The Rise of Dark Pokemons - Chapter 1453 The end is also the beginning!

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Finally, To and Sirona, who couldn't continue, pulled Dawu up from Aoki.

Although Aoki used his superpowers to protect himself for a while later, but the first few punches were firmly withstood.

So what Aoki looks like now...emmm

It's a bit miserable.

When they saw Aoki's appearance, everyone couldn't help laughing.

Even Dawu, after venting all his depression this year, is now laughing out loud with everyone.

After a long time, the depression in everyone's hearts was relieved, and the matter was brought back to the subject again.

"So, Aoki, you think we can't afford so much, so don't you tell us about this?" Watari asked.

Aoki waved his hand again and again.

"Well, you are fighting against the air..." Aoki admitted, his mouth seemed to be leaking.

Seeing Aoki talking, everyone laughed again.

The hearty laughter has not appeared from them for a long time.

"Speaking of people!" Dawu glared at Aoki with an angry look.

Face full of helplessness.

Aoki took out a special healing spray from his pocket, combined with his super powers, and did a simple treatment of the facial injury.

I couldn't help being speechless.

Since I made this medicine, I haven't used it. I didn't expect to use this spray on the top of the chimney hill in such an atmosphere.

However, Aoki's products must be fine products.

The effect was quite good. In less than a minute, the swelling on his face began to dissipate, and his speech finally returned to normal.

"Ahem, I said, I don't look down on you, but do you think your acting ability is as good as your teacher?

But the look he stared at me, the expression of hate that iron can't make steel, really stimulated me. At that time, even I almost thought it was true. "Aoki rubbed his face and said seriously.

Looking directly at them without blinking, he almost wrote the three words ‘trust me’ on his face.


Liu Shenggang, who came by, struck Aoki directly with a brain collapse.

"You **** are so embarrassed to say, what makes me strong in acting? When I learned from Old Ge that you are really a member of the Rockets and you have been lying to me, the old man has my heart for righteousness. At that time, where was acting, it was obviously true feeling, okay?" Liu Shenggang's saliva star directly splashed on Aoki's face.

Aoki didn't dare to make any retort, just nodding his head there.

When everyone saw Aoki's appearance, their moods suddenly improved a lot.

However, the expressions of those league presidents are not as optimistic as their young league champions, and their faces are more or less sad.

"What's the matter? Presidents, if there is anything unclear or worried, you might as well say it, maybe I can help you solve the matter." Aoki asked.

Several alliance presidents looked at each other a few times, and finally Adams, who knew Aoki best, asked, “Aoki, although it’s very pleasant to destroy those families like this, I have to say that these big and small families do belong to the alliance. A member of strength, has an intricate relationship with the alliance.

This is certainly to remove the hidden dangers of the Alliance for decades or even hundreds of years in the future, but what should the Alliance do during this time?

After all, the reduction in strength is obvious. "

Aoki nodded, and understood what Adams were worried about.

After all, when these families were eliminated, not everyone was in the family. There were always some people who were practicing outside, or some people were serving in the league.

But when these people know that their family is destroyed, how they will feel and what they will do, these things all need to be considered by Adams.

"Actually, President Adams, these things are not what you need to worry about. The Rainbow Rockets are doing this, and the main profit is also the Rainbow Rockets. There are only two possibilities for those who stay, or they are After losing the support of the family, it is not a threat for everyone.

Either they are working hard and trying to improve their own strength with the intention of revenge, even if they are targeting the Rainbow Rockets, not the league, they can even improve the league's strength to a certain extent.

The most important thing is that apart from everyone on the scene, you don't know what the Rainbow Rockets are doing, so you just have to push it all to the Rainbow Rockets.

Besides, even if the strength of the league really drops, nothing dangerous will happen. Have you forgotten who is in charge of the Rainbow Rockets? "

Aoki has said clearly enough.

These guild leaders were only concerned and confused. They did not react. From this moment on, the Elf Alliance has not only no hidden dangers, but also no real enemies, because the Rainbow Rockets are already under the control of the Alliance.

"So what are you going to do with the Rainbow Rockets? Will you join the league? Or just put it there?" Adams asked again.

"It's very simple, keep the Rainbow Rockets' existence, and it must exist.

As the saying goes, born in sorrow and death in happiness, if there is no external pressure, the strength of the alliance will not only become stronger, it will only become weaker.

And what we have to do is to make people aware of the existence of a threat, and from time to time it will cause major damage to the entire alliance. If we want to resist them, we need to keep getting stronger. "

Aoki said very positively, this is the experience he has gained over the years.

"And when the forces on both sides are under our control, the magnitude of the disaster caused and the magnitude of the impact are not all under our control?

Also, through experiments in the Fengyuan area, I can learn that I, who completely control the Sky Team and the Fengyuan Alliance, can even make the crime rate of the entire region plummet and reduce unnecessary losses.

The most important point is that the Rainbow Rockets exist on the dark side of the Elf World, which can stop the generation of dark forces that are not under our control. Only in this way can we really control the entire Elf World under our control. Within range. "

The crowd listened dumbfounded as Aoki told his plan.

While more and more recognized that if the words of Aoki were really implemented, it would have the whole world of the elves, but at the same time, I felt a little scared about this young city and his mind.

If Aoki is really in control of the Rainbow Rockets while controlling the league, then he really has the final say in this world.

While everyone was a little worried, they saw Liu Shenggang on the side.

I felt helpless in an instant, and now this is no longer what they can stop.

When Liu Sheng first came to inherit the position of the president of the Pavilion Veteran Alliance, everything was out of their control.

And today, Aoki single-handedly took Liekong to save the entire world of elves in distress, which everyone saw.

Aoki, who had disappeared for a year, now has a reputation that is so high that everyone can hardly imagine it.

In addition to prestige, Aoki's current strength, to say unceremoniously, it is not impossible to call him the first person in the world of elves!

With such strength, such power, and the prestige that tops everyone in the entire world of elves, his superiority is already inevitable.

Even if I present evidence that Aoki is the leader of the Rainbow Rockets, others will not buy it unless Aoki admits it himself.

But it's already here. Will Aoki still recognize his identity as the leader of the Rainbow Rockets?

This is of no benefit to himself, to the alliance, or to the entire world of elves.

Unless it hurts others and disadvantages yourself!

But those who are present are the absolute high-levels in the league, obviously not so brainless.

"It's almost like this. Elder Ge and I just decided on an outline. There are many processes in the middle that I need to grasp, but from the results, it seems to be pretty good." Aoki shrugged, this year's time preparation is for today.

Everyone nodded, their expressions were different, with their own thoughts in their hearts.

"By the way, I think there is already a little chaos in various regions now. The biggest meteorite crisis in this time has almost been solved. I suggest that the presidents should go back and coordinate the overall situation. Hand in the following meteorite fragments. Just give it to us."

"Yes, I think so too." Du nodded and agreed.

Because the most difficult problem is how to smash the huge meteorite into pieces, and the remaining small meteorites are indeed no problem for them.

Seeing that the champions of these younger generations are so determined, the presidents of various regions have not insisted on it. Now they are indeed a little worried about the situation in their regions.

Although the arbitrary actions of the Rainbow Rockets are restricted by Aoki, there are certainly some people who are not so honest.

And when they were away, the alliance forces must have attacked. If they are not stopped in time, it is estimated that unnecessary losses will be caused.

So after confirming the situation, the leaders of the various alliances all left, and at the same time many people around Chimney Hill were transferred.

"Now that the guild leaders are gone, let's compare and see, who has crushed the most meteorites, right?" Qingmu looked at Dawu and the others and said with excitement.

"No, you have a super dream, and the newly acquired unknown elf. Isn't this to be compared with you to seek abuse?" Dawu gave Aoki a blank look and gave him a handsome profile.

"Agree, you have no meaning in bullying us." Sirona also nodded thoughtfully.

"Agree!" Du also shrugged.


A few black lines appeared on Aoki's forehead, which made these friends a little speechless.

I just left for a year, and these people united to target themselves alone.

"Well, then, I don't apply Chaomeng and Deoxys, and you group can be counted as a group, how about I single-handedly challenge a group of you?" He raised his chin to them, provoking it. It goes without saying.

They are all characters like the pride of heaven, how can they stand being so provoked by Aoki.

"You said, tell me what the bet is." Du couldn't bear it.

I have seen arrogant one, never seen such an arrogant one!

"Bet, the one who loses will wash the clothes for one month for the winner? How about it? You guys wash my clothes alone, it seems to make more money than me?" Aoki joked.

"Oh, I'm going! I can't bear it! I agree!" Dawu shook his fist and made a "Caracalla" voice, recalling the touch when he just hit Aoki.

"We also agreed! I want to see, even if his strength is the strongest among us, then he is only one person, two fists are hard to beat four hands!" Xirona and Karuna faced each other. He glanced at it and nodded in agreement.

How big is it, isn't it just washing clothes?

If Aoki loses, so many of their clothes can wash him to death!

From now on, take a bath three times a day! Decided!

The smile on Aoki's face became more and more weird, "Then make an agreement like this, you can't shame then!"

"Stop talking nonsense, the meteorite is here! Use your best! Let this **** see our growth this year!"

Dawu's voice fell, and his elves were summoned out!

I have to say that as a champion, Dawu is absolutely qualified!

Aoki just watched them quietly and summoned their elves aggressively.

Well, the strength is very strong.

The meteorite is like a huge fireball that has appeared in the sky.

Although not as intimidating at the beginning, even the fragments of meteorites are still relatively large!

"Aren't you summoning yet?" Dago looked at Aoki who was unmoved.

"Since you all think you have a number advantage, then I have to show you what is called a number advantage!" Aoki untied the pokeball from his belt.

Darklay! Bangira! Flaming chicken! Bosco Dora! Tyrannosaurus! Lucario! Shanaido! Wonderful frog flower! Giant marsh monster! Mosquito frog king! Thorn Dragon King!

And, staying king! Geng ghost! Dragon King Scorpion! Mrs. Hua Jie! There are also Crow Head and Mahangra, who represent Aoki's identity, these two elves who have never been summoned by Aoki in front of Dawu and others.

"Is that all? It seems that our advantage is even greater!" Dawu looked at the spirits of Aoki. Although he was a little surprised at the strength of the spirits of Aoki at this time, it absolutely topped the existence of the entire world of spirits, but in terms of quantity alone , He still has the advantage.

Aoki didn't speak, but a finger in the depth pointed towards the sky.

A huge shadow slowly emerged in the sky, and its scale was like a huge castle flying in the sky.

"this is..."

Dawu and the others stared at this huge steel castle floating in the sky!

"This is my current car, the headquarters of the Sky team, Sky Castle! After this event is over, please come and play on it? You can definitely feel the different scenery."


"This... gadget, can it be regarded as an elf? Aoki, don't you play tricks just to win..."


Before Dawu's words were finished, the shape of the sky castle began to change, and a huge metal barrel slowly stretched out during the change, aiming at the sky.

Just by seeing this barrel, you can feel what kind of power this sky fort attack will bring.

"Who said that this is not an elf? This is a mechanical castle that is completely integrated with my elf, Maygyana. I named it Sky Castle, but you can call it another name if you want. Because it can fly very high, it is like a fairyland in the clouds, and can dance with immortals, so it can also be called-Moxianbao!"

Aoki proudly introduced the existence and ability of Sky Castle.

But it's not just that which surprised us.

Extending from the sky fort, something that looked like a ladder, a wizard that looked like a stone but was inlaid with light blue diamonds appeared in everyone's eyes.

Little diamonds!

And there are still a large number of almost innumerable small diamonds, under the leadership of Dianci, ran towards the location where Aoki and others were.

These little diamonds are very disciplined. After standing on Chimney Hill, they line up neatly one by one!

Diamond Guards!

There were only five hundred small diamond fragments that reached the Heavenly King rank. Although they had just reached the Heavenly King rank, such a large number was not acceptable to ordinary people.

"Okay! My position has been set, let us compare who can win." Qingmu stood in the small diamond group.


At this time, Dawu and the others also reacted, Aoki this guy just put them on, and let them drill into it willingly.

"Huh! A large number doesn't mean anything! Let us compare!" Although Du felt guilty in his heart, of course he couldn't show it on his face!

"Come on! Bangira! Everyone, let them see our strongest tactic, the diamond field!"

As Aoki's voice fell, Little Diamond and all his elves all moved into action!


a week later.

It was logical to succeed Liu Shenggang as the president of the Elf Alliance, and no one had any objections.

With the full support of the six regional champions, will anyone dare to oppose it?

At this point, Aoki has become the youngest alliance president in the history of the birth of the elven alliance, and he is also the first person to unify the underground forces and serve as the president of the alliance!

Even this is the first time in the world of elves!

After becoming the president of the alliance, Aoki disappeared from everyone's sight before he did anything.

He still remembered that he had a problem to solve, Pluto Dragon! Giratina!

So now in the ruined world!

But after just stepping into the Destroyed World, the unknown totems on Aoki's right hand for a long time gave him a reaction again.

The last unknown totem is destroying the world!

And it is very likely that he was imprisoned by Qilatina, he probably knew something about the ability of the unknown totems after they were fully assembled.

After Aoki entered the Destroyed World with a super dream and Dackley, Giratina, as the master of the Destroyed World, of course discovered them in the first place!

But this time Aoki can't be regarded as single-handedly, he also pulled a big helper!

Liekong sit!

This time Liekong sat honestly, not the anger he had when facing Aoki like the original.

Now in terms of elves and strength alone, there are three big beasts like Chaomeng, Darklay, and Deoxys, as well as the existence of Benjra and Tyrannosaurus.

Lie Kongzao believed that he did not have the ability to defeat Aoki.

"Darkley, the opportunity for revenge is here!" Aoki said to Darkley.

"Qui!!" Dackley looked solemn, after waiting for so long, now he can finally face Qilatina!

Seeing the opponent's trouble-making lineup, Giratina was also a little panicked!

Someone wants to gang up on him!

Before the battle begins at both sides.

A pink petite elf also appeared in the destroyed world.

"Dream?!" Aoki looked at the elf that appeared in surprise.

But there is more surprise than him, that is Super Dream!

When Chaomeng saw the dream appear, his eyes were always on his body and never left.

With just a glance, Chao Meng felt the inextricable relationship between herself and Dream, and the fighting intent on her body rose uncontrollably.

Dream also glanced at Chaomeng, but he was not very surprised by Chaomeng.

I saw Dream flew to Aoki's side, spreading his hands...

It is an unknown totem!

The last unknown totem!

After this unknown totem appeared, it was also very simple, directly attached to Aoki's wrist.

So far, twenty-eight unknown totems, all gathered in Aoki's hands!

In an instant, an unknown energy envelops the green wood, like a soaring stone pillar, running through the entire destroyed world, even if it is the master of the destroyed world, Giratina cannot stop this energy!

Don't even talk about stopping this energy, you can't even get close.

Only Dream hovered outside for a while and dived into this energy.

Seeing that Dream had entered, Chaomeng, unwilling to show weakness, dived in!

And after a little hesitation between Qilatina and Aoki, Darklay made a decision quickly.

Enter the energy column together!

This is probably the entire world of elves, the first person to gather such mysterious creatures as unknown totems.

Through this soaring energy pillar, Qingmu can vaguely see that at the end of this energy pillar is another world!

Or, it can’t be described by another world, but...another time and space.

The few elves who watched him followed him into the energy column, and the dream that suddenly appeared but felt very familiar!

"This is... a new time and space, a new challenge?!" Aoki looked at the unknown world at the end of the energy column.

"In that case...Super dream! Super evolution!"

Take out the super-evolved stone that was obtained from the meteorite where Deoxys is After testing, Aoki has confirmed that this is the super-evolved stone belonging to the super dream! !


A new storm has appeared, how can it stand still...


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