The Rise of Dark Pokemons - ~ Some summary of this book!

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   In fact, I know that many people are reluctant to end the book "Dark Rise of the Elves", but in fact, you must know that I am the most reluctant person!

   This is like a child of mine, watching him grow up little by little until he is liked by more and more people!

   To be honest, there are actually a lot of things that can be written. Even if I want to, I can still write another two million words, but I don’t think it is necessary anymore. When it's time to end, I still need to give him a perfect end.

   Jinmu thinks that his end is not too bad.

In fact, a long time ago, before many people had read this book, Jinmu had mentioned the subject of this book more than once, but there were still many people who were biased by my title (well, I admit it is my pot.)

The rise of darkness is not about being a person living in the dark world, nor is it to write about a person who can kill one person as a thief, ten people as a thief, ten people as a bandit, and ten thousand people as a thief for a purpose, regardless of any consequences. This killing Killing is not the idea of ​​this book.

   When Jinmu began to write this book and set the outline, the central meaning was to rise up in the dark and decadent elven society and world, to truly be independent! free! You can get along with your elves day and night without any constraints!

And our Aoki started from Trial Island. His purpose is for this. He joins the Rockets, joins the league, in which he has both sides, just to live, and then live better and freer. , Nothing more.

   And this, I think Aoki did it in the end. As the president of the league and the leader of the Rainbow Rockets, no one in this world can give him any more restraints, so in the end, Dream came with the last unknown totem.

Many people say why it’s so dark that they keep killing elves and killing them because Aoki is still on the trial island. In order to survive, he must kill, not only to increase his strength, but also to increase his aura. He is leaving the trial island. After being free, basically no longer attempting to kill because there is no need.

   There are also many people who say that this book is a title of darkness, not dark enough at all. In fact, I think realism can be regarded as a kind of darkness in the world of elves, and the darkness that crushes utopian dreams.

From the elf when I was a child to the Pokémon that has grown up now, this is a very important place in my heart, and "Dark Rise of the Elves" presents the world of the elves in my mind to everyone. , No matter what you say, this is the fairy world in my heart, not so perfect, but full of adventure. Starting

So many people ask me why I no longer write elves, because I have fully shown my dreams in front of you, and then let me write elves, it’s not for writing, but for manuscript fees and for Cater to the reader (lick it).

   I can’t say that I will definitely not write in the future, but let me write again in a short time. I will definitely suffer from aesthetic fatigue, which leads to my lack of inspiration, and then can’t write wonderful articles. Instead of this, I would rather try other subjects.

   Many people who have written books are curious why I can’t know how to Cavan. That’s why, because the world of elves has always been in my heart, I just wrote it out in some boring words. (Will it be too pretending?)



   Then I will talk about some extraneous issues that many people care about, as well as the filling of some small holes. New 81 Chinese network update the fastest mobile terminal: https:/

Since the new book is released, most of Jinmu’s focus must be on the new book. However, if the new book period is changed twice a day, it is about the same as a rest for Jinmu, so I will write some extras when I have time. After all, our elves are far from over!

   Also, because there have been some conditions in the family recently, Jinmu has to pay some attention to this. As for the situation, it is inconvenient to say more, but it is a good thing for Jinmu.

Many people are paying attention to the issues outside Qingwu... Well, to be honest, I really didn’t expect things to develop to such a point at first, which caused me to flash out of my mind from time to time when I was writing a book. I really wrote a bit gay? But no, I didn't think so, must be led astray!

   So... outside of Qinggo, I really depend on the situation!

But don’t worry, my friends, because there are many Qingwu fans in Jinmu’s fan base, and many of them are very good at writing. Anyway... Jinmu is shy o(*////▽// //*) q I dare not look, hahaha, you can see for yourself if you are curious!



   Finally, give this book a summary of the results!

  Because of the support of big fans, Jinmu is very fortunate to have a silver league! (At present, Jinmu is using it himself, after all, high V, O(∩_∩)O haha~)

   In addition to one silver league, there are actually thirteen leaders. This is something I never expected!

   There are two masters, six heads, eight elders, eight protectors, forty hall masters, and countless rudder masters!

  Because of the large number of people, Jinmu will not be out here one by one, but your ID Jinmu will be seen in your eyes and in your heart!

   Thank you for your care and support over the past year!

   Hibiscus will continue to maintain good quality updates in the Minimize unnecessary moisture! Hahaha!

   At the end, the question is the real results of the book. This book was really poisonous in the early stage because it was the first time I wrote a book, but it finally got better and kept some lovely readers (not easy).

Therefore, the first order result was 1200 when it was put on the shelves, and the average order was 2800 when the book was finished. Now the daily order is almost 1200. Although my first order result is not a good product, it is the first time I wrote a book. Say, it can be considered a satisfactory answer.

   At least, we are on an upward curve!

   After all, I have written 3.73 million words at the end, and it is still quite good to have this result! Hope we can do better in the next book!

   last and last! I still want to Amway about my new book "The Konoha Cat Keeper", which has already been invested and invested with confidence, without losing money.

   There is a recommendation ticket or something, and I hope everyone can support that book in the future!

   Although there are many people who may have vomited after reading Hokage, believe me, this is definitely an opening you have never seen before!

   And the renewal ability of hibiscus is also guaranteed. If the number of characters is too small, you can first collect the fat and then look at it. After all, Jinmu has not done 400,000 characters a month!

   I sincerely thank everyone for their support to Jinmu, no matter whether you are at the starting point, Q-reading or other websites! Thank you for your support! (Still to say, the starting point is genuine! Maybe many people don’t know in the end and love you! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ)

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