The Pioneer of the Rebirth Era - v2 Chapter 1970 mom! I have a boyfriend

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"Work hard, try to make yourself better, and when you look back, you will find that you have already adapted." Zhuo Qinger seemed to see Dong Yao's dazed willingness and suggested to her.

In fact, it is not only Dong Yao who feels this way, she also felt this way at the beginning.

When she thinks that she has lived a good life, it is not bad to live a life like this. Suddenly some woke up and saw Yang Dongxu, and found that the two people who were originally equal had become one in the sky and the other in the ground.

She doesn't have any relatives anymore, and Yang Dongxu has become her support in life. So during that time, she was also in a trance, and she was also uneasy, for fear that when she woke up, Yang Dongxu was really in the sky, and she was extremely anxious in the underground.

So over the years, Zhuo Qinger has continued to learn and improve herself. Not without making himself better and qualified to stand beside Yang Dongxu.

Now Dong Yao is also not confident enough. Maybe she used to think it was a matter of course to join a wealthy family with her beauty and figure.

But he really came into contact with a wealthy family, especially when it was a top-level wealthy family like the Yang family. The kind of ugly duckling that was supposed to be before has become a restless duckling.

I always feel that it will be inappropriate to do this, and will it be too rude to be looked down upon. Made myself a little messed up.

Sometimes the invisible halo of a person really puts a lot of pressure on people. For example, the older generation of the Yang family are all rural people.

When eating, it is not the various delicacies of mountains and seas in the imagination of the rich and powerful.

But such a normal life is blessed with the aura of Yang Dongxu, a super giant. It made Dong Yao feel that the Yang family was informal and simple.

Just like a popular saying on the Internet in later generations, if the rich eat green vegetables, they are healthy, and if the poor eat green vegetables, they are poor!

Because of the existence of the halo, the Yang family was infinitely raised by Dong Yao, and she began to be humble and unconfident.

In fact, sometimes when people think more, they really become more troubled. For example, if Dong Yao was really a silly girl with a simple mind, these invisible pressures would not exist at all.

As long as you simply love each other with Yang Dongjie and live your own little life happily, people often say that stupid people have stupid blessings, even if this is simple and simple.

"Am I going to sign up for a class to learn etiquette or something?" Dong Yao couldn't help asking.

"Don't engage in those useless things, and don't be deceived by the aristocratic training on the Internet. If you really learn like that, then you won't be able to stay in the Yang family at all, and you will be embarrassed, and the old people in the family will also be embarrassed. .

To put it bluntly, Xuzi was also born in mud legs, and the Yang family is still farming and raising pigs in the countryside. So as long as you get along normally, don't mess with the so-called aristocratic temperament that doesn't make sense.

Xuzi himself is still doing nothing but doing string skewers on the side of the road. Those so-called noble and elegant manners are not applicable to the Yang family. As long as you know the basic etiquette, a normal upbringing is enough. It is useless to learn other things, but it is counterproductive.

I let you study is to study and strive to improve yourself, just like the improvement of high school entrance examination and graduate study in college. Another example is that you are planning to be the boss of a game studio in the future.

Then learn more about how game studios manage and make money, and academic certificates are just a decoration. What you need to improve is your personal ability.

Even if you don't want to be the boss and want to continue to be a star in the future, then you can improve your acting skills or something. In short, the superficial things are fine as long as they are normal, and the Yang family has never demanded them harshly.

Even if you are stupid and can't improve your inner things, then you can live a stable life just by being a wife who is a husband and a child. " Zhuo Qing'er said.

Dong Yao nodded slowly, "Understood, thank you Sister Qing'er!"

She was originally a smart person, Zhuo Qinger could be said to have smashed it to pieces and told her to listen to her, she naturally understood.

In short, don't make up those useless superficial things, just be sincere.

If you have the ability, learn to improve yourself, and if you don't have the ability, you can live peacefully and don't deal with those idiots.

As long as Dong Yao can be stable herself, and then give birth to a son and a half daughter to Yang Dongjie, she will basically be stable as a daughter-in-law of the Yang family.

The Yang family is also a respectable family in their hometown, as long as it's not Dong Yao's fault. After getting married, they have children. The Yang family will never allow it. The son of the Yang family has money and ends up playing with women. After marrying his wife, he still messes around outside. In the end, he divorced his wife and married a child, and so on. It fell on the Yang family's head.

If this is really married and have children, if Yang Dongjie dares to mess around outside. No need for Dong Yao to say anything, Uncle Victory can break his son's leg with a stick.

The face of the Yang family has finally been established, and his son will never be allowed to act like this.

"Don't talk to the family. In fact, if you are free, you can follow Ajie back to your hometown to live for a while. I think your game studio can be opened anywhere as long as there is a network cable. When Ajie is not going to school, you guys You can also go to your hometown to drive."

"I will think about it seriously, and find time to accompany Ajie back to his hometown. It's getting late, you should wash up and rest, and you have to get up early tomorrow to climb the mountain. You are so tired this afternoon that you even took a nap. Didn't sleep."

She understood the hint in Zhuo Qing'er's words, that is, as long as she integrates into the family life of the Yang family's hometown, her status as a prospective daughter-in-law will basically be stable.

"I'm a little tired, why don't you take a shower first, I want to take a bath later, it may take a while." Although each bedroom has a separate bathroom.

But there is only one bathroom with a bathtub!

"It's alright, you can take a bath first. I won't take a bath. It happened that the master who taught me at the game studio sent me some information and I went back to the house to take a look." Dong Yao said.

Zhuo Qing'er nodded and was no longer polite. She went back to the room with her clothes and toiletries to take a hot bath to relax. It was really tiring to stroll down the ancient city this night, just take a bubble bath and sleep well.

After closing the door, Dong Yao took out her mobile phone and hesitated for a moment, but still dialed a number. The phone rang twice and the other side connected!

"Hey, Mom. That...I got a boyfriend!"

Dong Yao is indeed a smart woman. She knows that before she accompanies Yang Dongjie back to her hometown, she integrates into the life of the Yang family. First of all, the thinking of your parents should also be in place.

Don't have an oolong drama where you want to marry into the Yang family and your parents don't agree!

"Having a boyfriend? Male or female? Not... from your circle, or something else? How old is the man, what does he do, what do his parents do..."

When Dong Yao's parents heard that their daughter had a boyfriend, they were a little incoherent and asked a series of questions with excitement. Mainly because her daughter's ex-boyfriend impressed her too deeply.

I'm afraid that my daughter's second boyfriend will do the same!

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