The Pioneer of the Rebirth Era - v2 Chapter 2120 mouse meets cat

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The latest website: In the chairman's office of Hurricane Construction, he looked at Yu Xiangrong who was not far away, who was so intimidated by his aura that he did not dare to mess around, and then looked at Yu Yi who lowered his head in front of him and tried not to let himself cry.

Yang Dongxu scratched his head and didn't know how to deal with it for a while. It's obviously not his responsibility to deal with housework.

But it's fine if it's an ordinary employee. Yu Yi is not only the head of the finance department of Hurricane Construction, she is also her classmate and friend.

It's fine if I didn't run into each other. If I did, it would be unreasonable if I didn't ask, not to mention that the other party was causing trouble in my own company.

Looking at Yu Yi in front of him, Yang Dongxu opened his mouth several times and didn't know what to say. At the same time, the image of Yu Yi inviting him to work for him when he graduated couldn't help but pop up in his mind.

At that time, Yu Yi was also high-spirited and had a bright future in her official career, but the other party agreed to her request without hesitation, resigned directly from the supporting teaching studio and came to Hurricane Architecture.

In fact, Yang Dongxu knows in his heart that Yu Yi actually prefers to be an official career rather than a high salary, especially in the area of ​​education support in poverty-stricken areas, and she has always done her best.

At this moment, think about Yu Yi who had no hesitation at that time, and look at Yu Yi's father in front of him. Although he doesn't know what happened, Yang Dongxu already has a general idea in his heart.

Maybe Yu Yi chose to start a business instead of an official career, more or less because of the father in front of him. Come to the Hurricane Building and the other party will come to make trouble like this. If she works in the government compound, her father will come to the door to make trouble. And some positions actually require a certain political review.

"It's almost time, why don't we go have lunch first?" Yang Dongxu raised his hand and looked at the time and said.

"You can have dinner with Tangtang, I'll just take him to dinner." Yu Yi said.

Tangtang was not in the office at this time and was taken out by Zhang Jing. Such an occasion is obviously not suitable for children.

"Zhang Jing is not hungry with her, I will accompany you and uncle to eat." Yang Dongxu said, and then turned to Yu Xiangrong who was standing in the distance and refused to approach him: "What does uncle like to eat, and what is special about it?" Do you have any taste requirements?"

"I don't have any requirements, but it looks like you are a busy person. You should be busy with you. I will let Yu Yi take me to dinner and I won't bother you."

I don't know why Yu Xiangrong felt ashamed when he saw Yang Dongxu, just like a mouse seeing a cat. It stands to reason that he should not be so timid.

After all, he has been a gambler and rascal for decades, not to mention his reputation in his hometown is completely rotten, he is still a rascal with a thick skin and a reputation from far and near.

Not only is he playing rogues and strangers to his daughter, he also goes to the ground to play all kinds of rogues. This is absolutely just right in terms of thickness of skin and quality of heart.

So if it was someone else and saw his daughter's big leader, it would definitely be eye drops for Yu Yi, so that Yu Yi could give in and give him more living expenses.

Hearing in the small conference room just now that the young man in front of him is the boss of such a big company, Yu Xiangrong's first reaction was to think so, and he almost did it.

Even after seeing such a young Yang Dongxu, he thought of the rumors in the village. It was rumored that the only reason my daughter was able to join such a big company as the boss was because of Xiaomi who became the boss.

So at that time, he was still thinking that if the person in front of him really had something to do with his daughter, would he also blackmail him. Otherwise, his reputation will be rotten in the company.

But these thoughts were still in his mind and before he could act, Yang Dongxu's eyes suddenly made his heart jump. The words he wanted to speak were stuck in his throat, and he didn't listen to the movements of the rogue. Commander froze in place.

Then Yang Dongxu said lightly, "Uncle, this is not a place to talk about things. You and Yu Yi have come to my office to talk about it. Yu Yi is not only my classmate, but also my friend. If there is anything, he can do it." Help with persuasion."

The seemingly normal exchange of kind words, but in Yu Xiangrong's ears, it was like an order, and he followed directly.

Then he walked into this seemingly low-key big office, but he felt uncomfortable everywhere. He had all kinds of tsk-tsk happenings in front of his daughter. It was dirty, and he dared not approach Yang Dongxu even more.

Yu Yi, who was too lazy to look at her father at first, turned her head in surprise to look at her father with a particularly stiff smile in the distance, then turned her head to look at Yang Dongxu again, with a puzzled look on her face.

Obviously, she knew her father very well. She had never seen her father so restrained and timid since she could remember.

Is this the unreasonable old rogue gambler I know?

At this time, Yang Dongxu, who was smiling, seemed to be very kind, and there was no expression or eyes that made people afraid.

"It's okay uncle, it's time for dinner anyway, it's not polite to see you eating in the cafeteria for the first time, I'll take you and Yu Yi out to eat.

Since you are not picky about taste, do you have a favorite cuisine, for example, Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, or Huaiyang cuisine? "Yang Dongxu's voice was steady, his tone was neither slow nor urgent, and his expression was gentle, like a very polite junior.

But the more friendly he is, the more turbulent Yu Xiangrong feels in his heart. He always feels like a little mouse being gently licked by a cat. I ate it.

"Either...or else, it's better not to bother you, just take me to dinner with Yu Yi." Yu Xiangrong was stumbling as he spoke.

He trusts his intuition very much. Except for gambling, he feels that he may be accurate in other things in his life.

For example, when touching porcelain before, those car owners were easy to touch, and those car owners would definitely be beaten up, even though he could tell the difference at a glance through the car window with the car coat on it.

And the big boss Yang Dongxu in front of him is obviously the kind of master who must not be messed with. When Yang Dongxu looked at him with a smile in the small reception room, the alarm in his heart was directly raised to the highest level and has not been lowered until now.

"Let's eat something together. UU Reading"

It was Yu Yi who spoke. Originally, she didn't want to disturb Yang Dongxu too much, but she saw her father's appearance. She was a little curious about why her father, who had been a rogue in the temple without paying for the incense and wanted to mix up some tributes, acted like a cat seeing a mouse in front of Yang Dongxu.

"How to say, your boss is so busy, let's not bother him." Yu Xiangrong's voice instantly rose an octave when he heard his daughter speak, but looking at Yang Dongxu who followed the sound, his voice instantly changed again. into a sheep sound.

"He can't help but be my boss, or my friend, didn't he just say that? Besides, it's off-duty time, so it's okay to have a meal together. Let's go, it's even more time-consuming to spend time here." Yu Yi said with a cold face.

Although she was curious about why her father was afraid of Yang Dongxu, she would not have a good face when facing this father no matter what the reason was.

As for the return of the prodigal son, she had had such expectations countless times, but in the end they were all stifled time and time again by the father in front of her.

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