The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus - Chapter 1870 burst!

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The space is like a door, and a door to space appears in front of Tang.

Tang Yan stared closely at the space, such as the door, which is subtly different from the space he usually sees. If he is unclear, he can sense it. Once inside the door, it will definitely enter the space. The door is different.

"Interesting." Tang Yan's eyes lit up, but he wanted to take the space to the door and carefully taste the difference.

However, the Protoss will give him this opportunity. The space of the door is under his control, flying directly to Don Juan, seems to want to put him behind the door.

When Yinhai saw it, he quickly reminded: "Master, be careful with the space, this artifact is not just as simple as freeing the space. It is also very dangerous. Once you are locked in, the door behind it is different, time and space. Will crush you directly."

Tang Yan was amazed and said: "This is the turbulence of time and space. Is there another time and space in the back of the door?"

"Yes, in short, the door to space is very dangerous." Yin Hai also said that the specific situation is not clear, but still emphasizes the danger of the door of space.

The protoss heard the words, hated the teeth, and said: "You traitor, can't wait for him to know more, but it is useless. He will die before the facade of space."

As soon as the voice fell, the door to the space reached the top of Tang Yan.

Without warning, a huge attraction came out of the door of space, completely covering Tang Yan, seeming to take him into the door.

Tang Yan was so upset that he said: "The door to space is still attractive, and it is different from the general space."

The general door of space is simply unattractive, just quietly appearing, and only after the entry, will it show a completely different look.

But the door of this space actually took the initiative to attack.

"This attraction is similar to that of swallowing. It is the inhalation of the enemy. The number of swallowing days is inhaled into the black hole. After the inhalation of the door, let us try who is better."

Tang Yi emptied a little empty, a black hole suddenly appeared, facing the door of space.


The violent attraction erupted from the black hole, and immediately confronted the attraction of the space door, confronting each other, and trying to press each other.

The swallowing technique has already been cultivated by Tang Yin to the extreme - swallowing the sky!

This time, the opponent is playing, it is just used to fight against the door of space.

Both the Protoss and the Yinhai were shocked to see this scene. They never expected that there would be such a supernatural power, and they could compete with the space and the door.

"what is this?"

The Protoss frightened and asked.

Tang Xiao smiled and said: "Swallowing the heavens, even the heavens and the earth can swallow it. Do you say that you can swallow your space?"

"Swallow the world!"

The Protoss trembled and his face suddenly changed, muttering to himself: "He deliberately lied to me, or is it really so powerful?"


The black hole and the door of space trembled violently, exploding and disappearing.

Their respective attractions will tear the other side hard, but no one can beat each other.

The Protoss has a sigh of relief, and this does not require him to ponder. The reality has given the answer.

The swallowing technique is no less than the power of the space.

Of course, there is no room for the swallowing of the door, so you can't shuttle the space at will, but only by lethality, the two are comparable.

"Oops, I shouldn't be so arrogant. The other's magical powers are different. I just can't win by the space. I should go back to the world to save the soldiers, instead of wasting time here. I will stay for a while, then One point of danger."

After the protoss retired and saw Tang Zhen’s power, he had no thoughts of rebellion. He only wanted to escape and save his life.

Tang Yan stared at the Protoss with a burning gaze, his eyes flashed, his mouth was hooked, and he said with deep meaning: "Yinhai, you said what he was thinking."

Yin Hai stared at his own kind and smiled: "Master, it is not difficult to guess, the space is like his door is his greatest dependence. Now, the space can not be played against the owner, then he naturally wants to escape life."

The Protoss glared at it, and the eyeballs almost came out of their eyes and shouted: "You are a traitor!"

Tang Yan snorted and murdered, saying: "You want to escape, I can do as you wish."


The mysterious sword was born and turned to the Protoss.

The Protoss eclipsed and hurriedly retreated. At the same time, the space was full of radiance, and another door of space appeared. He jumped and flew to the door of space, trying to escape from the door of space.


Tang Yan screamed, Xuanzang built a radiant sky, running through the turbulence of time and space, directly into the body of the Protoss.

At the same time, he also flew into the door of space.

A blood smashed from the Protoss and dyed the door of space. The next second, the door of space trembled and disappeared.

Don’t stare at the place where the door to space disappeared, and sighed with a sigh: “This space is really good, and the last moment still let him escape.”

Yin Hai said: "The owner does not have to worry. He has a sword in his master, only half a life is left, and he can no longer get up."

Tang Yan smiled relievedly: "He is insignificant. Changing the law of space is our top priority. If you look at the star chess, is there any change?"

Yinhai turned his head and saw that the star chess in the turbulence of time and space really changed. The light accumulated to the extreme, and the energy of the ten worlds came together completely, just like a time bomb.

"On the last step, the space law is too strong. It was only a slight change that caused the attention of the Protoss. Since then, the original space law has been reversing, trying to erase that change. But there have been cracks, I How could it make you come back?"

Tang Xiao said with a smile, seeing that a huge ball of light is getting bigger and bigger, covering a few kilometers, the light of which trembles violently, extremely unstable, and seems to explode at any time.

At the same time, energy in ten worlds is still being continuously injected into the ball of light.

"Master, what are you doing?" Yin Hai asked slyly.

Tang Yin said: "One drum, then decay, and exhausted! We must of course spurt, completely destroy the original space law, and establish a new, my own space law."

The Yinhai heart was shocked and realized that the moment of witnessing the miracle and history is coming.

He couldn't help but tremble, and it was so excited.

"I have the privilege of witnessing all this, it will be my privilege forever." Yin Hai muttered to himself, his eyes were stunned, his eyes were reluctant to squat, and he did not want to miss any details.

Suddenly, Tang Yan raised his hands and screamed and screamed, and the voice echoed in the turbulence of time and space.


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