The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 917 - Draw Your Sword, Love Rival  

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Chapter 917: Draw Your Sword, Love Rival

[Catch the rich man upstairs alive! I also want to ask the host what are the conditions for making friends? Can a fair-skinned and beautiful person like me be your helper?]

Lan Jiaye looked at the large number of messages on the screen asking to be friends. It was like a large-scale blind date. He suddenly understood what his sister-in-law had said previously.

A few days ago, he was still on the screen, shouting to attract some of the host’s attention so that he could have a bite of the host’s food.

Now, he had become a member of the host’s side and the target of envy and jealousy of his fellow fans.

This feeling… was so d*mn good!

Lan Jiaye, who suddenly felt much better, followed his sister-in-law to pick the vegetables happily.

However, Huo Chenhuan walked behind Su Yayan and hugged her waist gently. He asked softly, “Are you hot?”

“I’m not hot. Are you hungry?” Su Yayan looked around. After making sure that everyone’s attention was not on them, she pulled out a few freshly grilled squid and handed it to Huo Chenhuan.

“I saved it for you. Eat it!”

However, she forgot that Ling Xiaoqi and the others were indeed not around, but the audience watching the livestream broadcast did not leave.

[Report, report! The host used public tools for private purposes and secretly hid grilled squid for her husband! Are you worthy of the friends who support you and trust you? Are you worthy of us poor viewers who can only watch but not eat?]

[Host, that’s not right. What happened to treating everyone equally? Why can he have special privileges? Boohoo, I’m not convinced!]

Su Yayan looked at the screen full of single dogs complaining that she had opened the back door for her man. Just as she was about to say something to comfort them, she suddenly heard the person beside her say, “It’s pointless if you are unconvinced.”

Huo Chenhuan glanced at the dense comments and declared his sovereignty confidently, “Because I’m her husband.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the screen that was originally filled with messages suddenly became much emptier. If it weren’t for the fact that there were still a few sporadic comments that were slower than the rest, Su Yayan would have suspected that her livestream had been jammed.

After a short silence, an explosion followed.

[Oh, my bad temper! Tell me, tell me, do you want to fight?]

[Although this is the truth, why does it sound so annoying coming from you? (silently grinding his teeth)]

[Draw your sword, love rival. Let’s fight. The winner will get the host, and the loser will disappear! ( Silently unsheathing my 40-meter machete.jpg)]

Strictly speaking, this should be the first time Huo Chenhuan had spoken on the livestream, but the old audience in Su Yayan’s livestream did not seem to be unfamiliar with him at all.

Except that someone’s first appearance had drawn a wave of hatred from the boss.

Countless spectators were stunned by Huo Chenhuan’s sudden straight ball. When they reacted, they all clamored to have a gentleman’s duel with him.

“A fight? Why should I fight you? Yanyan is mine. Even if I don’t fight, she’s mine. In that case, why should I fight you? Do I have nothing better to do?”

After mocking everyone, Huo Chenhuan felt that it was not enough. He picked up the grilled squid that Su Yayan had specially left for him and took a bite. He enjoyed it and said, “How fragrant.”

Like chickens and ducks, squid in this era were also giants. Even if they stuffed their mouths full, they could only eat half a squid leg.

The tough and chewy squid meat had pepper added to it. It was hot and fragrant, not inferior to the pork skewers from before.

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