The Strongest Soldier in the City - Chapter 6892 dead

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Orochi! !

Seeing this strange person, the pupils of Chen Liuhe and An Pei Xieying shrank fiercely.

A look of surprise appeared in his eyes.

This guy with red hair and red eyes, Chen Liuhe met once in the black prison.

Who was the Orochi Orochi that almost made him hate Jiuquan when he killed him in the black prison?

Standing beside the Yaqi Orochi was a young man dressed in a Ying Kingdom samurai uniform.

This young man is also holding a scarlet blade in his hand. The blade is sharp and exudes an evil aura!

Demon Sword Muramasa!

And this young man was also an acquaintance of Chen Liuhe. It was the first genius of the Ying Kingdom, Miyamoto Funeral, who had several confrontations with Chen Liuhe in the early days and finally fled.

It is also the Miyamoto Runao in Chen Liuhe's mouth!

Chen Liuhe was surprised by the arrival of Orochi and Miyamoto, but he soon returned to normal.

All of this seems to be unable to bring him a strong impact, nor can he be too surprised.

Many things, in his heart, were prepared and happened, and it was barely expected.

On the contrary, it was Ampei's evil shadow, who was obviously more surprised than Chen Liuhe.

She stared at the eight-headed snake, her beautiful eyebrows like a distant mountain frowned, and her face became solemn.

The power of the eight-headed snake, Ampei Xieying can't be more clear, because the number of times the two have confronted is not once or twice.

Onmyoji and Orochi are in the same vein, and they are the enemies of fate!

During the last confrontation in the black prison, the monster and power of the eight-headed snake was vividly displayed.

After leaving the black prison, in the Ying Kingdom, there was another confrontation between An Pei Xieying and Yaqi Orochi.

That battle was very dangerous and intense, and it also caused Ampei Xieying to suffer serious injuries.

And according to Ampei Xieying's knowledge, recently, the demon blood in the body of the eight-headed snake seems to have sublimated and awakened again, and its strength has skyrocketed again.

The arrival of Orochi, Ampei, was very surprised.

Because in her plan, Orochimaru won't arrive this time, and even if it does, it will never come so quickly.

"Onmyoji, the fateful struggle between us will end tonight." The Orochi Yachi looked at the evil shadow of Ampere.

If it is said that he came here for Chen Liuhe, it is better to say that he also came for An Pei Xieying.

He killed Chen Liuhe because of the grievance between the two. His close brother Miyamoto was buried in the sky, and he almost died at the hands of Chen Liuhe several times.

This revenge has to be avenged, so Chen Liuhe has to die!

But compared to Chen Liuhe, there is no doubt that An Pei Xieying is the person he wants to kill most, and the person he must kill!

"You can appear here, it seems that Feige Ruyue's plan has failed." An Pei Xieying said, his eyes filled with dignity.

Hearing this, Chen Liuhe glanced at An Pei Xieying in surprise. Why is the girl Feige Ruyue involved?

There are some things in the relationship that he doesn't know yet.

Before coming to England again, Ampei Xieying had already imagined what might happen.

She wants to protect Chen Liuhe, and the Orochi Baqi will definitely be a hurdle in front of her, a mountain that is difficult to climb over.

She also knew that as long as she came to England, the Orochi Yachi who received the news would definitely arrive.

Being able to solve both her and Chen Liuhe at the same time is a very worthwhile thing for Yaqi Orochi.

As a result, An Pei Xieying found Feige Ruyue, who was retreating and practicing on the sacred mountain of the Ying Kingdom.

The two hit it off.

An Pei Xieying came to England to protect Chen Liuhe's safety, while Feige Ruyue brought a group of disciples from the Holy Mountain and the major warrior families of the Ying Kingdom to fight against the Baqi Orochi, in order to hold back the Baqi Orochi.

However, it is clear that Orochimaru still came, and Feige Ruyue failed.

"Just because those people want to stop this seat? You look down on them too much." Orochimaru said coldly, he was like a person without any emotion, a cold-blooded monster.

"Ying Kingdom's destructive demon clan, the descendant of the Baqi Orochi lineage, the contemporary Baqi Orochi?"

A brighter and brighter smile spread on Katie Tianjin's face standing on the ring.

He applauded softly and said, "It's getting more and more interesting. Tonight really brought us an unexpected surprise. This big show must be much more exciting than we imagined."

"The ones that should have come, and the ones that shouldn't have come, it's very interesting." Ruma Sencia also said.

As the heirs of the eight great families in the world, they know many things in this world.

Because of their status and lofty reasons, they have a strong foundation to support them, and they don't think it's a big deal at all.

"Chen Liuhe, I may not be able to take care of you later." An Pei Xieying didn't say too much nonsense, but whispered to Chen Liuhe.

Chen Liuhe's eyes narrowed into a slit, and there was an inexplicable brilliance flashing, and no one knew what this guy was thinking at the moment.

But one thing is certain, that is, even in such a situation that no matter how he looks at it, he is almost certain to die, and he can't see any panic.

"He is very strong, stronger than when he was in the black prison last time." Chen Liuhe said softly.

"I'll find a way to get you out of here later." Ampei said: "But the premise is, how can you withstand the first round of shock?"

"An Orochi is enough for me to concentrate and not be distracted. The hand of the sun **** and God, plus a Miyamoto funeral, with your current situation, you can't stop it." Ampei said evilly.

Chen Liuhe slapped his lips a few times and said, "Then we can only live and die. Wealth is in the sky."

"Don't count, none of you will be able to leave tonight." Orochimaru's voice was full of chilling murderous intent.

"It's a good one who lives and dies in the sky." Katie Tianyi said with a smile: "Chen Liuhe, sometimes I really admire your psychological quality."

"At this point, you're not panicking at all, aren't you afraid of dying at all?" Katie Tianjin said calmly.

Tonight's ending is basically a certainty, and no one can change Chen Liuhe's death.

Before Chen Liuhe could speak, Katie Tianyi continued, "Do you know what I want to see most?"

"Actually, it wasn't the moment when you died tragically, but the kind of despair and fear before your tragic death. It was your submission to the knees and begged for mercy in order to survive." Katie Tiansheng said: "You used to be too strong, I haven't yet. I've seen you admit defeat."

"Then I'm afraid you won't be able to see it in your life." Chen Liuhe grinned, not feeling the slightest bit of nervousness.

Katie Skyborn smiled: "I don't believe it."

"No one is not afraid of death, especially someone like you who managed to survive, you should be more afraid of death, and even less want to die."

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