The Steward Demonic Emperor - Chapter 771: Leng Wuchang’s Worry

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Chapter 771: Leng Wuchang’s Worry

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“Brother Zhuo, we’ll see separate here. When you have time, you must come to the Luo clan!”

“Mom, dad, I have to go as well. When you’re in trouble and want to have a row, don’t forget about young Sanzi.”

After leaving the Demon Scheming Sect, the groups parted.

Luo Yunhai took his clansmen back home, taking Yongning and Shuang’er with him. Young Sanzi wanted to go back to the Allbeast Mountain Range. Zhuo Fan and his contingent of girls had to go to Double Dragon Manor.

Although Zhuo Fan disdain this, he had to do his duty as the new Sect Leader. For a long time following, Demon Scheming Sect would depend on Double Dragon Manor. He had to give his respects.

Cupping his hands, Zhuo Fan put on a hard face, “Thank you everyone for all you’ve done. We’ll surely meet again.”

“We will, Steward Zhuo!”

Li Jingtian, Qiu Yanhai and the men from Luo clan replied in kind, then flew away with Luo Yunhai in the lead.

Shuang’er and Yongning were filled with unwillingness, but then they saw Chu Qingcheng and left as well.

Since Zhuo Fan was glued to sister Qingcheng, the girls had no chance whatsoever.

Just like sister Qingcheng said. All that mattered was that he was fine.

Seeing them leave, Zhuo Fan’s heart turned morose. He might have been a Demonic Emperor, but death was death, taking everything his past life meant with it.

While now, as a mere mortal domain cultivator, he had so much.

Zhuo Fan looked above and smiled. Chu Qingcheng was touched as well as she smiled in return. 

At this moment, the two were in utter peace and content…

A month later, Luo Yunhai took the experts back to Luo clan, at Blackwind Mountain. Only while they had gone in full force, now they came back with heavy losses. A third of the men had died and the rest were heavily wounded.

Seeing this, the nervous higher ups of the Luo Alliance were shocked after they heard Luo Yunhai acted on his own. 

As an elder of the alliance, Grandmother stood up, “Luo Clan Head, what has happened? You took all the power of the Luo Alliance and now you came with such heavy casualties?”

“Yeah, you have to give us an explanation. We have staked all our houses into Luo Alliance. Even as an Alliance Leader, you can’t just take everyone to a mortal battle!” Xie Xiaofeng was also scolding.

Long Yifey was quite calm, but seeing his wet brow, it was clear he was nervous inside. Only after seeing the defeated army back did he relax, “Let’s all calm down. The Luo Alliance has grown much these years, spreading through the dozens of small kingdoms around us. Our power is constantly growing, all under Luo clan’s leadership. We can’t just crucify Luo Clan Head for his first oversight. At the very least, it wasn’t a crushing defeat. It’s far better then how we ended up.”

“Pavilion Lord Long, thank you. No wonder you’re the first house we struck an alliance with. You have so much trust in us, ha-ha-ha…” Luo Yunhai thanked him.

Long Yifey twirled his mustache, “Luo Clan Head is too kind. But shouldn’t sir explain why you went out with full force without giving us any word?”

The others also nodded, their eyes boring into Luo Yunhai.

“Sorry, it was all so sudden and had no time to consult. I went out because…” Luo Yunhai took a deep breath and began retelling all that happened.

The others now understood but even so, a snort came, “Going so far for an old steward, putting Luo Alliance in danger, do you take all our houses’ interests as childish? When we, the Li clan, joined the Luo Alliance, we didn’t know it was so naive.”

The eyes of everyone focused on an arrogant man with a long beard.

“Clan Head Li, your clan might be known in the Wreathed Mountains Kingdom, but you are far from having the right to run your mouth in Luo Alliance!”

Long Yifey glared, “A backwater clan in a tiny nation sure is blind.”

“What did you say?” The man roared, “Long Yifey, the Luo Alliance has been around for only five years. You may be much more qualified than me in it, but you’re not that much better than us new clans who joined. There’s also our own force that joined Luo Alliance’s military. You’re telling me we have no right to know when Alliance Leader uses them for his own selfish reasons?”

Long Yifey spoke coldly, “That is not what we’re saying. But what Alliance Leader had done was rightfully so?”

“Rightfully? For an old servant?” 

“Yes, for the previous steward. No matter how much it cost Luo Alliance, it will all be worth it.”

Long Yifey mocked, “A clan from a tiny nation has no inkling of true talent. Zhuo Fan is worth everything we have. Did you know that the Luo Alliance, including Tianyu Empire’s entire power was all taken by him? Without him, there wouldn’t be the prestigious Luo Alliance of today. Once, I signed an alliance with him and now I became the first elder of Luo Alliance, overseeing trading with dozens of nations!

“And now that he needed our help, we’d be giving it. Because paying him back is only right. Moreover, didn’t you hear? He’s the Demon Scheming Sect’s Sect Leader. Later, with the support from a sect of the western lands, the Luo Alliance’s expansion will only increase. Did you think about that?”


The man’s heart sank and grumbled, but then he said, this time subdued, “But it’s too dangerous. What if he failed? Wouldn’t we lose everything?”

“That’s impossible!”

Long Yifey mocked as he spoke with utter confidence, “That kid is very shrewd. Since he does it, that means it’s certain of success. I understand him too well, ha-ha-ha…”

The man fell silent at his laughter.

However, Luo Yunhai shouted, looking solemn, “Pavilion Lord Long, you might have come from a merchant’s house, but forgive me for having to stop you there.”


Luo Yunhai looked at him curiously.

“Luo clan follows loyalty and righteousness. Luo Alliance will be no different! Every one of you that entered the Luo Alliance is treated as my clansman. When you meet with danger, I’ll brave anything to help you.” 

Looking hard at everyone in the room, Luo Yunhai continued, “Today, I led Luo Alliance’s forces to help brother Zhuo, not for the chance of being paid back, but because he’s my brother, the man who saved our clan and established Luo Alliance. Without him there would be no us. Must we bicker over pennies even with fellow clansmen? Even if he failed today, the Luo Alliance would still support him, despite the losses. This is the loyalty of the Luo Alliance. If any of you find themselves in conflict with our way, only looking at numbers, you’re free to leave. I won’t force you! “

Luo Yunhai flicked his sleeve as he left, leaving the elders looking at each other with shame.

[Is he the same young Clan Head Zhuo Fan brought up? That punk would fight tooth and nail for every coin. While the young Clan Head, ha-ha-ha… Zhuo Fan you left so much room for the Luo clan to grow.]

The elders beamed watching Luo Yunhai go.

[Nothing in this world can be better than meeting such a loyal boss…]

Back to Luo clan’s hall, Luo Yunhai did not get to take his seat as Luo Yunchang rushed over, yelling, “Yunhai, did you take everyone out to fight? Do you know those alliance elders wanted to bring our entire clan down?”

“Sister, it’s fine, the damage isn’t big.” Luo Yunhai explained with a bright smile. Then, laughter came from outside, “Ha-ha-ha, young miss, for Clan Head to go all out regardless of consequences, he had to have done it for one man only.”

The two turned around to see an old man walking over, Unwonted Contriver Leng Wuchang. 

“Sir Leng, you mean…” Luo Yunchang recalled something and Leng Wuchang nodded. Luo Yunchang turned to Luo Yunhai, “Is what Sir Leng said true? Y-you saw him?”

Luo Yunhai shrugged and sighed as he explained.

Luo Yunchang’s mood sank, “I see. He and Edifice Lord Chu…”

She then left with red eyes. Luo Yunhai wanted to comfort her but Leng Wuchang stopped him, “Clan Head, young miss wants to be alone. Let her go. I, however, am more worried about Steward Zhuo.”

“Sir Leng, what do you mean?” Luo Yunhai asked hastily.

Leng Wuchang sighed, “A woman is a hero’s downfall. Steward Zhuo and Edifice Lord Chu getting married is a good thing, but it also made him soft. Before Xie Wuyue and Sect Leader Xuan are removed, they would put him in the worst disaster, one that might even get him killed. I’m sure Steward Zhuo is aware of this, but with his heart solely focused on Edifice Lord Chu, he would rather take the risk…”

Luo Yunhai’s eyes widened and his brow shook…

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