The Real Daughter With A Buddha-like Mindset - Chapter 660 wait for me to find her

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  Chapter 660 Waiting for me to find her

   "Are you feeling better today? I asked the boss to ask for leave for you. You can take a few more days off."

  Tian Wu saw the boy walking in, and hurriedly dragged him out.

  Ming Jing shook his head: "I'm much better now, just let me work."

  Tian Wu looked at her hand, the wound on the back of the hand had scabbed over, although it was not very beautiful, it had a strange sense of brokenness.

  This boy's hands are more beautiful than girls.

   "Okay then, call me if you feel uncomfortable, I'll go to work first."

  Ming Jing nodded, and seeing Tian Wu returned to her work station, she turned and walked into the information warehouse.

  There is the world's largest database here, and iris authentication is required for entry and exit.

  The machine next to it automatically scanned Ding Jing's eyes, the authentication was successful, and the anti-theft door automatically opened to both sides.

  Ming Jing was startled, but Suzaku didn't set up defenses against her.

  She is free to come and go in this largest and most comprehensive information base.

   Do you trust her, or are you confident that she will not cause them harm?

  Ding Jing walked in, and the three sides of the database were sky-high cabinets. The biographical information of important personnel from various countries and regions in the world were stored in different categories.

  The information here will be updated regularly every day. Just enter the name of the person you want to check in the system, and the robot will automatically take out the information and send it to you.

  Ding Jing entered Jiangzhou, Huaguo, and the names of several main characters popped up immediately in the entry, including the names of Ran Tengxiao and Shen Zhou.

  Mingjing clicked on Ran Tengxiao.

According to the information, Ran Tengxiao met Mr. Zhao of Xihua Electronics at the racecourse in the western suburbs of Jiangzhou on the 10th yesterday to discuss the acquisition plan. Brother and sister, after that Ran Tengxiao left the racecourse, went to the casino for a walk in the afternoon, returned to Ran's house at 5 o'clock, and stayed behind closed doors.

Mingjing thought for a while and entered Xu Zumiao's name in the search box. There was nothing special about Xu Zumiao's life. After half a year of operation in Jiangzhou, he has successfully entered the circle of celebrities. He has a good reputation and popularity. chance experience.

Mingjing searched for Shen Zhou. Shen Zhou and Mao Nana were already married. The two did not hold a wedding. Zhou has become more low-key, putting most of his energy on his family and spending more time with his wife and father. He is a very good son and husband.

Shenzhou Group had some twists and turns in its entry. There were rumors that Shenzhou was suspected of manipulating the stock market, disrupting the market, and was caught in a storm of public opinion. As a result, Shenzhou Group's stock price continued to fall. In just three months, Shenzhou's net worth has shrunk a lot. It also caused him to keep a low profile, and he did not appear in public after getting married.

However, it is not Shen Zhou who is really manipulating the stock market, but a mysterious and invisible black hand. This black hand has appeared since half a year ago and has been devouring the shares of Shenzhou Group quietly. It is not that Shen Zhou has not discovered it, but There was nothing he could do about it either.

   I don't know who the enemy is, how to fight this battle.

  Ding Spiegel noticed that all the information came from a person named Yu. The intelligence officers of the Suzaku Department were distributed all over the world, responsible for collecting information and sending it back to the headquarters. This Yu was the code name.

  Who is this woman lurking in Jiangzhou?

  Ding Spiegel enters the name of the woman, and the system pops up a window prompting that there is no permission.

   It turned out that Suzaku didn't trust her, but was confident that she couldn't change anything even after reading the information.

  Ding Spiegel thought about it, and entered Ding Spiegel in the search box.

   There is no permission reminder, it is blank.

  In the database, there is no information about her at all, as if she is a person who does not exist in this world.

  The traces were wiped clean.


  Jiangzhou, Ran Family Manor.

  Ran Tengxiao, who was looking at the merger and acquisition plan in the study, suddenly found that the screen of the computer that was turned on in front of him suddenly went black, and then a **** skull appeared on the dark screen, accompanied by Jie Jie's sinister laughter.

  Ran Tengxiao's handsome face suddenly darkened.

   This is a virus, which daring hacker dares to invade his computer.

  Ran Tengxiao threw away the plan in his hand, put his hands on the keyboard, and started typing with crackling.

  After ten minutes, the computer returns to normal.

  Ran Tengxiao sat alone quietly, his brows furrowed and then loosened, and his fingers subconsciously tapped on the sandalwood tabletop. This was his subconscious habit when he was thinking deeply.

  Ran Tengxiao suddenly raised his voice: "Ye Jian."

  Ye Jian pushed open the door and walked in: "Master Xiao."

   Ran Tengxiao pondered: "Help me do one thing."

  Ye Jian came over with his ear attached.

  Ran Tengxiao spoke to him in a voice that only two people could hear, Ye Jian stared at Ran Tengxiao in disbelief, "Master Xiao..."

  Ran Tengxiao glanced at him lightly, "You should handle this matter yourself, and you must find someone you trust the most, and you must not leak any information."

  Ye Jian realized that Master Xiao was serious, and immediately replied: "Yes."

  After Ye Jian left, Ran Tengxiao got up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows. As New Year's Day approached, red lanterns were hung everywhere in the manor. Looking from afar, the lights and festoons added a romantic atmosphere to the deep night.

   What exactly do you want to do?

   At the dining table the next morning, Ran Yunhua bounced downstairs, "Morning, Lord Xiao."

  Ran Tengxiao held the Caijing Morning Post, and glanced at her lightly: "What are you going to do with such a ostentatious dress?"

Ran Yunhua pouted dissatisfiedly, "Master Xiao, this is well-matched, why would it be ostentatious when it comes to your mouth, besides, Mrs. Shen invited me to Shen's house as a guest, I can't dress poorly, and I will lose it by then." But the face of the Ran family."

  Ran Tengxiao raised his eyebrows: "You have a good relationship with Mrs. Shen."

"Of course, Mrs. Shen is from a famous family, well-bred, and takes good care of me. I also like her very much. The Shen family is having a hard time now. Mrs. Shen is excluded from the circle of noble ladies. I have to help her, and reciprocate." , Miss taught me the truth."

  Ran Yunhua took a bite of his sandwich and checked the time: "Oh, it's getting late." After saying that, he rushed out.

   "Wait a minute." Ran Tengxiao stopped her.

  Ran Yunhua turned his head and stared at him suspiciously: "What else is there for Master Xiao?"

   Ran Tengxiao waved calmly: "Come here."

  Ran Yunhua curled his lips, and walked to Ran Tengxiao: "Is there anything else that should not be known to outsiders, it's so mysterious."

   "If you see Mr. Shen, give him a message for me."

   Ran Yunhua squinted his eyes, and the expression on his face became serious.


  Qingzhou is a famous mountain city. There are many small villages hidden in the depths of the mountains. The road up the mountain has long been used to by the people in the mountain villages, but it is a kind of torture for the nobles from the big cities.

  Xie Yong turned his head and looked at the man walking beside him, Doudou's eyes were full of envy.

  The weather in December is already very cold, and Kazakhstan is full of cold air.

  The man was wearing a gray turtleneck sweater and a black cashmere coat. The coat was cut three-dimensionally and looked like a high-end product.

  The man is tall, about 1.85 meters tall by visual inspection, with a slender figure, thin cheeks, and white skin like transparent jade, giving people a warm and elegant feeling.

  Gentle and calm, not impatient.

  He has no culture, and he doesn't know what words to use to describe him. He feels that he is not from the same world at all, like the son of a family in a TV series. He is a winner in life with a golden spoon in his mouth since he was born.

  He was born in Rome, where no one else can reach Rome with hard work.

  God is so unfair.

   "Mr. Bo, do you want to take a rest, the road up the mountain is not easy, and it just rained a few days ago, so your expensive leather shoes might get dirty."

  Xie Yong stared at the shiny leather shoes on the man's feet, they were really pretty, but they should be really expensive.

  The man looked at the mountains and rivers, and shook his head: "I'm not tired, I must arrive before noon, Brother Xie, don't worry, I will reward you."

  The man's voice is really nice, polite and elegant, making people feel comfortable listening to him. Even if he doesn't give money, Xie Yong is willing to lead him the way.

  The two continued on the road, Xie Yong tentatively asked: "Is there anyone in Xiaolou Village that Mr. Bo knows?"

  The man didn't talk much, and nodded upon hearing the words: "I'm looking for a girl named Lou Xiaoxue, who is about fifteen years old this year."

Xie Yong patted his thigh, "It turns out that the master is looking for Xiaoxue. You didn't tell me earlier, but I tell you, I know Xiaoxue very well. There are no such outstanding girls in ten miles and eight villages. The children in Dashan are very difficult to go to school. Difficult, every day I have to run ten kilometers of mountain roads to go to the school in the town, Xiaoxue has never been late no matter it is windy or rainy, and she has won the first place in the whole class every year, and everyone in the nearby towns does not know her."

  Bo Yuxun continued to ask: "How many people are there in Xiaoxue's family?"

"Speaking of which, this child's life is too miserable. Her parents were killed when she was working on the construction site when she was seven years old. The contractor was a black heart and didn't pay her a dime. All these years she followed Grandpa and grandma lived, her grandpa passed away last year, leaving only a lame grandma, if she hadn't got good grades and the school waived tuition and miscellaneous fees, it would be a problem for her and her grandma to survive."

  Xie Yong suddenly asked: "Mr. Bo, is there something important for you to find Xiaoxue?"

   This man and Lou Xiaoxue looked like people from two worlds.

Bo Yuxun had already found an excuse: "I am a staff member of a charity foundation. Our foundation has a student aid program. After learning about Lou Xiaoxue's difficult situation, our foundation decided to help her. Conditions, her tuition and living expenses until she graduates from university will be covered by our foundation.”

  Xie Yong said with emotion: "This is really great, Mr. Bo, you are really a kind person."

  Such a long mountain road actually came to the field for investigation.

  Bo Yuxun walked silently. In the past six months, he searched for each of them, but he still couldn't find them.

  Lou Xiaoxue is the last qualified child. Her experience was quite bumpy, and it took a lot of effort to find her.

She was born in Four Seasons Town, her parents were unlucky, and she was thrown at the hospital gate when she was born. The hospital and the police searched but failed to find her biological parents. She was sent to an orphanage when she was three years old, and was trafficked by human traffickers when she was five years old. They were kidnapped and sold to mountain villages in Qingzhou.

  Although it may still be nothing, but Bo Yuxun still doesn't want to give up this little hope, so this trip to Qingzhou came about.

  The road up the mountain was quite difficult, so I hurried and finally arrived at Lou Xiaoxue's house at noon. The house was a barren, crumbling tile-roofed house, and the conditions were much worse than Bo Yuxun imagined.

   "Xiaoxue, someone is here to help you, come out quickly."

  A thin girl ran out of the low corner room, and froze in place when she saw Bo Yuxun.

In the winter, she was still wearing a thin white coat, cloth shoes that were almost worn out, and two braids. Her skin was dark and thin, and her eyes were like deer's. She was spirited and timid. .

   "Stupid child, what are you doing in a daze, quickly invite Mr. Bo into the house." Xie Yong reminded her.

  The girl was a little incoherent: "Bo...Mr. Bo, please come in."

  Bo Yuxun quietly looked at the girl in front of her. This is a little girl with a rough fate.

  Anyone will feel pity when facing such a child, not to mention that she may have the same fate as her own daughter.

  Thinking of this, Bo Yuxun's mood became heavier.

  His calm and dignified manner, compared with the poor environment, is so out of place. Lou Xiaoxue grabbed the corner of the clothes nervously, and Bo Yuxun noticed that the back of the girl's skinny hands were red and swollen, and some places had scabs.

  Bo Yuxun suddenly thought, is his daughter also suffering from the cold at the moment, and does she also have chilblains on her hands?

   "No, just follow me."

  Lou Xiaoxue raised her eyes in surprise, looking at the dazzling man in front of her.

  Before this, she had never seen such a handsome and noble man.

Bo Yuxun rubbed his forehead: "I am a staff member of a charity foundation in Jiangzhou, student Lou Xiaoxue, you have excellent grades and hard work, and are in line with our foundation's student aid program. I will give you and yours in the town. Grandma rents a house, so you don’t have to run 10 kilometers to school every day, the foundation will support you until you graduate from college.”

  Lou Xiaoxue knelt down on the ground with a "plop", and kowtowed firmly to Bo Yuxun.

   "Thank you, Mr. Bo."

Bo Yuxun knelt down and helped Lou Xiaoxue up: "You don't need to thank me. There are many suffering people in this world, and you are just one of them. Uncle wants to tell you that even if fate is unfair to you, don't be discouraged and study harder. Learning, there is a wider world outside the mountain. You have to rely on your own ability to go out. In this life, your appearance can grow old, and money is everything outside your body. Only knowledge, vision and self-cultivation are the most precious things in your life. wealth."

  Lou Xiaoxue listened carefully, "I remember, Uncle Bo, I will definitely work harder in the future, and I will not disappoint your upbringing and expectations."

  Bo Yuxun smiled and touched the little girl's head, his eyes were a little dazed.

   "Uncle Bo?" Seeing the man staring at her in a daze, Lou Xiaoxue couldn't help reminding her.

  She is not stupid, knowing that the man in front of her is a noble person who can change her destiny, she must firmly seize the opportunity.

  Xie Yong carried Lou Xiaoxue's grandmother on his back, Lou Xiaoxue packed up some clothes, carried her schoolbag and followed Bo Yuxun down the mountain.

  It was already eight o'clock in the evening when we arrived in the town. Bo Yuxun found a hotel and settled down for his grandfather and grandson. He walked out and answered the phone.

  The call was made by Li Chan in the hospital. Her body could no longer support her for too long, and she has been relying on instruments to maintain her life for the past month.

   "Mr. Bo, have you seen that girl?"


   "The children in the past, you can tell at a glance whether they are your daughters, so what about this child?"

  Bo Yuxun was silent, and after a long time he said: "No."

  Li Chan curled her mouth: "But you still don't give up, but what to do, your last hope has also come to naught."

  Bo Yuxun stood on the top of the building, letting the cold wind rage, his voice was a little blurred by the cold wind.

   "Somewhere, I can feel that she is somewhere in this world, waiting for me to find her."

   "In the past six months, every child you met will be sponsored. I know Mr. Bo's intentions. Your kindness will definitely be rewarded. Your daughter will definitely be the best child in the world."

  Bo Yuxun shook his head: "I don't want her to be so good, I just want her to be safe and healthy."

  This is a father's best wishes for his daughter.

   "You will have it."


  Hung up the phone, Li Chan watched the picture on TV.

  The most popular movie flame recently, the heroine Ye Zhen has become so popular with this movie, she has just won the crown of best actress, and she is really a star in the entertainment industry.

  However, the most topical thing is her life experience that was just exposed.

  Mingjing's senior sister.

  Li Juan walked in with a thermos, and muttered, "Why is this movie again, I can recite all the lines."

  Li Chan smiled and said, "Have you seen this actress who has become popular recently?"

Li Juan took out the hot pot and said, "Of course I have. On New Year's Day this year, Shen Xiangxiang... was the fake daughter. She wanted to harm Ms. Mingjing and find someone to frame Ms. Mingjing. She deliberately pretended to be the real daughter of the Zhu family. It was Ms. Mingjing's senior sister, the real daughter of Zhu's family, who stood up and exposed Shen Xiangxiang's conspiracy, and explained to the public that Mingjing returned to Zhu's family under the false identity of her. I never thought that Ms. Mingxin would be like this Good Fortune has become the youngest actress in the film industry, and now it is not easy to meet her, but I have a good relationship with Aunt Zhou, the helper of the Zhu family, so it is very easy to get an autograph."

  Li Chan said: "Can you arrange for me to meet her?"

  Li Juan looked at Li Chan in surprise: "Sister, but your current body..."

   "I'm fine."

   "But what did you see Miss Mingxin for? She doesn't seem to have anything to do with us, does she?"

   "I just have some doubts and want to clarify them."


  After arranging Lou Xiaoxue's affairs, Bo Yuxun rushed to Qingzhou Airport at noon the next day, and bought the nearest flight to Jingzhou.

  Brother called him in the morning, and his mother fell ill, so Bo Yuxun had to temporarily change his plan and go home to take care of his mother.

  In the past six months, he rarely returned to Jingzhou. In order to find his daughter, he ignored his mother.

   On the plane, Bo Yuxun felt very guilty.

  The seat next to him was a young man with a tattoo on his arm. The music was playing loudly. The noisy Bo Yuxun had a headache. He couldn't help but remind him to keep his voice down.

  The young man had a bad temper, and suddenly grabbed Bo Yuxun by the collar, reminding him that it was best not to mess with him.

  Bo Yuxun laughed angrily, are all young people nowadays so arrogant?

   "Disturb the order of the cabin, cause troubles for no reason, and the flight attendants will call the police after warnings to no avail. Young people, don't be too arrogant, or you will be bound by the law."

   "You **** wait for me, I'll take care of you when you get off the plane." The young man said harsh words and let go of his collar.

  Bo Yuxun tidied up his wrinkled collar, closed his eyes and rested.

  After getting off the plane, Bo Yuxun walked out of the station in a hurry, and the hustle and bustle of the entire airport rushed over.

  Bo Yuxun, who was anxious, didn't notice that the tattooed young man had been following behind him. After Bo Yuxun got into a taxi, the young man also got into a taxi, and the two cars quickly disappeared at the airport.

  Bo Yuxun returned to Bo's house and went to visit Mrs. Bo first.

  When Mrs. Bo saw Bo Yuxun, there was a rare smile on her face.

   "You are finally willing to come back to see my old lady."

   "Mom, it's my son's fault. He has been running around for the past few months and ignored your feelings."

  Bo Yuxun didn't tell Mrs. Bo about the child, so the old man's joy was in vain.

   "That child Ming Jing... I miss her, and I don't know when she will come back."

  Lady Bo sighed, and said she had gone abroad for further study, but she has not heard from her, not even a phone call.

  How could Mrs. Bo not be worried.

   "I've been dreaming about Ajiang recently. She asked me to take care of her daughter, but my old lady is ashamed to see her." Mrs. Bo said with tears in her eyes.

  To be honest, even Bo Yuxun didn't know if Ming Jing was still on Nanxi Island, and he would go there again when things were over here.

  This child has a shallow relationship, so it is not easy to force it.

   "Mom." Bo Yuxun observed Mrs. Bo's face: "Is there something else you are hiding from me?"

  Lady Bo held Bo Yuxun's hand: "I've wanted to tell you a long time ago. I've been waiting and waiting, but you never come back. If you come back this time, don't leave. The family needs you."

  Bo Yuxun nodded: "Mom, tell me, I will listen."

  Lady Bo told Bo Yuxun everything that happened on the Obon Festival, including the secret that the Murong royal family had kept for three hundred years.

  She learned a lesson about Su Yinci, don't hide anything from her son.

  Bo Yuxun felt that it was getting more and more outrageous as he heard it.

   "Mom, this is the 21st century. You can forget about worshiping Buddha, but why do you have feudal superstition? What kind of Buddhist daughter? Isn't this funny?"

  Lady Bo raised her eyebrows and slapped him on the back: "Shut up, don't be disrespectful to gods and Buddhas."

   "Let me tell you, this is not superstition. If you don't understand it, don't jump to conclusions. You must know the cycle of cause and effect, and the retribution is not good. In the dark, this is the power of metaphysics."

   "I, the Murong royal family, have guarded this secret for more than three hundred years. I didn't want you to mock me. You also have Murong's blood in your bones."

  Bo Yuxun touched his nose: "I've been taught." But he still didn't agree with that.

   "According to your statement, the prophecy left by Master Wen Yan said that the Buddha girl must have the blood of the Murong clan, so the lotus leaf must not be the Buddha girl."

  Everyone in the Bo family knows that Bo Yujian was adopted by Mrs. Bo, and Bo Lianye has nothing to do with the Murong royal family.

  Lady Bo sighed: "So I suspected that this was a conspiracy against our Bo family. Later, I asked Lian Ye, and she didn't know anything about the girl who killed her, but I always felt that this matter was strange."

  Bo Yuxun thought for a while: "Does anyone else know this secret?"

  Old Madam Bo said: "I think back over the past few months, and there really is someone, Song Qiurui."

  Bo Yuxun has no impression of this person: "Who is she?"

   "Her ancestor was the chief **** of Emperor Yuewu, who was later executed by Emperor Yuewu. I don't know if the secrets of the Murong royal family have been leaked."

The more Mrs. Bo thought about it, the more suspicious she became, "When I first met her at Daxiangguo Temple, I felt something was wrong. It happened that the ancient lotus bloomed at that time, and the lotus leaves were by my side. What the **** she did."

   "Since it is a man-made conspiracy, isn't that enough to show that the theory of the Buddha girl is non-existent?"

  Madam Bo shook her head: "No, it's true."

   "Don't worry about this matter, I will investigate clearly, and will not let Lianye be used in vain."

  Bo Yuxun walked out of Mrs. Bo's room. Bo Lianye was waiting at the door, and saw a happy expression on Bo Yuxun's face: "Uncle, you are back."

  Bo Yuxun nodded lightly: "My uncle has been away for the past few months, thank you for your hard work."

  His eyes fell on Bo Lianye's wrist, on which hung a string of white jade bodhi seed beads, each round and delicate, reflecting the girl's tender wrist, there was a kind of beauty of the white wrist covered with frost and snow.

   "What did my uncle say, we are a family, and you will be offended if you say that."

   "I heard about the Obon Festival from your grandma, what do you think?"

  Bo Yuxun quietly looked at the girl in front of him.

Bo Lianye was stunned, and smiled wryly: "What else can I do, this is my life, uncle, in fact, I have figured it out in the past few months, if I am a Buddha girl, I will definitely fulfill my mission. It is my duty to carry forward the Buddhadharma and save sentient beings.”

  What she said was righteous, and Bo Yuxun only found it ridiculous.

   Is the little girl really good to be this kind of Buddha girl? It's just a tool to be used by others. Once you take this step, you can no longer help yourself.

  Everyone will say that Lianye is a sensible girl, but she is far from the standard of a Buddhist girl. Not to mention being able to save all living beings, she may not even be able to memorize Buddhist scriptures.

  Bo Yuxun suddenly thought of someone, but how could it be possible...

  The prophecy of this Buddhist woman must be false, it is just a means of demagogy by these Z religions, and it must not be true.

  Bo Lianye saw that Bo Yuxun's calm face suddenly became serious, so she didn't dare to say any more.

  After Bo Yuxun left, Bo Lianye raised her hand to touch the string of beads, and fiddled with them.

   She bought this at an antique market at a large price. It has to be said that she often fiddled with the beads to keep her calm.

  She remembered that the string of Buddhist beads Ming Jing always hung on her wrist was made of sandalwood, dusty and ugly, and did not match her temperament at all.

A string of Buddhist beads naturally can't explain anything, but after Song Qiurui's marketing, no one in the upper class in Jingzhou knows that Bo Lianye is a reincarnated Buddha girl. The more knowledgeable and powerful people are, the more reverent they are for gods and Buddhas. Master Shangkurong's golden mouth and eloquent words naturally won't be doubted by anyone.

  Wherever she went, she was regarded as a guest of honor by those elders, and she was respected.

  After tasting the taste of power and desire, she deeply understood that for her who is unwilling to be ordinary, this is an opportunity to change her destiny.

  She wants to be a superior person, to make everyone look up to her, and those people she hates can only be trampled under her feet from now on.

  However, Ming Jing was always hanging over her head like a sharp sword, which made her feel uneasy.

  She must make that person never set foot on the land of Huaguo again, so that she can rest easy.


  Bo Yuxun met Li Ling in a teahouse.

  Three months ago, Li Ling was transferred back to Jingzhou to serve as the head of a certain department.

  Bo Yuxun and Li Ling talked about the Obon Festival, and asked Li Ling to help investigate.

   "I've heard about this matter. Do you suspect a conspiracy? But it is difficult to investigate this situation. You have to give me some time."

   "It's time to work."

   "Let's stop talking about these polite words."

  Li Ling wanted to ask how his child was doing, but he thought it was not poking someone's heart, so he gave up.

"By the way, there is something very strange. I have to tell you something. There have been frequent incidents in Jiangzhou in the past few months. I paid attention to it and asked people to investigate it secretly. After investigation, I found that There is a mysterious force infiltrating, related to the matter of Mr. Shen some time ago, I think it is not that simple, you have a good relationship with Mr. Shen, if you have a chance to remind him, I am afraid that you will start targeting him next time."

  Bo Yuxun frowned: "How could such a thing happen?"

  He thought of what happened to Ming Jing on Nanxi Island. Will Ming Jing be in danger?

  Li Ling hesitated to speak, that's all, knowing too much is not a good thing for Bo Yuxun.

   This matter is far from simple. At present, it is initially suspected that it is a mysterious force overseas. The purpose is still unknown, and more time and energy are needed to investigate.

  Bo Yuxun and Li Ling parted ways at the entrance of the teahouse, and when they were about to go to the parking lot, a young man in a blue skull sweater walked over, with a hood on his head, so he couldn't see his face clearly, and walked straight towards Bo Yuxun.

  Bo Yuxun sensitively sensed that something was wrong, and immediately turned around. The young man behind him rushed up to Bo Yuxun with a sharp dagger in his hand.

   "Mr. Bo." Li Ling, who hadn't gone far, saw this scene and rushed up immediately, but it was too late, the young man's knife was already aimed at Bo Yuxun's back.

  Li Ling turned pale with shock, this man dared to commit murder in broad daylight, what kind of hatred did he have with Bo Yuxun?

  However, just as the young man's knife was about to stab into Bo Yuxun's body, the young man froze suddenly, and then fell face down on the ground.

  Bo Yuxun turned around and saw the young man's back, the blue sweater was soaked in blood, and there was a bullet hole on it.

   Li Ling dashed over, squatted down and sniffed, fortunately, he was still alive.

  Bo Yuxun called 120, and Li Ling called the police station, asking them to send someone to the scene immediately.

   Li Ling raised his head suddenly, and shot his sharp gaze at the hotel across the road.

  Looking at a certain window on the third floor of the hotel, with the curtains drawn, nothing can be seen.

   Li Ling stood up suddenly, "Take care of him."

   After talking, he rushed straight to the hotel.


  The interior of the holy temple bedroom is as warm as spring, and delicate hands are fiddling with a plum blossom in the mouth of the bottle.

  Suddenly, the sharp thorns on the plum branch pierced the tender fingertips, and a drop of dark red blood dripped out, dripping on the red plum, making it more vivid.

   "Holy Master." Suzaku stopped outside the bead curtain.

   "What's the matter?" The tone was casual, casual and lazy.

   Following Suzaku's words, the precious celadon vase fell to the ground and fell apart.

"What did you say?"

  Holy Lord never gets angry, and even the voice of questioning is so gentle, but Suzaku knows that this is just an appearance.

   Today is Ding Jing’s birthday, um, happy birthday to her



  (end of this chapter)

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