The Strongest Qi Refiner - v2 Chapter 4247 1 punch star

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"Impossible, can the power of cause and effect be manipulated?" Fang Yu asked in his heart.

The objects he asked were naturally Li Huoyu and Extreme Cold Tears.

"Of course the power of karma cannot be manipulated, but it can be used." Li Huoyu said.

"How do you say this?" Fang Yu asked.

"Isn't it very simple? For example, a very close friend of yours is infected with the power of karma and is about to be killed by backlash. At this time, you used some means to forcibly keep his life, even if it can't be saved in the future, you I still did it... Then, from this aspect, the power of karma that your friend was infected with was used against you." Li Huoyu said, "To put it simply, he was originally infected with it. The cause and effect of it has now infected you, and you took the initiative to provoke it back."

"That's not very good. It doesn't matter if the power of karma is contaminated too much. Transfer the karma of the friend's contamination to yourself, then..." Fang Yu said.

"What is transfer? Do you think the power of karma is something that can be divided equally or given away!? This is karma! If you are infected, you are infected, and your friend will not disappear because of you. No! It's impossible for you not to understand such a simple principle, right?"

Li Huoyu seemed a little angry when he said that, with obvious anger in his tone.

And Fang Yu is not a fool, of course he knows that the analogy Li Huoyu is playing is him.

However, these things have already been done, and there is no point in discussing them.

"Let's not talk about this, I just want to know if that star contains the power of cause and effect." Fang Yu asked.

"Sword Comes"

"I don't know." Li Huoyu replied angrily.

"Master, that is not the power of cause and effect. The power of cause and effect cannot appear in this way, and it is even more impossible to be manipulated in this way, because it itself is not magic power, nor is it a law." The voice of extreme cold tears suddenly sounded.

"You are still reliable, Tears of Extreme Cold." Fang Yu praised.

However, if the power of cause and effect is not in this star, what is it?

"Forget it, instead of thinking about it here, it's better to rush up and take a look."

Fang Yu no longer hesitated, and after closing the eyes of the avenue, he opened them.

Looking at the rapidly approaching star in the distance, he stepped forward and rushed out.

"Master, I'll go too!"

Han Miaoyi will follow immediately.

"Stay where you are and wait for me to come back, don't move." Fang Yu said to Han Miaoyi.

"call out!"

Between the words, Fang Yu had already rushed out a great distance, getting closer and closer to the star.

Han Miaoyi, who wanted to follow up, could only stay where she was with a depressed face, watching Fang Yu rush towards the star.

Lin Batian's face was calm, nothing special.

And not far away, the unknown and the zero, are looking at each other, there is still fear in the eyes of the two.

Anyway, they just want to live now.

It is better to be able to stand with this group of monks than to face danger alone!

Especially Fang Yu and Lin Batian among this group of monks are far stronger than them.

Next, as long as they talk less, maybe they can leave this place smoothly!


Fang Yu's speed was extremely fast, and he quickly approached the star in front of him.

The star is quite huge, and after getting close, it can already feel the obvious impact.

"No matter what's in you, blow it up first."

Fang Yu narrowed his eyes and clenched his left fist.


Above his left fist, the power of ten thousand Taos began to condense.

The purple light flickered and expanded rapidly!

Since this star is to be destroyed, then... not to mention the power of this punch, at least it must have a very huge bombardment range!

Therefore, Fang Yu wants to enlarge this punch infinitely!


Under Fang Yu's deliberate indoctrination, the magic energy condensed on the left fist began to skyrocket!

Every time you get closer to that star, UU Reading will more than double in size!

In this case, before it really collided with the stars, the fist shadow glowing with purple light seemed to be about the size of that star!

This is unprecedentedly huge!

Of course, what is condensed inside is not only the power of Wan Dao, but also Fang Yu's own true energy!

However, neither the power of ten thousand Dao nor true qi is the focus of this punch.

Since it is a fist, the focus is on strength!

To destroy the star in front of Fang Yu, he still has to rely on the purest physical strength!

Getting closer, getting closer.

When Fang Yu was in front of this star, what he felt was not a strong impact, but a pulling force!

The stars in front are like being able to devour everything!

Feeling this, Fang Yu narrowed his eyes, and his left fist slammed out!

The magic energy condensed by this punch is unprecedentedly powerful.

Even Fang Yu had never done anything like this before.


The boxing shadow blasted out, and in terms of volume, it already surpassed the star blasted from the front.

A violent explosion occurred in the galaxy.

From the position where Lin Batian and the others were at the rear, one could see an extremely splendid scene.

"Wow, let's set off fireworks, is this?"

Lin Batian shook the paper fan in his hand and said with emotion.

At the center of the explosion, the pieces of the shattered star were glowing with purple light and scattered, and from a distance it was indeed as dazzling as fireworks.

Especially in the galaxy, the speed of those gravel flying will slow down, and it feels more fantastic.

Han Miaoyi looked at the scene in front of her, her pupils twinkling with light.

For her... this scene is really beautiful.


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