The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife - Chapter 1376 Big grievance

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"I... I don't know!" In the eyes of Tong Bing, there was a flusteredness, and soon it disappeared again. It became a pleading and pitiful again. "I just panic, I don't know what I did. But 奚玥I really don't want you to..."

Tunxi swelled his mouth and his eyes were deep and deep like a hell. He suddenly lifted his hand.

Tong Bing gave a painful mourning, and the whole person fell backwards and fell into a wolf dog.

The sound of Tunxi’s voice is like Hell Shura: “I care that you are intentional and unintentional, that my man is injured, life and death are not clear, you still want me to forgive you! You can’t help but dream well!”

Tong Bing raised his head violently, and a pair of deer-like eyes filled with tears, full of incredible, and hidden in the deep.

Qian Dazhuang and others looked at the stream and started to scream with excitement. "Everyone is following me, killing this broomstick star!"

"Yes, kill him! It’s all this guy who is trapped here!"

"Damn, I wanted to hit this sniveling sissy Cacalia Lord for a long time!"

The people in the Waste Medical Branch rushed to the top, and they did not use spiritual power to kick and kick against Tong Bing.

Later, even the hearts of other branches did not rush to go up.

Tong Bing kept mourning and begging for mercy, and he said that he was innocent. Why didn't you believe him?

Students who are looking at the indignation will kill Tong Bing.

Lu Shuguang flashed and suddenly stepped forward: "Stop! Oh, everyone is a student of the Medical College. How can you be so cruel? If he does something wrong, it is nothing but loss of heart. Do you want to Did he be willing to kill him?"

Said, Lu Yan made a color to the elders around him.

The elder immediately noticed, and his body suddenly flew up and rushed toward the crowd.

The next moment, the students who screamed at Tong Bing were thrown away by these elders, and the nose and face were swollen, and the dying child ice was brought to Lu Yan.

Lu Yan looked at the pitiful and pitiful teenager at his feet, and his eyes were scorned, but his face showed a soft expression of sadness and sorrow.

She crouched down, her gaze gazing at the low-low screaming child ice, and sighed softly in her mouth: "Poor child, you are so desperate to follow, I didn't expect him to be like this to you. Such a stone-hearted person If you really let him go out, maybe you can go back and save us? Hehe~"

Lu Yan’s words changed the face of the students and elders of the Medical College.

Humanity is selfish. If you leave the trap, will you really risk to save them?

With their own people, they feel that if they are not easy to escape, they will definitely not come back. After all, even if it is more likely to break the confined space outside, there are also many monsters in the outside world.

With this in mind, they looked at Guanxi's eyes and became complicated and doubtful.

At this time, Lu Hao has released a body that cures the child's ice.

Tong Bing was originally suffering from skin trauma. After Lu Yu’s treatment, he quickly recovered.

Only his clothes have become ruined, his eyes are red, his face is sad, as if he has suffered a great grievance.

Tong Bing looks at Tunxi, his eyes are full of pains that have been abandoned, tears and whispering: "Hey brother, I know that it is my unintentional loss, let you be thrown by mysterious brother, so you hate me, But I really didn't mean it."

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