil ghosts rushing out of the gate of hell, and every time they were nailed, the strength of these two was being rapidly weakened.

And another alien giant, Hei Yang, was also trapped by the earth **** with the only remaining elite in the underworld.

No matter whether it is Yama, or the ghost king Guishuai of the two thousand ghosts, no one can stop Heiyang's attack. However, it will take some time to kill 2,000 people.

What's more, Emperor Yin personally entered the space ban that besieged Heiyang, and every blow could bring a little bit of damage to Heiyang.

Let Heiyang's strength also slowly weaken.

What's more terrible is that because Tianzi Yin is also a strong person in the small universe, although he is relatively weak, he can form a relatively strong ability to restrain Heiyang.

Originally, the underworld elite could be slaughtered in a minute, but because of the addition of Tianzi Yin, the time will become longer. On the other side of the underworld elite, they are all crazy and desperate, not seeking to kill the enemy, but only to die in battle. The reason is also very simple, as long as the will of the underworld is still there, the ghost army of the underworld will not die.

In the battlefield of the three supreme beings, the underworld ghost army, which had been at a disadvantage, suddenly changed its formation, and the battle became more organized again.

It is no longer the same one-sided situation as before.

As a result, the situation at the level of the Tri-Clan Expeditionary Army was slightly reversed, and the casualties of the Tri-Clan Expeditionary Army began to increase slightly. Xu Tui glanced at the 200,000 troops surrounding Zhanxiantai, and couldn't help feeling awe-inspiring.

No matter what the battle situation is, none of the 200,000 troops has moved, so what kind of big move did the Earth Lord prepare for him? Xu Tui has already basically understood the trump card that the Earth Lord is going to give to the three giants, Chu Ling, Yuan, and Hei Yang.


High speed weakens the strength of these three.

At the same time, Xu Tui also saw the problem.

black sun.

The weakest part of the Earth Lord's trump card is Hei Yang.

Then when Heiyang was out of trouble, it was the critical moment of this battle.

When Heiyang was out of trouble, either the supreme beings of the three clans were defeated, or the real decisive battle began. The key depends on when Heiyang can get out of trouble.

Judging from the current situation, the power of Chuling and Yuan has been consumed to less than 40%. If Heiyang escapes for more than three minutes, the battle of the three clans' expedition to the small universe of reincarnation will directly end.

There are three clans that ended in failure.

Xu Tui believed that if the strength of such giants as Chu Ling and Yuan fell to less than 20%, they would definitely withdraw from the battle directly. The layout of the ground statue should have been carefully planned.

All of a sudden, Xu Tui realized that he had inadvertently done the Earth Venerable a great favor.

If it wasn't for his unintentional transfer of Heiyang away from the reincarnation small universe battlefield, then the plan of the earth lord would still be used, but the damage to the Big Three would be much smaller.

What Xu Tui didn't even know was that he had inadvertently done more than a big favor to the earth venerable.

If he hadn't adjusted the black sun away for nearly two hours, then the power of the Earth Venerable's trump card would have been directly weakened by more than half. Now, the decisive battle has begun.

At critical moments, time passes quickly and slowly.

A minute later, under the interference of Emperor Yin, Heiyang killed more than half of the underworld elite, and Emperor Yin was also severely injured by him one after another.

Thirty seconds later, Yan Luo Wang was beheaded by Hei Yang, and a true spirit was led directly to the Department of Reincarnation. At this moment, the strength of Chu Ling and Yuan was weakened by about 10% again.

In the communicators of Chuling, Yuan, and Heiyang, Chuling's violent roar has already sounded. This is an ultimatum.

"Heiyang, if you still can't get out of trouble within 30 seconds, then let's break up and stop playing!" Chu Ling was really angry. "I don't seem to want to get out of trouble!" Hei Yang was also angry up.

"The last thirty seconds.

If you still can't get out of trouble, then in a few years, we can serve as courtiers to the earth together. Yuan Dan

He said something lightly, and finally, there was another sentence of God's mend knife.

"It's a big deal, just like in the Heavenly Court back then, just let others dictate!"

Yuan's words were like an iron thorn, piercing directly into the deepest and most unwilling memory of Chu Ling and Hei Yang.

Chu Ling glanced at Heiyang's direction and shouted, "We still have a chance within thirty seconds." "Thirty seconds!"

Hei Yang pursed his lips, and suddenly touched the topaz ring on his finger lightly. In an instant, countless earth-yellow voids burst out of the holy light.

The topaz ring soared into the sky, and then fell. The moment it fell, it turned into thousands of brilliance.

Every ray of brilliance falls on a ghost king and ghost commander.

This khaki-yellow brilliance is so sharp that it will kill you if you touch it.

In an instant, the remaining ghost kings and ghost commanders were cleared by Heiyang. And the holy light of the black sun is bombarding and suppressing the Yin emperor with all its strength.

After the attack, Zhu Tian Tu Gang turned into a phantom and returned, and turned into a topaz ring again and put it on Hei Yang's hand. It seemed that there was no change.

But if you observe carefully, you will find that the brilliance of the topaz ring has directly dimmed by more than half. The key to the original microcosm that has not been fully refined is relatively slow to recover.

This is also the reason why Heiyang doesn't use it easily.

The space where the Earth Lord trapped Heiyang was banned and cleared, leaving only the Son of Heaven Yin, so there was no pressure on Heiyang.

In just two seconds, Tianzi Yin was bombarded by the holy light so that he retreated step by step and had nowhere to hide. The moment he was about to die, suddenly there was a flash of space fluctuation, but he disappeared out of thin air.

It was at a critical moment that Earth Venerable rescued Emperor Yin.

Yan Luo, the ghost king of other hells, can die, and recover slowly after dying in battle, but Tianzi Yin can't.

At the moment when the Earth Lord rescued Emperor Yin at the last moment, Heiyang began to bombard and seal this space with all his strength. Three strikes.

The space ban was broken.

In the next moment, a stream of milky white light rushed straight to the space barrier that trapped Chu Ling, and at the same time, Heiyang also roared. "Eighteen seconds.

Lao Tzu used half of his hole cards.

Who dares to be stingy for a while, I will be the first to turn against him! "Looking at the Heiyang rushing out, the Earth Venerable sighed.

On the way, he used the space ban to block Heiyang twice, but each time he broke through in one to two seconds. Three seconds later, the space seal that trapped Yuan was broken.

Another second later, the space ban that trapped Chu Ling was broken.

At this moment, there were still a steady stream of evil spirits rushing out of the gate of hell, but Xu Tui's observations were much less.

However, the Big Three after they got out of trouble no longer had any nonsense. The three of them concentrated their fire and blasted countless cracks into the huge gate of **** in the Bone Ground.

Amid the violent tremors and the wailing of countless ghosts, the gate of **** sank into the void.

In the next moment, Chuling, Heiyang, and Yuan rushed to the Earth Lord at the same time, and the decisive battle came. The earth venerable had already expected this scene long ago.

And the final result was much better than he had imagined.

Smiling lightly, he retreated directly to the direction of the Eye of Samsara Si Minghe. Chuling, Heiyang, and Yuan naturally understood the battle intention of the Earth Venerable.

Once the Earth Venerable returns to the top of the Eye of the Samsara Siming River, then the Earth Venerable has obtained the endless power of reincarnation, and the difficulty of the battle will be further increased.

Suddenly, Yuan suddenly stepped out.

It was just a light step, but it traveled thousands of miles in an instant, and directly stepped behind the earthly venerable, and the brilliance gushed out, stopping the earthly venerable.

The body of the earth venerable who fled froze immediately.

The earth venerable wanted to escape directly into the void, but was stopped by Yuan Yi's hand and came back directly from the void. spatial ability.

Yuan is proficient in space and extraordinary ability.

In the future, he must be extremely careful when facing Yuan of the Daxi tribe, and Xu Tui's vigilance has already risen in his heart.

The Dizun was only blocked for a moment, and then Heiyang and Chu Ling came up, and the three of them once again attacked Dizun three times, besieging the Dizun. just at this time

The siege is different from the previous siege.

During the previous siege, whether it was Heiyang, Chuling or Yuan, the strength of the three of them was around 60%, and their combat power could be fully utilized.

But at this moment, Yuan and Chu Ling only had 20% of their strength left, and there were only 14 pairs of wings behind Heiyang, which was less than 40%.

In the eyes of the Styx of the Department of Reincarnation in the distance, a long river of reincarnation power rushed straight into the sky, and then fell from the top of the earthly venerable, constantly recovering the strength of the earthly venerable.

On the contrary, it is the three of Heiyang, whose strength is constantly being consumed.

Within 30 seconds of the start of the battle, Yuan directly swallowed several crystals with brilliance and countless patterns inside that were suspected to be star cores, and his strength soared back to his early 40s.

Chu Ling clapped his hands lightly, and suddenly two identical Chu Ling separated from somewhere in his body and merged into Chu Ling's body. In an instant, Chu Ling's strength also recovered to 50%.

With the recovery of strength, the pressure on the Earth Venerable became greater.

Xu Tui originally thought that both Chu Ling and Yuan used the treasure to restore their strength, and that should be the time for the decisive battle. Perhaps, in the next few seconds, it will be the time for these three to launch their ultimate moves and kill the earth venerable.

Xu Tui also concentrated on observing the battlefield.

First, the opportunity to watch the battle like this is extremely precious, and you can get first-hand information about the strength and intelligence of Chuling, Heiyang, and Yuan, which will be of great use in the future.

Secondly, in this situation, there may be an opportunity for Xu Tui's plan to take millet out of the fire. Xu Tui waited quietly.

But this wait is several minutes.

But Xu Tui was astonished that three or four minutes had passed, and the fierce battle was still going on. The decisive battle between the top powerhouses in the universe had not yet begun.

They are all conservative consumption moves of you coming and going, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com has no explosive big moves at all. Xu Tui was stunned!

How is this going?

Chuling, Yuan, and Heiyang, do they want to kill the earth lord through consumption? This is absolutely impossible.

The earth **** has a steady stream of reincarnation power to supplement, playing a war of attrition, and in the end the three people of Heiyang, Yuan, and Chuling are consumed. Xu Tui could see this, so Chu Ling, Hei Yang, and Yuan could also see it.

But why is it still playing a war of attrition.

Suddenly, Xu Tui discovered that Yuan, Heiyang, and Chu Ling were trying to rush in a certain direction frequently. I understand why.

I also understand where the key to this decisive battle lies.

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